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I looked around at what's going on in my physical reality. That's a sure measure of how well I am doing in my inner work and games.

So I have to be straight with myself when I ask if I had used your power in ways that bring joy and happiness.I can do it!

Yes, if I will, I can step outside the boxes of tradition and set the tone for great and marvelous experiences every day.

Yes, I will - I choose to Optimize2TheZone!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Day 1: Aware of Who You Are
  • Day 2: Shift to Winning Habits
  • Day 3: Life In The Optimal Zone
  • Day 4: Create Your New Image
  • Day 5: Set New Responses In Motion
  • Day 6: Match Your Desires To Your New Image
  • Day 7: Intensify Your Passion For Your Desires
  • Day 8: Expand Your Borders
  • Day 9: Take Full Authority For Your Lifestyle
  • Day 10: Spread Your Wealth All Around
  • Day 11: Sink Into The Zone

Now, read excerpts from Optimize2The Zone

From Day 3

"That you love and adore your being and you took the first steps to dispose of low energy set the tone for your entry into the Optimal Zone. You are ready to enter the Optimal Zone. Loving self and disposing of low energy is an every day affair. Make a promise to do these two things constantly, from this day forward.

Write a love letter to yourself in which you make this promise. Tell yourself what you intend to do from now on."

From Day 4

"Right now you have before you all that it takes to enter the Optimal Zone. You know you can call every thing you require before you. Every low energy is now at your mercy merely ask it to reveal to you why it has come to you and hear what it tells you what higher energy it really brings. Finally, you are deeply involved in a love affair with yourself. These matters in place, you are ready to create a new image."

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