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Introducing Optimal Health As An Option

Greetings and Welcome! I am glad you decided to join us in Optimal Health. We believe everyone should be able to experience Optimal Health, if they so desire. This book was written especially for you. Whatever your condition of health and wellness, you can always change the condition. Even when you enjoy excellent health, you can still increase your vitality. And certainly, the steps you take today can serve to insure that you always have optimal wellness.

The choice is yours – to determine your present level of vitality and the level you prefer, even when yours is an excellent condition of health. Go ahead and maintain excellent health throughout your life course. If you consider your health condition ‘good,’ or ‘fair,’ or ‘poor,’ whether under the supervision of a health care professional or not, you may choose to improve your condition. This is your choice. You may use what you find here to improve your health condition and maintain the improved condition.

That you use the services of a health care professional does not necessarily mean you choose to improve your health. That you do not use the services of such a professional does not always mean you do not choose to improve your condition. Using medical or health care services is just one factor in Optimal Health. Why do I say such a thing? How you feel about services you receive is what matters. And how you feel is your choice! Only you choose how you feel about them.

No matter what you do about your health condition, we can all agree that you prefer to feel good. Yet, in spite of all you have done – treatments of various forms – what you have and what you prefer may differ. You know the level of wellness you prefer! Chances are, you prefer to feel good all the time. Did I get that right?

If you see a gap between where you are and what you want to experience, then you may like what we offer here. Even if what you see seems to be a big gap or a big jump. Regardless, you can close that gap. You can feel good – more and more. To make it happen is not a big leap. In fact, when you see how easily it works, you will shake your head with amazement.

In Optimal Health, we introduce a tool for your use to close the gap between where you are in your health and wellness and where you prefer to be. Our name for it is OptiScal. The OptiScal is a 12-point rating scale. Use it as a game. In the game, consider a range from 1 to 12 where the optimal is 12. Let’s start with a sample scale. On a scale of 1 to 12, to what extent do you choose to feel good?

0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 - 12

Think for a few moments: feel good. Think ‘feel good’ and watch what shows up. When you play with the OptiScal, you will do several things. First, you shift the focus of your attention from a problem you had observed to a solution you choose.

Your first act with the OptiScal is to consider how willing you are to have Optimal Health. Then observe your present condition of wellness and decide if you'd choose an improved or optimal condition of wellness.

In this action, find a point between 1 and 12 that shows your current level of wellness. Next, select a point up to 12 to designate the state you’d preferred. In the instant you chose your preferred state of wellness; you shifted your attention to the solution – optimal wellness.

Your next step is to spend considerable time concentrating attention on a point on the OptiScal. The point you selected. This is your preference point: we want you to concentrate on what that point means. Concentrate on this point to form a bond with it. Give that relationship a pleasant nature and you set its meaning in motion. Just by thinking it, you set a new experience with the optimal.

Several factors influence wellness – many seem unrelated when we think of them casually. Yet, when you see these factors, you will quickly see how they influence your sense of wellness. When you see them you can do something about them. As we introduce many factors, we will ask you to point out how you stand with them: your current and preferred standing. Play with the OptiScal in the same way with these as you do when you set your wellness status.

We use the OptiScal a tool and a toy. You may use this device to communicate with your Inner Being, asking It to reveal certain information to you. You may also use it to communicate with the optimals you set.

You may use it to call the optimals. You ask, “How do I communicate with an optimal?” “How do I call an optimal? Let me tell you a little about optimals. An optimal is a concept, a sense of being. It is a form of Energy. As energy, an optimal forms concepts. Energy forms atoms and though invisible to the naked eye, atoms form concepts. Concepts as atoms contain electrons, protons and neutrons.

The components of the atom - electrons, protons and neutrons – communicate with each other. They have intelligence and life. They also have a sense of being. For example, appreciation is a concept with one sense of being while creativity, also a concept, has a different sense of being. For each, you'd communicate and feel a bit different. You feel the variation in their senses. My point: something with a “sense” of being has intelligence and life. That means you can communicate with it; you may call it. You may call it to you.

Practice: think appreciation. Give it your attention for few moments. Listen and feel its energy. Bask in its energy.

A marvelous thing about energy is this: it flows freely and easily. Call its name and it flows immediately to you. Ideas and images come immediately to you. You will experience it as your physical reality if the stream in which it flows is free and clear. The stream is free and clear when the energies flowing in it match. If all the ideas and images that come toward you match each other.

Matching energies are either high vibrational energies or low vibrational energies. High energies match each other and low energies match each other. When you call an optimal, you call a high energy. It hears your call and right away flows toward you. If, on its way to you, it meets energy you broadcast as you call for more optimals, it continues toward you – high energies meet high energies. Yet if on its way to you the optimal meets conflict, doubt, fear and other negative emotions – low energies, it cannot get to you. These low energies block the path of the optimal you called. Low energies are blocking energies.

Low energies coming from you block higher energies coming toward you. Higher energies coming from you absorb lower energies coming toward you. The power of the transaction begins and ends with you. You are the gatekeeper. Either you let the energy in, or you do not. Low energy, which is a blocker, can get in only when you unleash low energy. In other words, low energy coming from you greets it and lets it in.

The incoming low energy knows it is welcomed. Low energy perceives low energy coming from you, first as an attraction to enter and second, that you desire blockage. You choose to stop action. The function of low energy is to block the flow of high Energy. Consider how you broadcast low energy. It is very simple and straightforward. See doubts and fears, disappointment, shame, and criticism for what they are. These are concepts you think, speak, image and feel. Each of these and others you can list have one purpose: to stop action or at the very least to slow it down.

We learned to broadcast blocking energy for one reason: to push away ideas, persons, events and things we do not prefer. One distinct problem exists with blocking energy. It contains an irrefutable feature of Energy: its neutrality. It is impartial. While you broadcast blocking energy to stop the thing that had your attention, blocking energy knows only to block. So it will block everything unlike itself.

Blocking energy slows down the process. It stops everything unlike itself in its path. Blocking energy is energy and it is magnetic, so it attracts and welcomes any blocking energy nearby and collects it for its upcoming missions. It welcomes any blocking energy coming your way. That’s how it grows and becomes stronger. A person with a great deal of blocking energy is called negative.

It is not that blocking energy is powerful – it has no power. It seems to have power because it is effective – it blocks anything unlike it in its path. It just stands there and blocks whatever is not like itself.

Your power is in your release of the higher energies. Direct the flow of the higher energies any place you see blocking energy. Blocking energy is evident and you can feel its rigid and stiff essence. With higher energies, you free up the higher energy hid behind blocking energy. Blocking energy coming toward you dissipates and dissolves as it faces the higher vibrations you unleash. The higher energy dissolves and dissipates energies unlike itself.

When I permit blocking energy to reside in my physical organism, it interferes with the flow of Energy – wellness, and causes pain and sickness. When energy cannot flow, diseases form and evidence appears.

I found in my study of Energy many options I can use to deal with experiences I do not consciously choose. One option is to give no attention to the experience: to not think or talk about it. Instead, I put attention on experiences I preferred. Think and speak situations I preferred. Another option is to observe and embrace the experience to see its empty spaces and then fill it with the energy that makes it whole. Another option is to establish and maintain an energy stream filled with the highest energies only. Instead of calling blocking energies into action, with an energy stream filled with the highest energies, I would call only the higher energies as I face experiences.

With the OptiScal, I see how I handled experiences that transmitted their blocking energies to me. Knowing this, I chose ways to handle the experiences and checked to see how I functioned after I made my choice.

Easily, I can check to see which approach is most comfortable already and I can choose a different option. Finally, I can look around to see what shows up. An example is this. A friend told me about a problem she had at the Mall. By her report, a clerk had disrespected her. Very clearly she did not like what happened and she told you her plans to report the clerk to the store manager, who was away at the time of the incident. What is the point of reporting it to the store manager?

The friend wanted to make it clear to the store manager that no clerk should disrespect her. My friend wanted the manager to stop the clerk’s actions. This is blocking energy.

How shall I handle this experience? Will I join with my friend in unleashing more blocking energy or will I shift the focus and choose a higher vibration? We are all very much practiced in unleashing blocking energy. What will I do if I choose the higher energy?

What higher energy will I choose?

How will I make the shift?

What will I say to my friend that will help her shift from blocking energy to the higher flowing energy?

If I had experienced disrespect at some time, my friend’s account may have stirred that memory. Stirring that memory unleashes the energy and very easily brings to the forefront thoughts and ideas of my experience with disrespect. To feel disrespect is pain. Will I rise from the pain, which is evidence of blocked energy, and go to a higher place?

In the moment I identified with my friend’s experience of disrespect, this feeling became my own experience. Any action I take is for me. Any thought I think or word I speak is for me - and it sets my experience in motion. What do I choose? When I see something I DO NOT WANT, I choose to let my response to it set in motion something I DO WANT.

Let’s try that again: when I see an experience I DO NOT WANT, that experience provides an opportunity for me to use my feelings to set in motion something I DO WANT. It gives me opportunities to choose a different experience - a different vibration and a different experience. We are almost ready for the question. If I felt my friend’s pain and it reminded me of my own pain with the experience, I reached a point of empathy. I had “been there.” I know what she is talking about.

What do I prefer for myself? My preference when facing disrespect is to feel respect – that is the feel good place. Admiration! Esteem! Value!

Do these feel good to you? If they do, speak Admiration. Call its name and sense of being. Speak Esteem! Call it into being and feel the sense of it. Speak Value! Say it silently or aloud and feel its vibration flow through your being.

So, I ask in this moment. On a scale of 1 to 12, to what extent do you feel value?

0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12

When you can look at the OptiScal to see value as the optimal of your feeling, you have succeeded. The first time you do it, you succeed at the first level. The idea of value goes through many levels, to include self-value. Value to Self.

Your awareness of your first optimal level of value opens a new level of wellness in motion. Each level opens up the next level of value and continues until you experience Optimal Health.

Can you see how value relates to Optimal Health?

If pain is an indicator of your condition of wellness, expect the pain to stop when you are comfortable with the first optimal level you designate. You may feel other pain. A new pain has moved to the surface so you can resolve it and move to a new level. Look with eager anticipation for someone to bring a new situation where you can choose pain or pleasure.

It is as though you were promoted to the next grade. Use the OptiScal to move the new pain. Each new pain is subject to your work with the OptiScal because you had made a choice to experience the optimal level of wellness. Continued attention to the optimal level will free all the pain and you will feel it leave – but more than this, you will have Optimal Health.

The issues that caused the pain dissolved. The blocking energy will free up. All this happens for one major reason. They have no support to remain. No support to keep them with you. Understand: disease and illness cannot remain in a body where the owner of the body is aware of Optimal Health. While disease and illness struggle to remain, you’re in charge of what happens in your body.

As one with the power and with a constant and consistent focus on Optimal Health and the factors that form Optimal Health, you make it clear to illness and disease that they have no place in your body. Your focus on Optimal Health and what forms Optimal Health communicates a clear message to illness and disease. I give names to optimal levels for various situations that indicate wellness.

You may change the names to those more suited to your comfort if you like. You may want to check to see what feels comfortable for you. Just as I did in the matter of respect, I explored and found the options of Value, Admiration and Esteem. For some, the concept respect is sufficient. For some, it is a bit heavy but Admiration feels softer, lighter, and higher. Do you see what I mean? The prime thing is to find your comfort level.

Test it, if you will. On a scale of 1 to 12, look at these concepts and see how you rate them for yourself.


0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12


0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12


0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12


0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12

Use the concept that feels most comfortable to you. If you choose, play with the OptiScal to raise your comfort level with any concepts that rated lower than 12. It is your choice. Play with it and enjoy it. Wrap the energy of Admiration around you and feel comfortable with it. Feel comfortable in the energy of Admiration. Let it swirl all around you and radiate itself throughout your entire setting.

Let the energy of Admiration form into an "energy ball" and let it expand to fill the room. Let it expand to fill the entire building. Let it expand to fill the neighborhood – even to fill the entire city. Let the "energy ball" of Admiration fill your state and your nation. Let it fill your continent and then let it fill your hemisphere. Let the energy of Admiration fill the entire planet. Let it fill the solar system – even see it at it had expanded throughout the entire Universe. Delight in what you feel and notice what happens. Pay attention to whatever gets your attention. Where the things that got your attention radiated the energy of Admiration, you'd know the energy you had radiated and released had returned to you. In other words, if you admired what you saw, you had received the bounty of your radiated and released energy.

Now, let the energy of Admiration – in its "energy ball", move into your face. Feel this energy move to the inside of your face. Let this energy move in and through your entire being and feel its essence as it moves. Let it move in and through your blood stream, through your nervous system, in and through your bones and joints. Let it move in and through your digestive system and your respiratory system. Let it move in and through your system for elimination. Let the energy of Admiration fill your being.

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