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Written in late 2001, OptiScal A Measure of Receptivity was my first digital book. One of several basic books I'd written after asking the question, “How do I do the things I'd read about over the years I'd studied metaphysics and related spiritual materials”, this work lets the reader apply Energy Work to daily experience. As with my other books, OptiScal came in response to my questions into the nature of Spirit and energy.

OptiScal A Measure of Receptivity is one of several books birthed from TRIBES Scouting in the Promised Land whose primary message is “How I see myself determines what I do” and my findings as I explored the concepts led to freedom from many traditions of restrained powerlessness.

I used TRIBES to shift attention from events and circumstances to energy as the power to create experiences. Aware of that shift, I used OptiScal to show you, the reader how I connected to that power and then moved forward. By delving into this book and practicing the exercises, you will discover the energy in events and circumstances, measure your ability to detect that energy and thereby enhance your capacity to control it.

Just as we found TRIBES, OptiScal A Measure of Receptivity is a timeless primer. The book lets you play with energy, even encourages it. A book for the child, the child in you, it moves you to a level of pure conscious power. Feel the thrill as you exercise your vibrational muscles and then expand into areas both exciting and entirely pleasant. Feel the joy and celebrate as you connect to the desires of your heart.

The great issue in manifesting your desires and creating your own reality rests in your ability to connect to the power that makes things happen. To know you are a creator, a born authority is the first and premium piece in your move from the illusion of a victim of circumstances to the reality of yourself as a power. Setting aside the mixed messages of the eons, now you can take it on – your power, that is, and do what brings you the experiences of the full and abundant life that belonged to you from before time. OptiScal lets you make that connection.

Think of what you are doing as plugging into electricity where you let the energy flow. But know it is more – it is far more. You are plugged in to the whole of Consciousness; and as one expression of consciousness, you are able to bring all sorts of wonderful experiences out from your inner world into your visible world.

The whole of Consciousness is all that is and all that would ever be. All is Consciousness, including you, everyone and everything you know or would ever know. It is more than you would ever know. All is Energy, and this includes you, everyone and everything you know, all you could ever know and more than you could ever know. Because you are consciousness, you are able to connect with or plug into the whole of Consciousness. I found as I played around with the concept of OptiScal that I found how much I was plugged in.

How willing are you to have the experiences you say you want?

What!!! Let me ask again. Do you have what you asked for? Do you have it or are you waiting for it to come? Or, did you ask for one thing but got something else? Are you waiting for your desire to show up?

Suppose I said to you, “There is a connection between how receptive you are and what you receive.” Think about this for a moment! The bottom line is this: you receive what you are receptive to. You receive what you are willing to receive.

So, how receptive are you?

How willing are you to receive the things and experiences you desire? It was after I developed the OptiScal that I realized how my answer to this question affected my experiences.

I had seen the question in parts when I faced the need to give myself permission for this or that, but to come face to face with how receptive I am – how willing I am to have – that took it to another level. It helped to see one key factor: if I asked for something but did not have it, I showed I was not receptive to it.

Do you have any idea how receptive you are to the desires of your heart? So I ask, “Do you know how receptive you are? Would you want to know how receptive you are?” Would it mean something to you – to know how receptive you are to have your desires fulfilled?

Again I ask, “How receptive are you to the best experiences?

How receptive are you to your desires? How receptive are you to experiences you requested?” To put it directly in your face tell me, had you requested an experience and it did not come immediately? Did you have to wait for it? Did someone try to appease you with the notion that it takes time? Or, did someone say something like this: “It’ll come in its own good time.” Is this how electricity works?

I faced this response myself when things I asked for did not show up. Sometimes not immediately! Sometimes not at all! The idea that it takes time did not make me feel any better. Whether as a small child or an adult now with grandchildren – I experienced frustration when the things I requested did not show up. Whether I showed it in my actions or tone of voice or not, still I was not a happy camper and if I led you to believe any other way, I am being untruthful.

That’s one of those matters of traditional bondage – of making it an okay thing to wait. No, as long as I expect electricity to flow and give light immediately I expected to have immediate results when I asked for what I choose.

Every one of us knows innately that instant is the way manifestation is supposed to be. Not because of the instant coffee generation. The instant coffee generation evolved because instant manifestation is a feature of reality – it is a feature that connects spiritual and physical reality.

To experience my desires in any form other than instantly lets me know a problem exists and the problem is with my receptivity. Back to electricity as a model, how long do I expect it to take when I flip the switch? Just when do I expect the light to come on?

So it’s back to “How receptive I am to the desires I requested.” To ask for a desire is the same as flipping the switch when I want to have light in a room. With a clear connection – a free-flowing connection, I will get light when I flip the switch. There’s no need for a great philosophical discussion about it. With a clear, free-flowing connection, I have to experience my desire when I ask for it – just as I do when I flip the light switch.

I ask the question about manifestation for just one reason: to get clear about the problem. When things I ask for do not show up, what’s going on? I have no questions about experiences that show up as I asked for them.

Knowing it is my receptivity I have to consider that I am the one who keeps my desires from me. So let me look at it closely. If my receptivity is amiss, I surely want to get it into right order. That’s clear enough for me!

Absolutely, I want to know if what I think is willingness is not being willing. Before now, it did not occur to me that I was not receptive to something I'd requested. I thought and said all along, “I want to have this!” Surely that means I am willing – or does it? Wouldn’t you think?

A student of conscious creation – a student of the Mind, I had come face-to-face many times with issues around being willing to receive. Issues about being receptive arose before. Now, I ask, “Just how willing am I to receive?” Somewhere along the way, I found I needed to give myself permission to have or do certain things. My traditions had conditioned me to decline certain experiences due to many factors. Think of it – all the “too …” conditions – such as too young or too old, too tall or too short put limits on what I could do and what I could have. My traditions trained me to be non-receptive. They trained me into unwillingness to have certain things and experiences.

Then there were the socio-economic traditions and what side of the track – you know the story. Diversity issues by gender or race or religion or bank account size or neighborhood – a broad range of limitations prevailed. Unwilling! Not receptive! Not willing to have because… and the list is expansive. These played back from my traditions and will continue to prevail until I take them on, one at a time. What could I do?

I had to come to terms with the fact that I am the power and I know my power. I had to look around and see where I had allowed others to be the power over me and to take back my power. Quickly and without much ado, I found I could speak firmly to my traditions, beliefs that held these traditions together to let them know who I am. I am I! And I give myself permission to experience life. To experience life to the fullest!

It is clear to me where my power is and where we are all equal – in the only place that counts: the tongue! Each of us, no matter who we are, has the power of thought and speech. We have the power to move energy. Here, we can use our power to take down those traditions that held us so securely within their grasp. Yet I must permit myself to take this action so I can have my desires.

Only I can give the permission that lets me experience life in its fullness. A conscious decision – a conscious choice – I must make a conscious decision. This one move, to give myself permission to have certain experiences – takes me a step closer to clearing my receptivity so I can have the desires of my heart. I moved closer to being willing to have and experience my desires.

Giving myself permission is my first step to receptivity. It is my first step to receiving. To have my desires, I have to be willing to receive them. So what did I do? I permitted myself to receive my desires. I gave myself permission! Yes, I said I want this or that, but when what I said I wanted differed from what I got, a problem has arisen in my receiving department. A student of the Scriptures, I had to get clear with the words that say, “Ask and you shall receive!” and with - “according to my faith it… is done.”

Both these passages told me that whatever I asked for was covered. So what happened when I'd asked for one thing but received something different? Is my faith that something going on in my receiving department?

Does my faith – the level of my faith spell out how receptive I am? Does it show my willingness? Let’s see where we are on this. I am fully receptive when I'd received what I'd asked for. My experience is as I desired it and it happened immediately. I was partially receptive if I received one thing in the category of my desire, but it was a bit different from what I had requested. If I asked for a thousand dollars, but received $5.00 or $500 or $900, I was partially receptive. Clearly this showed I was willing to receive part of what I requested. For some reason, I did not permit myself to have the whole thing. My energy was a match to only a part of what I requested.

Still, if I asked for a thing or experience and nothing showed up, the evidence is clear: I was not receptive. If I asked for $1,000 but received no money at all, I did not have it because I was not willing to receive it. Or was it a matter of time to take shape and get to me – or is it something I’ll need to wait for? That I made a request that did not appear, it is clear. Something stood between my request and me. My energy and my desire did not match.

This receptivity thing includes business. An example is that of the occasional customer who is expected to pay at or by an appointed time. He says, “The check is in the mail…” and in spite of numerous calls, the money did not show up.

“Now why was I not receptive to receiving payment?” I asked. “Why was I unwilling to get paid? That is indeed the strangest notion I've ever heard. How could this be so? I am in business and part of being in business is getting paid!” Getting paid for services provided!

Until I settled my willingness to get paid, there’s no need to be upset with the customer! I needed to get busy to be sure I was receptive to the payment. I needed to be willing to receive the payment.

Tradition conditioned me to get upset with the other person. After all, it was his responsibility to pay! That alone fact misses the point that I had created my experience. Where I followed tradition and put my attention on the customer, I caused “blocking energy” to move about into my energy stream. It halted the customer’s payment and kept it from showing up.

So what is my responsibility?

What am I supposed to do?

How do I get my money?

Well, my responsibility is to determine what I experienced. I have to make sure my energy flows in the way that lets the experience I desired entered my stream. I must make sure I did not block the experiences I chose.

I have but one thing to do! I must get in there, give myself permission to receive the payment and generate the energy – that is, shift my vibrational level so it matches the energy of my desire for payment. This is simple! The challenge is this: am I willing to do it? Am I willing to step into the energy I had identified as matching my desire and live in that energy until my only thought when it comes to getting paid is that I was paid? Am I willing to view a scene in my inner world where I was paid and keep that scene at the front of my mind?

Let me be clear. If when I thought about my customer who owed money to me, my thoughts determined what I experienced. If I thought or said, “She’s not going to pay…” or “What a dead-beat!” – yes, I was reporting a situation. That is how the situation was – based on my intellect and senses. But to give the report stopped the flow and made it difficult for the customer to pay. What could I do? What would I do? That depended on how I saw myself. Did I see myself as a reporter or as a person who had commanded energy? Did I see myself as a joyous commander?

Although I acted like it when I told about the situation, I am more than a mere reporter. I am a commander. I command energy flow. Acting like a reporter does not change the outcome. Energy flows in the way I direct it! Either free-flowing or blocking energy.

As one who directs the flow of Energy, I constantly fill my energy stream with thoughts I think and words I speak. In this instance, what I think and speak about my customer is the energy I direct.

To report as in my example here fills my energy stream with blocking energy – energy that holds back my customer’s payment. I blocked the payment no matter how much I wanted the customer to pay or how much effort the customer makes to settle the deal. To change the energy of my words changes the content of my energy stream. That means changing it to free-flowing energy.

Blocking energy does not match free-flowing energy – and it certainly does not match “customer payment energy.” In my role as an energy mover, consciously aware – to match “customer payment energy” I'd speak higher energy. I'd speak the “customer pays” energy. When my energy matches the energy of my desire, my desire manifests. My desire appears fully before me so I can experience it. The time it takes to get to me is the time it takes me to match its energy.

Some had tried to appease me, telling me that the Universe takes its time to deliver what I requested. Others said, ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ How do these statements fit the idea of faith or willingness? How do they relate to my being receptive? Think again about electricity.

Either statement puts the responsibility at some place and on someone other than with me. In the customer paying matter, it placed blame on the customer. It said I might have to put pressure on the customer to get him to pay. Laws in place accommodate me in this matter. Going this route, I'd have to wait and in my waiting, add more energy that blocks the flow of my customer’s energy. Any statements about time or about waiting set me in conflict with spiritual and vibrational law. Spiritual law is NOW! It is the present moment! All and any statements about time add more energy blocks. Energy flowing now acts now. In spiritual terms, statements like this refute the acknowledgement, “By your faith, it is done…” If it happened according to my faith, then what did time and waiting have to do with it? Faith is NOW! It is a NOW thing!

Many argue that it takes time for the Universe to arrange everything in order, so you can experience it. Dear, dear friends! All that could ever appear already exists and it exists in all varieties and arrangements. If any thing, the Universe is waiting for you and me to designate the order we’d chosen to experience. I’d spent time trying to figure out how my desires would get to me when I could have easily invested that energy in being clear about the desires I chose. It was not enough to say I wanted a new car. Any car I did not have right now was a new car to me. Is this what I mean? Or did I choose that Jaguar?

Now what about the details?

Did I want the Universe to bring me just any Jag?

See it clearly; the car I desire already exists! Even with the custom features I really want. It does not have to be manufactured. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of cars are manufactured daily. Millions of cars are on car lots right now – and many more are in show rooms. Whether I wanted one or a dozen, they already existed and are waiting for their new owners to claim them.

The Universe is waiting for me to be clear – like the clerk at the ice cream store who takes my order – when I am not clear, he keeps going back to the barrels to help me choose what I want. This goes on until I find what I wanted. I described this and that, he let me scoop this and that, and we went back and forth until I got clear about it!

Money I desired already exists. The persons who’d take the role as my friends exist now. Customers, for whom I had designed, developed, manufactured and displayed products and services are already here, waiting for me to show up. Each is waiting, waiting for me to let them in. Each in their own energy streams waits for a cue from my energy stream that grants them opportunity to enter my experience. As long as my energy stream contains blocking energy, they cannot enter.

Here’s another way to look at it. Consider how immediate air is to you. It always flows. You let it in and then you exhale – unless an obstruction appears. When an obstruction appears, even if it’s your own saliva in your breathing passages, you'd take immediate action to clear the way for free-flowing air. You'd put your attention on clearing the passage.

The demand is so clear that you'd spend no time trying to figure out what is in saliva or even how saliva got into the breathing canal. The most you may do regarding the saliva – if someone asks is to mention something like “I swallowed wrong!” Your attention is on clearing the passage so you can breathe. It is the same with your desires. Whatever you may desire is as immediately available to you as the air. The thing you have to do is breathe it in. Let it in. If something blocks its flow to you, take immediate action to clear the way for your desire to flow freely to you. Yes, even if your desire is for money, cars, friends, or business activity, it is the same. All the experiences you could ever desire are immediately available to you – as immediate as the air. You just have to let it in.

Grab hold of what I am saying here. Then enjoy your desires. Do what you have to do to delight in the desires of your heart. Really, it is not so much a doing thing as it is a being thing. But you’ll see what I mean later. Easily you and I know air is energy. I feel its flow as I watch my breathing or when I listen to the purrs of my kitten. But what about things, are they energy?

Am I clear on things as energy?

Do I see things as free-flowing energy that move just like air?

If I told you that all things are formed of Energy and the atmosphere that makes things appear is energy, would that help? Let’s think about the energy all around me that forms my energy stream. The energy of my energy stream is formed of my beliefs about myself. This is how I see myself.

Energy swirls all around forming an energy vortex around me. It is constantly moving. Swirling around each thing is its own energy stream. Its energy stream constantly moves and swirls around it. My energy stream attracts matching energy streams – that is, my energy stream with high energy attracts energy streams that are also formed of high energy. My energy stream with low energy attracts energy streams formed of low energy. My desires are formed of things I like, that is, they are formed of high energy. My energy stream formed of high energies is a magnet for my desires. My energy stream formed of low energies repels my desires. Where I see myself through low energies is where I resist having my desires manifested.

With each thought I think and each word I speak, I unleash energy that establishes the nature and quality of my energy stream. With blocking energy I set my energy stream in motion to disconnect from other energy unlike itself. With free-flowing energy I set my energy stream in motion to connect with other energies, regardless of their nature. I set the energy a-swirling! Any built-up blocking energy floating around in my energy stream remains there until I neutralize it with free-flowing energy.

Free-flowing energy “puts” blocking energy “under arrest.” It offsets it and neutralizes it so I could continue my focus on free-flowing energy. Free-flowing energy absorbs the blocking energy into itself and changes its nature. Neutralized and changed, the energy in my energy stream flows just like the air to greet the energy of my desire. I inhale it! The idea of breathing it in is not just a metaphor – it’s a real thing to do! To receive my desires is a breathing-in thing!

Think about it. I am energy. My energy stream is filled with free-flowing energy. My desires are energy and the energy stream of my desires is filled with free-flowing energy. My energy is constantly flowing freely and the energy of my desires constantly flows freely. My free-flowing energy greets the free-flowing energy of my desires and I inhale it all. I inhale the energy of my desires and feel their energies flow all through my being. Free-flowing energies are higher energies. Higher energy feels good – it feels very good. I enjoy my experiences surrounded by higher energies.

My thoughts and feelings are energy and the things and experiences I desire are energy. Everything is energy and flows in its own energy. The energy of my thoughts and feelings moves about in waves and by my focus, assembles itself into patterns that become my experiences. Each thought and feeling moves about freely because it is energy. The energy wraps itself around the energy of the things and experiences I had chosen until it takes form in the vibration I had focused.

I think wealth, it comes to the front of my mind, and I react to it. Thinking wealth, I unleashed the energy of wealth and caused it to move about in my inner world until it surfaced as images I could see. I looked at the images of wealth with my mind's eye and decided how I felt about it. I reacted to it and wrapped the energy of my feeling around wealth. Liking wealth as part of my experience, I stepped into the image and played it out in my mind. I did all sorts of things with my wealth and with each scene I'd played out, I wrapped more energy around wealth. I played out one scene over and over, making sure it was just as I'd wanted it to be and with this, I caused it to become firm and solid – and I was in the consciousness of fulfillment, where I was conscious of being wealthy. In the consciousness of fulfillment, I had stepped into a very high vibration, radiating at 600 MHz where the energy flowed to counterbalance 10 million thoughts that opposed my wealth with each thought where I was conscious of being wealthy. I was fully receptive to being wealthy.

My beliefs, formed by thoughts and feelings assembled around central thoughts have their own energies and their own vibrational rates. I form certain beliefs with high vibrations and others with low energies. For the sake of convenience we can call these high and low energies. I wrap the energy of my beliefs around things and experiences, whether high or low vibrations. For experiences I enjoyed, I formed beliefs of high vibrations. I delighted in these and invited them back. These might be joy and warmth, enthusiasm or simple delight.

My energies very easily show how I see myself and they show how I see things and experiences that come my way. My energies color the things I see. High energies color them lovely and low energies color them with offense. High energies turn me on and low energies turn me off. It is the same with my desires.

My beliefs about myself – that is, how I see myself – color my experiences with everything in my life. This includes family, friends, cars, money and business activity. High-energy beliefs allow these experiences to flow to me while low energy beliefs turn them away. At first light, I enjoyed having money and cars and friends. It is wonderful to have a thriving business. I predispose my choices for my experiences with high energies. I draw these to me with high-energy beliefs. So, what energies do I use to surround my experiences with family, friends, cars, money, and business activity? With what energies did I greet these experiences?

The energies that surround these experiences register with me according to the energies I send out to greet them. Where I released high energies, I connected. However, where I unleashed low energies, I did not connect with my desires.

So what is my situation? Do the energies I unleash match the energies of these experiences as I choose to have them? What energies did I wrap around money? Around cars, what energy did I wrap around them? What energy did I wrap around my friends? What energy did I wrap around my business activities? Did I send out free-flowing energy or is it blocking energy? Whatever I sent out matches something. But did it match what I consciously chose to experience? That is the real question!

Let’s be clear here! High energies attract high energies and low energies attract low energies. High energies neutralize low energies and convert these to higher energies and low energies block high energies and deny them entrance to your energy stream. Every day and with every thought and word, I surround myself with the energy of my beliefs. That’s just the way it is. But what kind of Energy is this? To what extent does the energy match my desires? Is my energy the same as that of my desire? If it is, I am receptive.

Where the energy of my beliefs differs from the energy of my desires, very clearly, I am not receptive – I am not willing to receive my desires. The energy within my energy stream is incompatible with the energy that forms my desires.

So here we are. To let the desires in – and my desires must come in through my energy stream – I must greet them with compatible energy. It is like welcoming guests into my home. It is my pleasure to make sure my guests feel comfortable. I therefore set the tone, create an atmosphere that best accommodates my guests. I provide an atmosphere I know they enjoy. One in which they can relax in and feel at ease. We call it making them feel at home. To admit any desire into my experience, I must use compatible Energy. My energy must be compatible with their energies. My Energy must make my desires feel at home. Any desires! All my desires!

If the thing I desire is something that feels good, it is formed of high energy. If it brings out warmth and joy and is something I delight in – high energy, high vibrations formed it. Very likely I would not desire something formed of the low energy. It is my nature to desire what feels good, what I would delight in. To match the energy of my desire, I generate and release high energy into my energy stream and allow it to swirl in a vortex around me. My high energy receives and welcomes my desires. This forms my willingness to have my desires with me!

        Play with the energy – play with it every day and throughout the day. Feel it tingling in and through your being. Feel the energy around you – and feed it with more free-flowing energy – joy, celebration, appreciation and praise, Love Energy, warmth and beauty. Speak it and write it. Sing it and dance it. Play the highest forms of Energy that you know. And sing it again.

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