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On Demand Coaching is for you if you want to set up your own unique customized coaching program. Perhaps you reviewed all the programs we announced here on this website but you did not find what you wanted. 

It might be the content - the focus or topic. We are now at the point where we can help you manage just about any situation. "How's that"? you ask. We work in the realm of consciousness where we recognize every situation as a consciousness. In any state of consciousness, you have the opportunity to arrange the images in ways that are expressed according to your preferences. Images of a situation that might concern you are arranged in a way you did not find fulfilling. We work with you so you rearranged the images and then reacted to them sufficiently to get the feeling you wanted. We can do this easily in a single session. Any subsequent work together for the situation is to support you in keeping the feeling alive until it is firmly established in your consciousness. 

This brings us to the next factor in On Demand Coaching. It might be the time involved. For instance, while it is okay with you to work for an hour in the first session, you might want shorter subsequent sessions - anywhere from 15 or 20 minutes, even 30 minutes - but other demands on your time make it quite a challenge to work an hour a week or every other week. Yet you might want to work for a few minutes every day for a week, to resolve a matter and not "drag" it out or have to wait until "your time next week" 

Let us know what you want to accomplish so we could map out your On Demand Coaching program. Contact us today letting us know what you'd like to accomplish by topic, time, number of times a week, etc., and we will work out a program so you can have it your way. To email us, Click Here!

Your On Demand Coaching program is easy to set up. 

Initial 60-Minute Coaching Session - $175.00

Subsequent Coaching Sessions: arrange your program with the number of sessions you want and the time you want to devote to working together. You can mix it any way you want. After the initial coaching session, the 60-minute sessions are reduced to $150.00 each session.

  • 60-Minute Sessions - $150.00
  • 45-Minute Sessions - $125.00
  • 30-Minute Sessions - $100.00
  • 20-Minute Sessions - $75.00
  • 15-Minute Sessions - $62.00

Set your package and place your order today by your initial payment. We will invoice you for the remainder of your package. Then contact Indoma to arrange the times we'd work together in your sessions. 

Your initial investment in yourself is $175.00

Item Name: On Demand Coaching
Item Number: ODC-12410-1
Price: $175.00

We invoice you for subsequent sessions according to the package you arranged.

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