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Work on Self - Check to see which areas you already mastered.

Enhance Your Workplace: A dynamic and radical workshop for business owners - TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.

Optimal Supervision: Calling Supervisors! Calling Managers! Consider the payoff for managing your division or department at the optimal level? Enhanced Productivity! Greater Harmony and Teamwork!

The Optimal Teacher: This private tele-workshop for teachers who want to assure the success of their students, promoting excellence in academic performance and much, much more. Arrange for this program and watch the outcomes of your work as student after student excels in every area you had chosen.

On Demand Coaching: Arrange your coaching services your way! Topic! Time!

Two-for-One Coaching Program

Invest in two sessions and get four (4).

Invest in four sessions, get eight (8).

Invest in ten sessions, get twenty (20).

Is this simple enough? Get busy developing and refining your skills. Exercise dominion over your world. Remember, all you see in the mind's eye belongs to you and is under your control.

Okay, look in your mind's eye now. Call any thing that concerns you to the front of your mind. Regardless of what it is, it has come to help you awaken to your own Creative Power where you rule your world.

Lavish Income Workshop

We kicked off the Lavish Wealth Series with the Lavish Income Workshop on 29 December 2009 and we recorded the session. You can download the mp3 for this workshop so you listen and activate the consciousness of your lavish, steady, dependable income consistent with integrity and mutual benefit. This foundational workshop gives you a head start in the Lavish Wealth lifestyle.

Watch this page for announcements of upcoming workshops in the series. Among the concepts we intend to explore are these:

  • The Lavish Business

  • Lavish Marketing

  • Lavish Sales 

  • Lavish Customers

In these workshops, we journey through the consciousness represented by each concept. I'm especially excited about the Lavish Sales workshop. This workshop promises to revolutionize the concept of sales. 

Most significant to the sales approach after activating the lavish sales consciousness is that you recognized people are looking for your product and service. You do not have to try to convince folks to purchase your goods and services - they are waiting for you to show up because they want what you have.

All your efforts from this point forward are designed to let your customers and clients know how to find you - your HERE I AM approach. You made the sales transactions while in the consciousness of lavish sales. In the workshop, we take you through the regions of the lavish sales consciousness and walk you through steps where you made alive numerous concepts that brought your customers and clients to you.

Be on the lookout for the dates and times for this workshop if you are among those looking for a program to activate your lavish sales consciousness and increase your sales by radical proportions.

Contact me personally if you want to get started on this soon. I'll put you on the list to get in on this tremendous program.

Other workshops related to Lavish Wealth are unfolding. 

Special Programs

These programs in single sessions are for you to work on self  to activate certain states of consciousness to set up for desires you chose to be reflected in your world. The objective of your work in each session is to become really content - being at rest. You'll see the benefits of having a high opinion of your work, of the consciousness you activated and of the conception of self you formed. 

Before the session is completed, you know your work is done and you had done your part to release those necessary to work on your behalf so your desires were reflected in the world around you - whether it involved just one person or millions to do their part. Click Special Programs for details.

Check Special Programs from time to time to see new offers.


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