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Neville Instructed Us in the Law

In lectures and books, Neville instructed us in the Law and the Promise. He showed us how he applied the Law and how he received the Promise. We apply the Law and receive the Promise. Neville described how his teachings were received: thousands were excited about the Law but only a few wanted to know about the Promise.

I wondered about this. Over the years since I first started reading, studying and practicing what I had learned from Neville, I noticed the same trend. I started my studies with Neville in year 2002. It appeared that most of the people reading Neville were interested in the Law. Several among those who studied Neville admitted they did not want to deal with the Promise at all. 

Aside from the fact that many interested in the Law wanted the outcomes Neville described, I realized the Law was the link between desires and the manifestation of desires. Further, I realized the Promise had nothing to do with our desires and their manifestation. We did not have to do anything to receive the Promise, we merely had to be willing to receive it. However, the Law required us to take action.

But what is the Law?

The Law is made up as sets of rules. There is one Law but many sets of rules. For each situation is a set of rules although there is but one Law. Apply the Law. Follow the rules to get the results.

I follow the rules and apply the Law. Each time I follow the rules, I can expect to get the results I wanted. My task is to follow the rules - and that means knowing which rules to follow. Each desire has its own rules. It is the same Law, but the rules vary.

An example of applying the Law is an exercise I've used repeatedly for several years and got the same results. This particular application of Law involves the release of pain. It works like this:

  • The person with the pain wanted to be free of pain.
  • I asked the person who'd complained of a headache, "If the pain in your head was an animal, what would that animal be?"
  • The person responded, naming the animal.
  • I asked, "Does that animal belong in your head?"
  • The person responded, "No!"
  • I instructed, "Open the door and let the animal go free."
  • By imaginal action, the person opened the door and allowed the animal to go through it, out into the Universe and as the animal left, the pain left.

Each person who participated in this little drama with me got the same results - their pain evaporated when they opened the door and let the image of the animal move away from the body. The rules were the same for each person - they identified the animal they'd associated with pain, they opened the door to the body part in which the animal was lodged and the animal went free. They reported seeing it with the mind's eye.

To apply the Law is to follow a particular course of action that brings about a specific outcome. Each desire has its own course of action - rules - and when followed, you'd get the same outcome.

Each time you'd take the action required for a specific desire, you'd get the expected outcome. Neville instructed us to take action imaginally to get visible results. The act is unique to the desire. To let the animal go free was an act unique to the desire to be free of pain. Taking imaginal action is application of the Law. The imaginal act is the catalyst that transforms energy in the inner world into things in the visible world.

What course of action brings about the results?

I've said it already - take imaginal action.

This is great, but what imaginal action do I take?

Take the imaginal action that transforms energy to things in your visible world.

Which imaginal act transforms energy into things in my visible world?

The imaginal act that plays out the consciousness of the fulfilled desire transforms the energy of the fulfilled desire into things in your visible world. Things you desire are mere images in your inner world. Images are energy waves that represent certain ideas. However, as mere images, these energy waves are not yet assembled into patterns of experience. The imaginal act is the process by which the energy waves of the desire are assembled into patterns of experience.

Each idea has its own image and energy waves. Name the idea and its image comes to the front of your mind. View the image - this is your first step with it. Some call this visualization. Step into the image and take action. Your action stirs the energy waves, causing them to assemble into a pattern. Frequent action in the image causes it to assemble into a pattern of experience. Your frequency causes the energy to move into the pattern you'd illustrated in your imaginal action.

You played out scenes in your mind and established a pattern of experience. You played the same scenes repeatedly until you moved through the experience easily. Playing out the scenes is how you followed the rules. This is application of the Law.

What did Neville teach?


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