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Cultivating Your Innate Skills

As the primary interactive component of Imagination Education, Personal Coaching is a contracted self-directed training program. We actively apply the motto, " Imagining Creates Reality" in assisting you cultivate innate skills and abilities.

Understand very clearly, you already possess the skills and abilities for creating the reality you intend. Many skills and abilities you are not using are latent and inactive. However, when you understand what they are and why they work the way they do, you will see how easy it is to activate and use these skills and abilities every single day.

We proactively assist you incorporate relevant knowledge for enhancing your imaginal skills from the new sciences (neuroscience, quantum, neuroplasticity and epigenetics) and mysticism. In the process, you become the scientist of your life, experimenting with ideas, monitoring and evaluating your thoughts and emotions, and clarifying your outcomes.

We recognize the duality of Imagination, which is an ongoing activity between Imagination and imagining. Imagining is imaginal activity, or your imaginal acts. Imagination creates the state; imagining is the process of entering the state, preparing to express it.

Creating the scene is a naturally automatic process that occurs with a question like this, "What would it be like...?" You are casually wondering about something you would like to experience in your life. The response to the question comes immediately as a clearly realistic image you are able to see in the mind's eye. Just as automatically, you are playing all the parts in the scene. In the scene you are having conversations about what you are others are saying and doing in that state. When you are feeling yourself surrounded in the scene by the people and things that make it feel real and true, you have accomplished the goals of Imagination. You are feeling fulfilled, in the mood of accomplishment.

Our coaching program follows your self-directed training schedule. You decide the focus, contract for the number of sessions and the fees you are budgeting. We can assist you in creating a learning contract to which you would refer in your future training, whether on your own as the scientist of your life or with a coach. Decide for yourself how many sessions you want, how often, the mode - email, text, Skype, or by phone. With email sessions, you are freely scheduling your sessions with yourself, asking questions, responding in writing to questions and comments from Coach. For text in real time, it is pretty much free-style. With Skype and phone, you set the schedules for specific periods, such as thirty or sixty minute sessions. Choose the number of sessions by Skype or phone to fit your goals.

During Skype and phone, Coach "walks" you through imaginal exercises and mental rehearsals, clarifying and posing questions. Listening actively between your words and expressions, Coach is hearing messages you are broadcasting but not articulating, giving you feedback. Messages you are unaware of broadcasting are generally parts of the programming you are living. Bringing this information up to your awareness puts you in control for managing your thoughts and emotions.

For Skype or phone, decide if you want four, six, twelve or twenty sessions. Please indicate the period over which you want to spread the sessions, weeks or months. Also, please specify your preference for thirty or sixty minute sessions.

So if recognize Mutual Benefit in Personal Coaching, click the button below to enter the amounts you are budgeting for your chosen coaching method, whether email, text, Skype or phone. When choosing Skype or phone, indicate the number of sessions and whether 30 or 60 minute sessions at Item # Mutual Benefit-7 signifying your preferences.




Our programs are cutting edge and we are expanding daily. In the sessions we present tested processes for integrating your physical and imaginal capacities, walking you through practice activities for developing and implementing capacities you discover.  

You can expect to accomplish the following:

  • manifest your desires fulfilled
  • make changes friends and loved ones notice immediately
  • transform unpleasant situations into lovely experiences
  • enter and adjust to new states of consciousness
  • change the way you view the world
  • cultivate delightful inner conversations that play out in your physical reality
  • personify concepts, cells, animals, weather patterns, environmental features, etc..
  • communicate with images, whether of cells of your own body, gasoline cells and other personified concepts
  • play the parts of characters that represent their desires are already fulfilled
  • play the parts of others evolving into the person they had chosen to be
  • assemble scenes that represent new structures for your personal experience in your physical reality
  • save thousands and thousands of dollars using imaginal devices and processes, such as costs for electrical services
  • access your inexhaustible wealth
  • excelling in business
  • managing weather and the environment
  • communicating with animals
  • deploying legions of angels for protection and special missions

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