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After years studying and practicing processes from the teachings of Neville, I found one instruction tremendously exciting - to arrange and rearrange the contents of my consciousness. I had been doing this all along, but I did not know what to call it. Hearing about thinking processes in teachings of Abraham I soon saw how I had been arranging and rearranging the contents of my consciousness. I did it whenever I observed what others were doing and saying. Thinking about what I observed, I looked for ways to produce something from what I had perceived. I had sometimes called it "standing on their shoulders" to expand on what I had studied. Coming up with my own version of a concept I am constantly arranging and rearranging the contents of my consciousness. Using Abraham processes, I gained clarity on how to arrange the contents of my consciousness so I am pleased, coming to know my most vital relationship and where I always have total control. 

Central to my action with the contents of my consciousness is knowing where I am in my relationship with myself. Clarity in this relationship is basic to how I arrange these details. Through Abraham I discovered my two dominant perspectives through which I form versions of myself - my non-physical perspective and my physical perspective. The version I form in my non-physical perspective is the joy of an infinite and universal scope, and in this tremendously broad perspective, my range is omnipresence and omnipotence. I take on the essence of all my desires, constantly creating myself into vibrational manifestations. I rearrange the contents of my consciousness in order to bring my physical perspective in line with my non-physical perspective. 

Noticing who I am from my broader non-physical perspective, I realize I am steadily focused in the highest vibrations - in Abraham-speak, called the vortex. Here I am ever expanding, as I become the vibrational equivalence of desires I had chosen as I explore the diversity of life around me. In this ever expanding version of myself I am constantly thinking from the perspective of joy and clarity, freedom and empowerment, love and appreciation. From my non-physical perspective I am cherishing and adoring myself in all my experiences. I am loving my life and I am eager for what I am becoming - that I am becoming more and more. I am eager about becoming better versions than I had previously observed. At the same time I am always broadcasting vibrations  constructing my vibrational pathway to ever expanding joy and delight and things that please me. From this moment to the next and the next, and the next, I am looking for new ways to have fun and to please myself. I am looking for persons, places and things to appreciate and cherish.

I am constantly making decisions about the variety of experiences life brings to me. My moods and attitudes show where I am in my relationship with myself. My moods and attitudes are part of my physical perspective, and they show the extent to which my view of the experiences life brings is the same as or different from that of my non-physical perspective. Simply am I cherishing and adoring the persons, places and things, or am I reacting with one or another of the lower vibrations. Abraham calls it "in the vortex" or "not in the vortex". So the objective of arranging and rearranging the contents of my consciousness is thinking thoughts that get me "into the vortex". In knowing this, I am constantly practicing "vortex" thoughts - the highest vibrational thoughts until I feel my mood and attitude changing. Much to my delight, my moods and attitudes changed through my practice, but more than this continually happens: my experiences in day-to-day living match these mood and attitudinal changes.   

You might notice: I have total control over my moods, attitudes and my relationship with myself. Indeed, only I have control over these aspects of my life. I do not have control over others. I have no control over conditions or circumstances. I do not aim to please others, and I do not look to others to please me. While this is something we have all been conditioned to, I practice this concept as part of rearranging the contents of my consciousness day in and day out. Really, trying to please others and expecting others to please me, I deprive myself of the joyous relationship with myself - feeling bad and "out of the vortex". Viewing others and myself from my non-physical perspective, I am finding something to appreciate and in so doing, I am broadcasting the vibration of appreciation and constructing a vibrational pathway for appreciation. 

Persons desiring to feel appreciation feel the vibration and respond in ways I find pleasing. In appreciating, I am always pleasing myself. It's a vibrational match starting with the vibrational manifestation I create just by my thinking appreciation and feeling myself into experiences of appreciation. This single example of integrating teachings of Neville and Abraham represents so much freedom and empowerment. I delight myself all through th day and night making things happen like this.

So I am sharing experiences from the processes I am practicing in the discussions listed on this page. Feel free to practice and develop proficiency in these processes, and find out for yourself the expansion you can create. Take much pleasure in going beyond what you read as you practice using your non-physical capacities to create yourself into experiences you enjoy. And if you like, share information about your practicing with me - and I will gladly include it in our discussions. 

In the meanwhile, I am adding discussions here at Indoma's place as the opportunities arise. So watch this page for updates.


Vibration and the Winepress: A brief discussion of how we build momentum while rearranging the contents of consciousness. 

Vibration and the Adventures of Life: Discussing one of my ports of call along my vibrational journey.



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