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Enhance The Workplace

A 4-session private workshop

As the business owner, your workplace - your workforce carries out the actions that fulfill the mission of your company, satisfy your customers and bring your profits to you. You are the power of your business. Your success is in your hands.

If you reacted to circumstances going on in your company or in the community or nation, you gave your power over to someone and something outside yourself. You might have experienced turn-around in your business similar to many across the nation. However, I invite you to look at these things from a different position. View these things from their mission - especially if they caused you to feel uneasy. 

The only mission of the situations that caused you to wonder if you would make it through these times is to bring you back to your rightful place in your business - where you are the one who is the authority and control over your business. You are the only one in charge of your business. Every part of your business is under your control. So take back your power! TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!!!

Use this workshop to bring the power back into your hands. In our work together, we walk you through steps where you brought your company under your control - all aspects of your business. More, we walk you through the steps to maintain control from this point forward.

Take back your power over your profits, the workforce, your position in the community, your customer base and more. You know the areas where advancing your business takes it to the top of your industry. Talk with us to make sure we customize this workshop to enable you to activate the power within you to accomplish these goals.


  • Set the Atmosphere for Your Profitable Business

  • Run Your Business from Your Position of Power

  • Establish A Highly Productive Workforce


  • Set the Atmosphere in the Workplace

  • Establish the Most Prized Public Relations Program

  • Establish Your Position in the Community


  • Set the Atmosphere for Customer Relations

  • Establish Optimal Quality Products and Services

  • Optimize Your Sales Program


  • Enhance the Workplace Daily
  • Turn Chaos and Confusion Around
  • Zap the Wind Out of Difficult Workers

Arrange for this workshop today! Retain our coaching services and set the time and days we work together.

  • Workshop Fee: $525

  • To Register, pay Retainer of $150 (through PayPal) 

  • PayPal will bill you for the balance of $375.00

Subscription Name: Enhance Your Workplace
Reference Number: EW312-4

For details to get started, contact Neeta Blair, Ph.D.

Or telephone us at 910 455 7870

(When you call, please leave a message if we are not immediately available. We return calls to personal telephone numbers.)


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