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Introducing The Energy Game


The Energy Game consists of 107 little games or techniques arranged in four (4) sections.  Each section has numerous segments, each which is complete within itself.  Each game is entitled and most games are written in such a way to indicate action you would take.

Section One is entitled What I Intended and contains 26 games.  Getting started is tremendous fun.  In these games we look at situations that confront us every day – things such as blame and questions, the price of gasoline and matching energy.

In Section Two, our focus is on Games To Feel Your Joy.  Among the 21 games in this section, we play with energy, ideas, thoughts and words as well as energy fields, energy sections and see what happens with good energy and bad energy.

Get Personal With The Energy Game is the title for Section Three.  In this section you have 29 games.  Among these are games with money, space and trigger points.  Group Energy Work is introduced.

The last section is entitled Play The Game.  In 26 games, we play with our workplaces, bank accounts, the legal system, health, the weather and our emotions.

Play with one game at a time – and for as long as you desire.  The idea is to become masterful in working and playing with energy.  Play with it until you get the results you prefer.  And by all means, HAVE FUN!


 What I Intended

 Is This What I Intended To Do?

Things I Learned

No Place For Blame

What Can I Do About It?

Why Would I Want To Change Things?

It’s Not About the Price of Gasoline

Symbols, Mirrors and Me

Can I Change A Reflection?

Why The Concern About Inflated Values?

Myself, My Energy

When Energies Do Not Match

Energies Match To Form Energies

How I Got Started

The Hard Part

Not A Happy Time

The Really Hard Part

Shall We Talk About It?

Choose On Purpose

Do Things To Feel Better

Why Is Permission Such A Big Deal?

A Set Up To Feel Good

See By What You Flow

What If You Do Not Decide

Go Into This With Clear Vision

How Long Does It Take?

On To The Energy Game


Is This What I Intended?

I can look around and see things in my life that I enjoy.  I could make a list.  I can look around and see things that I do not enjoy.  I could make another list. 

So?  What’s the deal?  I want to keep the things I enjoy and change the things I do not enjoy to things I enjoy.  I prefer the good life.  And I like feeling good.  I like joy!

How it got this way does not matter.  I know something now that I did not know earlier.  I know that I create my own reality.  What I have in my life, I created it.  It does not matter whether I like what I have or not.  It is my doing.

It took a lot for me to accept responsibility for what has happened in my life.  For so long I thought the good I have had come by favor and the conditions I do not like had come as punishment.  I was grateful for the good, until I took it for granted and then I blamed others for what was not good.  This is how I had looked at my life.

What a surprise it was to find that I did it myself!  I created what I have and I continue to create every moment.  I can ask now with greater and greater clarity if what I have is what I intended.

Where are you on accepting responsibility for what is going on in your life?  Do you see it as something others do for you?  Or against you?  Or, do you see your part in it?  Does your good come from being in good standing with someone?  Are the things you don’t like part of some kind of punishment for your bad deeds?

I am going to let the cat out of the bag right here and now.  You can get a handle on your life if you do just one thing.  Joyful on the inside.  You set it up to have all kinds of marvelous things happen for you when you put attention on ideas that make you feel joyful on the inside.  When the only feeling you have about the thing is joy; then it belongs to you.  Do all you can do to get into the joyful place.  And stay there!

 Things I Learned 

When I first caught on to the idea that I created what I have in my life, I put attention on the idea that I could create good things.  I could create things I enjoy.  That was quite okay with me.  I tried some techniques teachers presented and surely, I “demonstrated” good things in my life from time to time. 

 What about you?  Have you done this also?

Yes, I found that I could say certain words and by doing so I could make changes in my life.  That was just half the deal.  Only lately did I get clear about the fact that everything I have has come about because of  how I used my words and thoughts.  Yes, I acted on the Universe.  In every way.  I found that it included things I do not like as well as the things I do like.  Until I got clear, I blamed others for the bad things.  I blamed others for what “they” did to me.  And I did not like it.

How do you stand on this?


No Place For Blame

 In the instant I realized that I had something to do with everything in my life, I had problems with knowing that.  Yes, I felt great about the good things I brought into my life.  At the same time, when I looked at the problems I had created, I felt guilty.  I blamed myself for bringing things I did not like into my experience.  I beat myself up.  As you look at the things in your life, are there things you have beat yourself for?

For example, I blamed myself for having stiff knees and for getting into debt.  Regardless of what I did to bring these things in my life, I get just one thing from blame.  More things to blame.

I did not always know that blame brings more to blame.  It was not until I found out about how energy flows that I saw it.  What I know now, though, is that if I see something that I think I should find fault with or that others are criticizing, I need to look deeper to see what it really is.

I mention this because my sense of blame was still alive and kicking when I learned about the power I have to create my reality.  I found that I could use as many pretty words as I wanted.  The point was this: as long as I believed I could lay blame on myself or others when things did not go as I wanted, I was missing the point.  I was missing the mark.  You see: I cannot find joy in blame.  This one factor made my creating patterns inconsistent.

In other words, at times I would create what I desired and at other times I would create stuff to complain about.  Do you see what I mean here?

What Can I Do About It?

I realized that I did not have to keep the conditions I created that did not work out for me.  I found that I can change the things I do not like.  Before I can change those things, however, I had to accept the fact that I had done this.  I had done those things  that brought these things into my life and because I am the one who did it, I can do what it takes to bring something different to me.  I can make change.

I did not have to look far to see what changes I wanted to make.  These were all around me.  You may want to check it out for yourself.

Look around and see if there are conditions you no longer want.   A health problem?  Financial? Trouble in your marriage?  Children out of control?  Any of these or others?  You want to see change?

Most people on the planet today have some conditions they no longer want to deal with.  What about these? Prices?  Supplies?  The way people treat you?  Politics of today?  Traffic?  Laws?  What do you want to do about these? 

Do you want to change something about these things?  Or do you want to keep them the same?  The power is in your hands.  Talk about it.  As far as I am concerned, if I think about it and do not feel joy on the inside about it, then it is not for me. 

Why Would I Want to Change Things?

Not too long ago I found out how I keep conditions the same as I see them.  Let’s look at a condition in early 2001 -  rising gasoline prices.  At first glance, I saw it as a condition I wanted to change.  I could give a long list of my reasons.  But you know something?  Each reason I could list would keep the prices on the rise.  Why?

Each thought I had about rising gas prices fed the notion of rising prices.  I would help keep the prices on the rise with every complaint I made.   Whether I think or talk with others about it, I fed into the energies that kept gasoline prices rising.  Just one thing I’ll say about it.  Knowing gasoline prices are rising does not generate joy.  I like feeling joyful.

So still I wanted change.  For the example we are using, it is simple.  That is, at face value.  At face value, I want to see the prices go down. 

But why would I want to change the prices of gasoline?  They are rising.  Why do I want them to decline?  Will a decline in gasoline prices make me feel joyful?

What about you?  Will you feel joyful if gasoline prices go down?  At what point will you start feeling joy?  Is the price of gasoline the issue?

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