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Imagine what it's like to shift from trial and error to certainty. That's what The Elijah Journey, From Trial and Error to Abundant Living is about. How to make that shift. I knew in the back of my mind that this could happen. Now I know - and with certainty.

Yes, we are talking about energy work - working in your own energy field and getting it done. Doing energy work means taking charge. Being in charge of your life because of the choice you make. The choice is simple - it is a matter of where you focus from. To focus from the spiritual instead of from the intellect, sets up a very different and wonderful experience.  

Understand, it is not to abandon the intellect - no indeed. The intellect has its purpose - but its purpose is not to be in charge. Having the intellect in charge maintains the trial and error way of doing and being. Letting your spiritual self be in charge leads to vast avenues that bring the abundance and the prosperous life which exceeds anything you have ever known - and you know from the beginning you are barely scratching the surface. So much more is waiting for you to call it into being!

I am so excited about The Elijah Journey, From Trial and Error to Abundant Living and I delight in sharing excerpts here on Indoma's Place.  It is so amazing to know what power we have. I am truly humbled by it all. The power we have - to use Perfect Love which I often call Love Energy as well as Perfect Wisdom to bring Perfect Health and Perfect Wealth into being - where I can measure these with my senses and my intellect. It is outstanding!!!

Now, before you go to an expansion of this introduction, entitled If Love Energy Is Not Enough, I want to let you know that what you have before you is a set of excerpts from The Elijah Journey, From Trial and Error to Abundant Living written in June 2001.

[Introducing The Elijah Journey]

If Love Energy Is Not Enough





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