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We precisely designed drills that enable you to access the infinite Consciousness of the Universe so you were aware of It unfolding and revealing Itself to you in forms you chose to see appearing as individual beings and things in your tangible world. The images appearing before your mind's eye come forth from the universe that exists within your being in its entirety. When you hear statements acknowledging that all your desires are already present and with you, realize such statements are based on your capacity to look into the infinite consciousness of the universe that you are, name a thing and see whatever you'd named with your mind's eye.

While the universe in its entirety is within you, your capacity to see it and activate it is based on your choice, your capacity to name or describe experiences and to establish vibrationally with it in your being. Things and situations that appear in your world show your vibrational connections.

In the drills, we assist you as you view your consciousness and its contents with your mind's eye. Further, we assist you as you explore your consciousness and its contents with your inner senses. It is only by your conscious choice that you make vibrational connection with the contents of your consciousness during the drills.

The aim for our work together is that you'd connected with those portions of your consciousness you had chosen. In the process, you'd detect variations in your vibration and others in your world would comment on changes they had noted in your vibration.

Our work begins at the point where we see you as a vibrational being - we recognize you by the vibrations to which you had connected yourself. Listening to you as you described your situation and your desires, we hear your discussion about your vibrational connections. We recognize you and the things and events in your life as vibrational connections. 

Further, we see you as individual infinite consciousness unfolding and revealing itself as form appearing and expressing in the world of effects. We see you and the things and events in your life as individual consciousness. To us, you are individual consciousness. Things and events in your life are individual consciousness. You as individual infinite consciousness of the universe, constantly connect with the infinite Consciousness of the Universe so It unfolds and reveals Itself to you. In our work together, we assist you make connections by conscious choice and movement.

Seeing and recognizing you as individual consciousness, when I speak with you, I am speaking with the expression that unfolded through the consciousness that you are and had revealed itself as the issues, goals and desires you presented. I see you as the expression that unfolded. You had unfolded a portion of your wholeness, a portion of your fullness, a portion of your completeness. Your goals and desires are portions of your wholeness, fullness and completeness.

My tasks involve helping you tap into the wholeness of your consciousness and the fullness of your being. As you do, you cause or allow your chosen desires to unfold and then appear before your mind's eye so you'd connect with them vibrationally.

Be very much aware, while you easily see your chosen desires with your mind's eye, you must be connected with them vibrationally to activate them and give them the life they require to exist in your tangible world. All our drills direct you to form that connection.

After sessions with us, your work must continue. You must maintain a vibrational connection with your desires. This comes through continual, consistent and persistent practice. With each practice, you strengthen that vibrational connection until the desire appeared in your tangible world.

The following drills are among those we use in coaching and private workshops, whether 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions. We are constantly designing new drills as they unfold and reveal themselves to us.

Review the brief descriptions of the drills so you'd know what to expect in your coaching sessions. Signature drills are essential components of 60 and 90-minute coaching and private workshop sessions in conjunction with other drills specified for your chosen objectives. 

Signature drills may be selected as stand-alone drills in drill-by-drill coaching. Click the link if you would like to order drill-by-drill coaching. 

Create "Energy Ball"

Signature Drill. Move through this drill to set the tune for your session and to establish the atmosphere for your day. Infinite love and infinite wisdom are the components of the energy ball.  

Walk Up the Energy Ladder

Signature Drill. Feel the distinct differences in vibrations and wattages from 200 to 700 and higher/brighter. Practice walking in the light with simple cue-word triggers.

Activate Your Creative Power

We use this drill with persons who voiced uncertainty regarding their inner perceptive abilities. See, hear, taste, smell, feel by touch, increase and decrease sizes, increase and decrease quantities, etc.

Identify and Let Go False Beliefs

Signature Drill. Identify and let go false beliefs that interfered with your progress in applying spiritual-vibrational law to attain your desires. Name, view, communicate with images that represented false beliefs. Practice in sessions enables you to build your skills for letting go false beliefs and replacing them with the truth of your being outside sessions.

Amplify Consciousness of I AM Presence

Signature Drill. In this drill, you observe your consciousness as it unfolds and reveals itself to you in numerous forms that validate your wholeness, completeness and perfection. Through this drill, you view unfoldment at various degrees of unfoldment. For instance, where you were in the consciousness of completeness, you will see a range of completeness from minimal to optimal completeness.

 Play the Plenty Game

View, communicate and validate images of plenty and let them unfold through your consciousness to appear as forms in your tangible world. This drill based on the Fillmore instruction to think plenty and have plenty takes it a step further. You'd call "plenty" from the infinite Consciousness of the universe and it unfolds and reveals itself to you as the truth of your being. You have but to accept "plenty" as your truth to have it. 

Amplify Your Power Center

Move through this drill to see the power of your spoken word, whether audible or silent. Practice speaking your decrees, observing the impact of your decrees and experiencing the results.

Play the Time Game

Explore time intervals. Feel the distinctions of days, hours, seasons. Develop your capacity to "collapse" time into "now" while creating a vacuum into which the Universe fills your orders.

Communicate with Cells

Name, view, instruct and evaluate the movement of images representing cells that comprised your possessions (items). Drills include mergers with cells, observing and directing interactions of cells and much more.

Establish Your Power Position

Use this drill to become consciously aware of your capacity to exercise dominion and authority over your world. In this drill, you recognize and enter images that signified your position and in this position, you take action. Practice on selected items such as weather, members of the animal, plant and mineral kingdom, utilities, motors, etc.

Activate A Law

Name, embrace and move about in images that represented specific laws. In this drill, you establish and activate laws to replace false beliefs you dismissed. Then you observe the enactment of and compliance with the law you activated.

Examine Your Radiant Body

Call and view your radiant body. In this drill, you observe thought forms surrounding your radiant body, assess levels of light emitted in, through and from your radiant body and optimize the light.

Operate in Your Power

Handle a specific project from your power position. In this drill, you name, view and move about in images at your greatest degree of fulfillment and observe the unfoldment of the project. Your work is with the consciousness of the project where you watched as it unfolded itself to you in forms that appeared first in your mind. In the vibration of the project, others in your world perceive it and comment voluntarily to you regarding their perceptions.

Access Individual Infinite Consciousness

In this drill, you name, view and move about in images that represent the consciousness through which you chose to unfold as an individual being that appeared as your preferred conception of self.

Shift Beyond Traditions of Men

Use this drill to clarify your reactions to effects (events, situations, conditions), identify false beliefs linked to effects, dismiss false beliefs and replace these with the truth of your being.

Communicate with Thought Forms

In this drill, identify thought forms surrounding images of your chosen experiences, discern degrees of radiating light and optimize the light. Instruct images within thought forms, observe and evaluate their compliance with your instructions.

Communicate with Body Parts

Use this drill to name, view, instruct and evaluate activity of body part images, to determine degrees of radiating light, optimize the light and regulate the activity of images.

Nourish Your Body Cells

Practice in-session to start your routine of feeding your body cells the highest energies and observe your body cell images respond to being fed.

Act From Your Power Position

In this drill, step into the image of your power position, specify events or situations that required your presence and activity and wear the power image while you handle your tasks.

Dealing with Effects

Use this drill to exercise your power over effects. In this drill, choose the effects over which you'd rule, such as a weather condition or a situation at work, recognize the degree of wholeness it expressed and determine the degree of wholeness you'd choose for it. Observe the consciousness of the event unfold itself as forms of individual being according to your choice.

Arrange Images

Use this drill to name, view, instruct and arrange images related to your fulfilled desire. Images you'd arrange include those that supported your fulfilled desire and those you'd use to direct the unfoldment of your chosen desire.

Nurture and Parent Your Expressions

During this drill, you'd view expressions that had unfolded themselves from your consciousness as your child and you'd give each the attention that supported its highest expression and caused it to grow strong and vibrant. 

End Wars Against Effects

During this drill, we work regarding effects that by tradition you and others might have waged war - such as fighting disease, fighting poverty, fighting addictions. In our work together, however, we are focused on those wars you had personally waged. In the drill, you'd name the conditions that signified war, dismiss beliefs that supported those conditions and replace the beliefs with truth revealed to you through the infinite consciousness of the universe.

Disconnect Sickness from Expressions

Use this drill to identify beliefs that unfolded into forms appearing as sickness or disease, dismiss those beliefs and replace them with truth that revealed itself to you through the consciousness of wholeness and wellness. In this drill, we explore images and symbols that are most comfortable to you and easy to direct.

Be the Law Unto Your Expression

Use this drill to manage the manifestation of your desires. In this drill, represent a person, condition or event as your expression; identify the consciousness through which this expression unfolded, determine the degree to which your expression had appeared in relation to your choice; optimize the expression.

The Drama of Your Expression

Use this drill to give life to your desire. In the drill, set the theme, write your script, rehearse the major scene and play the starring role. Then evaluate your receptivity to the drama.

Believe Your Truth

Use this drill to examine the degree or level of your receptivity to the consciousness you had unfolded and revealed to yourself, optimize your receptivity.



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