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The following workshops in mp3 present IMAGINATION EDUCATION practices in action. Start your practice as an Imagination Educator. For a flavor of what to expect in these workshops, follow these links. 

The Power of "I AM" Series

You Are The Greatest

The Eternal Marriage

Arranged Especially For You

Working On Self Workshops

Prepare to Work on Self

Time-Space and Beyond

My Lavish Income

Activating the Law of Preferred Body Resizing

Educating Your Imagination Daily

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You Are The Greatest: Unified In the Power of "I AM"

(mp3 download)


The Spiritual Being and The Human Being In Love Forever

(mp3 download)

Arranged Especially For You: Make Thoughts and Plans of No Effect

(mp3 download)

Prepare to Work on Self

Create the Atmosphere and Establish Your Identity

(mp3 download)

Time-Space and Beyond

Readjusting Your Time Line

(mp3 download)

My Lavish Income Workshop

Activate the State of Lavish Abundance and Keep the Feeling Alive

(mp3 download) 

Activating the Law of Preferred Body Resizing

I developed this workshop and presented it upon request. I had resized my body several years prior through rearranging images in my mind and the memory of that came up to me during the Educate Your Imagination Daily workshop. I was thrilled to assemble a number of drills through which I walked participants for their specific body size aims. 

Educating Your Imagination Daily

I had such a marvelous time facilitating the workshop, Educating Your Imagination Daily. This was the first of 21 major programs that came to the surface of my mind in response to my question, "How do I educate my imagination?" Initially designed as a 4-session workshop of 90-minutes each session, this workshop evolved into a 6-session workshop - with some sessions still going after 120 minutes.

Just an example from this workshop. During the period of the workshop gasoline prices at the pumps edged up to $4.00 a gallon. We declared the prices at the pump and prices per barrel of oil unlawful and established new laws for both. Within two weeks after the workshop closed, oil and gasoline prices started their decline. These prices have continued to remain in the lawful range. You can test this for yourself.

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