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Center for Infinite Learning (CIL) and Imagination Education Institute, International

CIL 501-01a: Telling Your Story

The circumstances around you come from the story you are constantly telling yourself. If everything is just as you want it, keep on telling yourself the same story. However, if you want to see change in your circumstances you will have to change the way you are telling your story. Simply, if you complain about any person, place or thing or if you are dissatisfied with anything - your bank account balance or your commute, your feeling suggests the need to change the story you tell. At any time you feel like a victim of circumstances, of disease, or of a person who seems intimidating or rude, or if you feel hurt or guilty about anything, you might want to change your story. If you feel you have to rely on others to meet your needs - whether an employer to pay a decent wage or someone to prepare your meals or clean your house - even if you depend on the government to pick up trash or keep the streets safe, or you feel businesses or certain groups had been unfair to you - it's time to change your story. I'm sure you can think of many things - many reasons to change your story. But I must tell you, it takes a bit of skill and effort to change your story. 

Your current story shows how you already arranged the contents of your consciousness - and you did this by programming certain feelings about persons, places and things in your life. So the way you tell your story is not new: simply it is the way you programmed your thinking and as is, it keeps your story and your circumstances the same. Changing your story is rearranging the contents of your consciousness - rearranging the thoughts you think and the words you speak until your new way of thinking and feeling is your natural way.  

Understand very clearly, the way you tell your story more your reactions to your world and how you feel about yourself. The story that creates your circumstances is the story you tell yourself all through the day and night. Your story is made up of conversations you hold in your mind when you react to persons, places and things day in and day out. These factors require skill in observing your reactions and your inner conversations and in knowing what actions to take to change these. So you would want to be aware of those skills and use them effectively.    

We want you to know one simple thing: you have the skills to observe the components of your current story and take the most effective actions to change your story and your circumstances. You have every possible solution to any problem in this world - your personal problems and problems of any of the more than seven billion inhabiting the planet. But you might just want to start with things you call your personal problems - for which you have infinite solutions, and you have the skills to identify specific solutions and implement them. 

Now if you have not made it a habit of using your skills to change your circumstances without lifting your finger or asking help of any person, institution or government, if this is not your habit, you might really find the power of conscious storytelling beneficial. In other words, if you are ready to move beyond your current functioning, you might even find the class Telling Your Story fun and productive. For details about the class, click here. 

Scroll down to see the class outline and how to get started.

Lessons for this class, Telling Your Story

Lesson 1: How You Tell Your Story

As a participant in an experiment observing at least two versions of a financial event you find it easy to notice differences in your reactions and your story. Seeing emotional connections to your story and how the energy and light of your reactions add to your story is enriching.

Lesson 2: Identify Yourself

Laura’s story includes favorable results in managing her blood pressure as she changed the way she viewed herself and her physical health. She used creative conversation to change her story.

Lesson 3: Your Learning Contract

Use this opportunity to structure your story to manage and change programming and beliefs that influence your thinking and decisions in areas and activities of your personal values, customs and traditions. The contract is with yourself and you can set it to cover as many years as you want.

Lesson 4: Beyond Programming

My story about Jeff is an example of how to free any person from the bondage of programming to financial limitation. I illustrate how to take on the role as Imagination filling the atmosphere with energy and light that activates emotions in the person to attract concepts and manifestation of provision and abundance.

Lesson 5: Action Plan

Aware of the programming influencing your thinking and decisions, go ahead and set a plan of action to use numerous elevated emotions in the drama of your mind to produce solutions that delight you. Use your action plan to craft the most wonderful version of your story.

Lesson 6: Storytelling Weekly Log and Journal

By tracking your activities and briefly noting observations of your reactions and subsequent versions of your story help you build greater and greater confidence.

Lesson 7: The Energy Ladder

Everything, including the cells of your body, radiates light. The light a body system affected with sickness or disease radiates is dimmer than the system in perfect health. However, thinking of an affected area from a perspective of elevated emotions offsets the influence of disease in cells. The energy ladder distinguishes states of consciousness and emotional expressions from the lowest to very high vibrations.

Lesson 8: Discovering and Developing Your IKSAs

Use elevated concepts from Neville's teaching to activate selected levels of energy and light in your consciousness and reprogram your mind to change the dynamics of your personal story. Playing the part of a Neville concept turns it into IKSAs you use to exercise mastery and dominion over your world.  

To get started in Class I, decide the option you want and download your class materials.

Participating in the class "Telling Your Story" 

Option #1: Class Materials for all participants - overall fee $40.00

These materials include the syllabus, eight lectures, eight assignments and 12 separate supplemental materials for your use in completing the class, Telling Your Story. Each item is necessary to your experience with yourself in this class. We separated the items in four separate parts for ease in the download.  

Get ready to explore the contents of your consciousness and experiment with your power of consciousness. Expect to astound yourself as you produce the lifestyle you want. 

Download each item by adding the following to your cart.

Syllabus: $4.00                                            

Eight (8) lectures: $24.00                               

Eight (8) assignments: $8.00                          

Twelve (12) supplemental documents: $4.00 

Select Option #2 or Option #3 if you want support from our staff.

Option #2: Email Support - $35.00

The facilitator reviews your written accounts of experiences with yourself in the class and sends feedback. In addition, you can expect to receive information from ongoing, cutting-edge research in the power of consciousness and the power of conscious storytelling. Add Email Support to your cart. You can expect to receive correspondence from the facilitator, raising questions and responding to information you present. 

For email support throughout the class: $35.00  

Option #3: Coaching by phone or Skype: 45-minute sessions

The facilitator is available to review your stories and documents for a structured time period. During the coaching sessions, we promote learner proficiency with IKSAs and various storytelling processes. Decide the number of coaching sessions you prefer and click the specific button to add to your cart.

For two (2) coaching sessions: $85.00  


Four (4) coaching sessions: $135.00  


For eight (8) coaching sessions: $185.00  

Individuals participating in Coaching receive email support and the specified number of coaching sessions. The facilitator reviews all items you present for each lesson and upon completion of the class, awards the Certificate of Completion and the Certificate of Proficiency which shows you are qualified to assist other in storytelling processes you mastered in the Telling Your Story class. 

After you complete the eight (8) classes in The Span of Storytelling Power, you may enroll in CIL Coaching Certification Program. CIL selects new faculty members from this group of learners.



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