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Introducing You To My Business With God

In Business With God is a book for persons who are interested in operating their business life from the place where they exercise dominion and authority in all the earth. Whether you own the business or you work in a company owned by someone else – or whether you work in an organization run by the government or by a non-profit entity, in business with God places you in a unique position. It places you consciously in a causal position.

Please understand – a spiritual position is a causal position. I learned this as I studied the works of Neville Goddard with a friend. No, Neville did not call it causal – but his works implied the causal nature of anything spiritual. Neville brought my attention to certain ideas that I have applied liberally throughout this book. First, he enabled me to realize that the idea of unconditioned awareness and unconditioned consciousness is God. This fits indeed with what I had already know – God is All-That-Is and is not conditioned or set into any mold.

Second, Neville pointed me in the direction where I recognized all manifestations as conditioned conceptions formed from the unconditioned awareness of being. This means merely that any thing I can measure with my senses and my intellect is set in a mold and I have a conception of that mold. Simply, I can identify it by its attributes.

In studying Neville, I found a very simple process that I can apply in any situation or experience. That process in three steps is:

1) To recognize that everything exists in Consciousness and I can look into Consciousness for whatever I want. The thing I want is in the form of an idea. So when I look in Consciousness for the thing I am looking for an idea. I call for it and it appears.

2) To form a state of mind – a state of Consciousness with the idea. This state of mind or mental state is the foundation for my conception of being that idea. I form a mental state for the idea as I think about it and think of what the feels like to me. Through my thoughts and feelings about the idea, I form a conception of myself and my subsequent actions are based on my conception of self.

3) To take action with the idea imaginally. From the mental state I assembled and with my conception of being the idea I obtained from Consciousness, I act as though I am being that idea and having what that idea implies – in my imagination. My mental state is the atmosphere I provide for my action.

As you read In Business With God, you will see the influence of Neville in my writing. You will also see the influence of my early works – where I developed the capacity to translate the meanings of names of characters, locations and things.

This is a very special book. In it I tell of my experiences in business with God. It is based on two major qualities. First, I am living the spiritual lifestyle and second, I chose to operate my own business. I am an entrepreneur. A business owner.

Continue reading – you may see things here that are meaningful to you – especially if you are in business or if you intend to establish a business of your own.

The start-up of home-based businesses became very popular in the 1990s. Many left corporations – already established businesses and institutions – and struck out “on their own.” Downsizing accounts for much of this trend. I am one among those who was relieved of my position at an institution where I had built a career of almost 30 years.

Fluctuations in the marketplace at all levels spawn short-term employment. In years past, the typical employee entered the workplace in his early 20s and moved up the ranks. He stayed with the same company for 40 years or so, to retire in his mid 60s. At some point as the employee reached his 40s he started thinking and talking about retirement. This trend has changed. No longer can an employee look forward to being on the same job or with the same company or organization for an entire career.

Until the 1990s, an employee could feel safe giving a lifetime of loyalty to a company. An employee knew he could depend on his company to be there until he was ready to retire. And yes, the company may have held up certain “carrots” to persuade the employee to invest all his time and energy and emotions to the joy. It seemed to be a mutual endeavor. Yet, as time passed, the company changed and set up policies to discharge employees at any time. A loyal employee no longer has a safety net within a company that certifies he may be there until retirement.

In the first decade of the new millennium, no employee has guarantees and no company or organization gives guarantees. A company selects an employee to meet certain purposes and when these purposes are served, the company is free to dismiss that employee. Many companies regard employees as “a dime a dozen.” No covenant was set between the employee and company to ensure the employee’s stability with the company. The company determines the value of the employee and decides when the employee is no longer of value.

Believe it or not, this is wonderful. Uncertainty in the workplace means you cannot depend on your employer for anything. If you cannot depend on your job, where do you put your trust?

For a person who chooses to live the spiritual lifestyle, uncertainty in the workplace is a most wonderful condition to face. It means you have to take stock of what you have and seek certainty in the place where certainty exists.

A company decides the value of its employees: an act pointing to a vital condition for those who choose the spiritual lifestyle. Your value is already set and it goes beyond any company standards or national wage plan. No amount of money a company can assign as your wages or salary touches your value. No company has enough money to pay what you are worth – of course, that is not their intent. Living the spiritual lifestyle is your value – and it is immeasurable. A company sets the value of its employees with the wages and salaries and awards it offers. In the spiritual lifestyle, your value is set in and through every thing you touch and all that touches you.


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