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The Law of Preferred Body Resizing

Workshop on MP3

Consider “Activating The Law of Preferred Body Resizing, Being the Size You Really Wanted”. Join us in an mp3 and have a wonderful fun time during the four sessions arranged for you.

Just so you’d know, I've devoted more than 40 years in the laws and principles that led to Imagination Education so this workshop is available for you today. Beginning in early 1997, I shifted from being a student of Truth to being a practitioner. I looked at one Truth after another and asked one major question: how do I do that?

Prior to 1997, I practiced doing things implied in the principles I met, but in a need to do manner – such things as healings, weather work, getting parking spaces, finding objects that were missing and so forth. Since 1997, my mission has been exploring and testing as many laws of being possible. We originally presented the Law of Preferred Body Resizing at the tele-workshop, Educate Your Imagination Daily, in the session on lawmaking.

As a spiritual being, it is your right to declare things unlawful and establish new laws. This is based on spiritual principle. In this instance, you declared that having to keep your current body size is unlawful and established a new law about the body size you wear. Perhaps your body size was larger or smaller than you preferred. If you prefer a different body size – based on an image you have in mind - take action now.

Perhaps you had a photo showing your image in the preferred body size. You might just have a memory of the size you'd preferred. Whatever, the image you had in mind differs from the image you saw in the mirror today. So, your action is necessary.

The term, preferred body resizing, might be new to you. The term emerged when I designed the Educate Your Imagination Daily workshop.  Some at the workshop liked the way it sounded – body resizing. The most popular term for body resizing – familiar to every one was “weight loss”.

All our activity and being is Imagination, starting inside your being at the level of light energy and spreading throughout your physical organism at the cellular level. We recognize the life and intelligence of your cells and see them move through the action of the Image that you are. We recognize the many powers of the Image that you are – to shift your size while being the Image and to enter all spaces.

If your Intellect raises questions because the Image that acts does things unfamiliar, quiet the Intellect and let him merely observe. Assure the Intellect that you are always safe – that all parts of your universe are wonderful and ready for your explorations.


Only $25.00


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