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Look over the list below to see how you are doing in your work on self and where you might like assistance in your work on self.

Master these areas:

  • accepting the end where you knew your desire was already fulfilled and already in the world around you

  • moving to the position you occupied after your situation changed

  • silencing your thoughts

  • staying with your companion Imagination

  • turning in the direction of your fulfilled desires

  • arising to the highest in you

  • establishing an affirming attitude toward self

  • catching your reactions, stopping them and replacing them

  • strengthening your awareness that consciousness is the only reality and is the only creator of your world

  • setting the atmosphere for the consciousness of your desires

  • discovering the depth of God in you

  • rearranging the contents of your consciousness - for increased sales

  • exploring time as consciousness

  • persisting in feeling your desire is already fulfilled

  • appropriating your gifts so you might distribute them

  • build your fortune on the foundation of imagination

  • arranging your inner conversations to conform with your fulfilled desires

  • turning chaos and confusion around

  • choosing dreams to imitate God

  • accepting your greater Self and all the forces of heaven and earth are working on your behalf

  • standing mentally where you chose

  • merging the consciousness of your fulfilled desire with your concept of self

  • doing your part to let the consciousness of your desire condition itself so its likeness is objectified in your world

  • establishing the natural feeling of your fulfilled desire

  • making a radical psychological change in the way you viewed self

  • repealing memories that seemed hopeless

  • seeing those rooted in you - for increased sales

  • making your future dream a present fact

  • standing mentally where you chose

  • thinking from your fulfilled desires

  • quickly assuming the feeling your desire is already fulfilled

These are just a few actions you can take in Imagination to develop mastery over your world. Contact us if you'd like our assistance in any of these areas.

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