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Two-for-One Coaching

We opened up our coaching services for you if you want to work over the course of 6-months or a year at great discounts. For instance, in our two-for-one coaching program, set up your own plan and get double the number of sessions for the fees you'd invest for one.

Regardless of what you chose to work on - automatically extend the time we work toggether by choosing this coaching program. We have three plans from which you might choose. 

  • Invest for two (2) sessions, we work with you in four (4) sessions. 
  • Invest for four (4) sessions and we work together during eight (8) sessions. 
  • Invest for ten (10) sessions, work together in twenty (20) sessions.

You might ask - "Why so many sessions?

It's your decision! How much practice do you want in developing your skills in the use of your innate abilities to create your chosen experiences with someone at your side to prompt you along the way? How much feedback do you want? How much help do you want uncovering false beliefs and dismissing them? What areas of self do you want to work on? Just one area or several?

You can spread these sessions out - like over 6 months to a year or we could work together several times a week, or once a week. Or some other arrangement that suits you.

Let me tell you why I recommend coaching. I worked on self pretty much on my own with no help from others to develop my skills. And if I must say so myself, I am rather good - even excellent with my skills. In some instances, it took weeks to capture and effectively use a skill working on my own. Yet I noticed how quickly folks made the same type of progress during coaching sessions. Let me explain. Time after time, I prompted persons to use a skill and they mastered it in a matter of minutes. Something almost magic happens when you hear the instructions. Right away, images play out in your mind. Reading the instructions - or developing the instructions after seeing a skill you'd like to master - takes time. A great bonus happens in the sessions: I walk you through systematic procedures you can use for the rest of your being. Once you developed the skills, they are yours the same as the skill of riding a bike. You always recall how to do it.

Much of the time I used in my work on self involved listening to Spirit within for the directions. Then I wrote it out so I could do it again and again. That's why in some cases it took weeks. You can do this too - listen to Spirit, write out the instructions and then walk yourself through the steps. But when you'd like quicker progress, our work together lets you accomplish in minutes what generally takes weeks. 

How does the coaching work?

The first part is instructional. Let me tell you this right now. All the work is in your mind and I merely walk you through certain activities. Understand: all things you could ever want is creation and creation is finished. Your task is to look in the mind's eye to see the portion of creation you wanted to experience. It is waiting for you to call it forth, react to it and accept it as being real. Just accept that it exists. You might notice you react only to that which in your mind exists - whether you are delighted to see it or if your reaction is a form of protest. 

Seeing the portion of creation you wanted to experience, you assemble the images that set it in the way you wanted it. I walk you through the images you called and arranged for the situation so you saw in the mind's eye the fulfillment of your desire. 

For instance, let's say you chose to work on self on behalf of a loved one with a health challenge. Your loved one's wholeness already exists. However, unaware of this, your loved one and others reacted to something that disputed his wholeness. It might have been something in the news or he might have heard it was passed down in the family. In our work together, I walk you through a little journey where you saw his wholeness. I might direct you to observe his radiant body to represent his wholeness. Next is feedback. I ask you to talk about what you saw - what the radiant body looked like and what your loved one was doing. I then ask you to talk about differences you saw and how the images of the final version you accepted appeared. You saw smiles on your loved one's face and heard him speak about how he felt.

You might want to work on self for other matters. You might want support to keep the feeling of your loved one's wholeness alive in your mind - especially if others around the loved one reacted to the symptoms instead of his wholeness. 

Working in an area where the atmosphere is filled with opposition, you might want support to keep from being overwhelmed. Truth has no opposition but you must be so well-grounded in Truth that neither false beliefs, concepts of limitations nor impossibilities influence you. We help you maintain your Truth.

Let us know what you want to do so we could set up your Two-for-One Coaching program. Contact us today letting us know what you'd like to accomplish by topic, time, number of times a week, etc., and we will work out your program so you are quite pleased. To email us, Click Here!

Your Two-for-One Coaching program is easy to set up. 

  • Two/Four - Four 60-Minute Coaching Sessions - $350.00
  • Four/Eight - Eight (8) 60-minute Coaching Sessions - $700.00
  • Ten/Twenty - Twenty (20) 60-minute Coaching Sessions - $1,750.00

Set up your package and enroll today. Then contact Indoma to arrange the times we'd work together in your sessions. 

Your investment in yourself for Four Sessions at the fee for Two is $350.00

Item Name: Two-for-One Coaching Program: 2/4
Item Number: 2S41F-2/4
Price: $350.00

Your investment in yourself for Eight Sessions at the fee for Four is $700.00

Item Name: Two-for-One Coaching Program: 4/8
Item Number: 2S41F-4/8
Price: $700.00

Your investment in yourself for Twenty Sessions at the fee for Ten is $1,750.00

Item Name: Two-for-One Coaching Program: 10/20
Item Number: 2S41F-10/20
Price: $1750.00

Be sure to contact us when you enrolled in your chosen program. Click Here.

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