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This most delightful game stirred my transformation in ways I had not expected. Recently in playing this game, I came face-to-face with such tremendous power and vast resources within my being - and I obtained evidence that convinced me that everyone possesses this power and these resources. I had applied a process that activated the energy that led to favorable changes in my physical reality. While the excerpt that follows helps you come to terms with who you are, I want you to know the dynamics of the game on Day 4 helps you put in practice a simple process for experiencing inexhaustible wealth. You will see you never have to seek wealth again - you merely draw it out into the open in order to utilize it.

To create this game I applied several teachings from the Fillmores who taught us to build a consciousness for our desires. This was prior to my knowing about Neville. Yet, you will see, Imagination is the star player. The entire game is imaginal, and we take into account one major principle: the Universe does not make a distinction between something imagined and something you experienced in physical reality. So if you are willing to play this game, I invite you to please be willing to have infinite wealth.

Excerpt from I Am Wealth!  

This is the first day of a 21 day game.  We agreed to give attention to a certain energy for 21-seconds each day.  The energy is Perfect Wealth with Love Energy and Wisdom Energy.  Perfect Wealth with Love Energy and Wisdom Energy.  While members of Joyous Celebration were thinking about whether to join in with the game, players had the opportunity to start building the energy stream filling it with the energy of Perfect Wealth, with Love Energy and Wisdom Energy. To think the ACTION of Perfect Wealth, Love Energy and Wisdom Energy as they integrate into a single energy stream and form into a vortex which swirls round and round encircling you is the first play.  You could see the vortex is like a bubble.  You are in this vortex: you are this vortex.  You are at the center of this vortex as it swirls with momentum that increases at your word.  Just tell it to increase!

One player stated during the prelim period of the test game, "I am a radiant being!"  This one line captures the essence of today's game.  With all the energy in motion, tempered by Perfect Wealth, Love Energy and Wisdom, encircling you and moving in and through you - this makes you a radiant being.  You radiate Perfect Wealth, Love Energy and Wisdom.  Allow this energy to beam with the brightest Light shining in and through you.  You may want to close your eyes so you can see it clearly.  Notice how your touch - with radiant hands - harmonizes any thing that calls for adjustment.  By your touch.  Touch, pick up something in your imaging and speak to it.  Think of the intelligence of atoms and cells and molecules.  Think of the intelligence of ideas.  Now, think of these as thought people.  Since they have intelligence and we can think of them as thought people, we can communicate with them.  The fun begins here and expands!

Every item formed of atoms and molecules has thought people.  All ideas have thought people.  All items and ideas within your grasp symbolize your very own thought people. 

Speak to your thought people telling them what you wish or require from them.  Tell them what you desire of them - that you desire Perfect Energy, the highest perfection they can unleash.  When you speak, speak in first person!  Thats what thought people hear.  When you say, I am tremendously wealthy! you are speaking to your wealth thought people telling them who you are and who they are.  Since this is your identity, they have to perform bringing wealth to you!

Consider your radiance, your Light.  Consider your identity.  Consider yourself as Perfect Wealth.  Realize this: as you can speak Perfect Wealth and release its  vibrations, it is coming from you.  It is coming from who you are.  Yes, you are Love Energy.  As you speak Love Energy, releasing its vibrations it comes from you.  And indeed, you are Perfect Wisdom.  You give its vibrations the directions - to flow here and to flow there.  You are these; all, you are a radiant being. Feel the energy of Perfect Wealth gently flowing around you.  In you and through you.  Feel Love Energy caressing you through the energy of Perfect Wealth.  Allow Wisdom Energy to flow from within, swirling through Love Energy and in and through the energy of Perfect Wealth. 

What do you feel?  What do you sense?  What senses are you allowing to detect this energy for you?

Let this energy fill the room you are in, the building you are in -  let fill the community, the city, the state or province or territory.  All around feel the energy moving and flowing.  Speak to it and tell it what you expect it to produce for you.   Speak to the energy with an encouraging tone.  Allow an image of the thing or experience you choose for this energy to produce to form and take shape.  Yes, let them take the forms as thought people.  Do you like this thing you've asked the energy to produce? Does it make your heart sing? Is it something you enjoy? Do you delight in it? If yes, what makes it a delight? What makes it a joy?


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