Spirituality In Th eWorkplace


What do I want? Is it spirituality in the workplace? Do I want my workplace in spirituality? Which will get the job done? Are work and spirituality good fits?

I have my place of work. In this place I spend about one third of my time. I am at my work place for the bulk of my awake time. Would I like to have spirituality on the job? If I do, what does this mean? What does it mean for me? What does it mean for the others?

Do I want a job that has its existence within the spiritual? Do I prefer jobs in the spiritual arena? Would jobs in the spiritual have value for me? Is this what I mean by spirituality in the workplace?

What happens when I put spirituality into the job? Why would I do it? To start, I am talking about my jobs. At my workplace I have my co-workers, employers or employees. Each has his own way of dealing with spiritual matters. Among the group, some involve themselves very much. Others have no interest at all. Still, others express moderate concerns for spiritual matters. How shall I deal with these differences? Does it matter? Do I accomplish my goals? What are my goals as it relates to spirituality in the workplace?

When I put spirituality in the job, I may put several spiritual activities into action. Perhaps I bring my own spiritual practices to the job. Others may tolerate my practices. Some may oppose what I do. Do my actions meet my goals?

Let’s suppose I bring my job into the spiritual arena. To do so, my focus is on the spiritual. My attention is on the highest qualities of wisdom and love. My focus is on the wealth and well-being for all. I center our thinking on ideas and ideals that bring these qualities to my job. Alone or with others I can do it. Easily I can set the tone before I enter the workplace. It does not matter where I am when I focus.

Each thing I do is for the greatest benefit of all. I focus on all who work in the firm. Also, I focus for all who use our services or buy our products. It is for all parts of the business.

So, what do I do? First, my action is in spiritual consciousness. Action in spiritual consciousness means I let Spirit direct how I think, feel and perceive my job. I put my image-action to work. Simply I ask Spirit to show images to me. Love, wisdom, wealth and well-being flow through the images of my work. I let spiritual qualities flow in and through all parts of the company. I see images of these features surround all parts of the company. As I see these images in action, I set the climate for the way events will take shape in the workplace.

Observe what I do. Angels assigned to each business guard and protect. So I call my angels to the business. My focus of the Spirit of Wisdom insures the flow of proper decisions. The Spirit of Wealth assures the constant flow of income and profits. As I call for the Spirit of Love into the business, I promote harmony. It does not matter what my position is in the business. Still I can move my job into the spiritual and see the wonders that follow.



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