My Workplace In Spirituality


The idea of my "workplace in spirituality" is amazing. On the day this notion occurred to me I had read articles about how hard it is to bring spirituality into the workplace. Then I realized that I had it backwards.

I am always thinking. "They" say we think anywhere from 40 to 50 thousand thoughts daily. Constantly, I let images appear in my mind. On the drive to work I may "see" what I plan to do during the day. A conversation with a co-worker from the day before may come up. Sometimes I debate "in my mind" with those who disagreed with me yesterday. Many images emerge on the drive to work. With these I set the tone for the day. Every image scripts the workplace within my consciousness.

So I can bring the workplace into spirituality. I can consciously set the tone for the highest and best atmosphere for work. In spiritual consciousness I can do it.

When my thoughts are random, I set the tone for the day. I do so at the level of my thoughts in my inner consciousness. Either memory or Spirit governs the inner consciousness. My memories of negative events and my related thoughts fall into the lower vibrations. As so, I attract negative events. When I fill my thoughts with conflict or confusion, I set a tone of conflict and confusion. With these images and thoughts, I send the energy of conflict and confusion to my job.

Yet I may recall events of delight to set a tone of happiness and joy. To recall events is still from memory. My preference is to create, though, not to just remember.

Working in spiritual consciousness, I can focus love energy and well-being into my workplace. I can "see" images of the people as productive and creative. To do it is easy. Images I "see" of the job create new events. So I can allow images to form that create events I enjoy. I can let these be the only kinds of images I form. Right away, I can enjoy these events. My joy is in the images.

Thought follows feeling. My thoughts follow my feelings. How I feel about a matter determines how I think about that matter. My joy over the images of the job leads to how I think about my job. I can feel great about it. I created it.

No matter what events arise at the job, I respond only to those that match my image. Events that match my images are lawful. Any events that do not match my image are out of order. These are unlawful. As such, I have the authority to declare the events as outlaws. So, I call upon all the energies of my spiritual consciousness to bring the events into order.

How do I bring the events in order? My job is to focus love energy flowing. I constantly focus love energy in and through myself. By my action I draw all in the workplace into the vibration. I focus love energy with joy and delight until the events match my image.

To maintain the love energy vibration is my major work. To use my moods, thoughts, words and actions to display love energy, I form more images of joy. Images of joy set the tone for my work. I use my thoughts of joy and love energy to maintain that atmosphere. Then we all enjoy the work.



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