Do You Want To Drop Some Weight?


Media reports claim that America is a nation of people who are overweight. They cite overweight in children. Also, they point out overweight in adults. Many offer remedies. However, I am still looking for ways to solve the problem.

I can pick up any paper, listen to any radio or television reports. Most reports of events lay blame and foster shame. Criticism and negativity fill their reports.

I see evidence of shame and blame everywhere. As I do, I find that living with the blame they issue to me is easy. My world issues guilt and I live with it also. Those who rule tell me to feel shame and I feel it. These assaults begin in childhood.

Assaults continue to flow to me. I pay attention to the negatives and criticisms. When I do, I see what I do not want. Yet, if I continue to look at these, I attract more of what I do not want. I attract events I do not want to make my life and my lifestyle.

I collect assaults of shame and blame and pass them to others. So infused in my traditions, I think it is the right thing to do. It is not until I realize that the assaults are ruses to keep me enslaved do I take pivotal action.

Now, how do these assaults relate to the overweight person? How do they keep me from finding effective remedies?

The first victim of collected assaults is myself. So I collect the assaults. Yet, I have no way to discharge them. What do I do instead? I store them. With each new shame, I store it. The same for blame, I store it. Where? My body is a perfect storage bin.

The assaults are so precise that I even claim a bonus. I look at my overweight body and feel both shame and blame. By feeling shame and blame I perpetuate the condition. I stay in a vicious cycle. Blinded to the cause of my plight, I grieve in my shame and blame. Yes, I attract more shame and blame.

The problem is well in hand. I now have my solution. I can dismiss shame and blame. First, I come to terms with them as they are. These are strongholds that oppose the law of my being. Shame and blame are outlaws. No longer can I let them remain with me. So again, I say, I dismiss them.

How do I dismiss shame and blame? Doing it is easy. Much of my shame is in my memory. So is my blame. I can call it out into the open. They will come up as I call them. Then I can order them to leave. Next, I commit to take no more shame or blame into myself. The steps I follow are also simple. When any person may attempt to shame or blame me, I take instant action. I dismiss the claim. I dismiss the claim and deny entrance to any shame or blame.

As I look at situations in my life about which I feel either shame or blame, let me halt.  True I created these situations.  That I may feel any sense of shame or blame means I created these with low vibrations.  I used my ability to release vibrations into the ethers to create something and I was successful in doing so.  Period.

It was my choice to unleash either higher or lower vibrations.  That I chose to release lower vibrations was consistent with my path at the time.  This is not something about which to feel shame or blame.  It was not a mistake.  

Even that I created the shame or blame was not a mistake.  That I created the shame or blame and stored it in my body even was not a mistake.  It was a condition I created.  I can dismiss the shame and blame from my memory and its residue from my body at any time I choose to create a different quality.

Pounds drop as shame and blame leave. So I am free.



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