Let Me Walk In The Spirit

Walk in the Spirit and not after the flesh!

What's this?

What is Spirit?  What is flesh?

Spirit denotes the highest vibrations of all vibrations.  Vibration - energy - life - activity - movement!  When I use the word spirit I am talking about energy.  Energy is vibration is life is activity is movement.

So, what is it to walk in the Spirit?

What is it to walk in the highest vibration of all vibrations?

First, I must choose!  I must make a decision - to walk in the Spirit or to walk in the flesh.  I must decide to go through my experiences using energy to set the tone or to let the circumstances determine what I feel and think.

I can set the tone or I can let circumstances control me.

Do you like the ideas of Zest! Animation! Vigor! Life! Being! How about walking with Vigor and Zest and Animation and Life and Being?

This is walking with Spirit!  I know I am alive!

To walk in the Spirit is to choose LIFE!

How do I walk in the Spirit?  I live and move and have my being in the highest vibrations - the vibrations of Spirit.

What are the highest vibrations of Spirit?

  • Perfect Love

  • Perfect Wisdom

  • Perfect Health

  • Perfect Wealth

With Perfect Love I feel warmth and inclusion.

With Perfect Wisdom I have a constant in-pouring of Perfect ideas - ideas that are perfect for any situations.

With Perfect Health I have vibrant activity - my energy is vibrant and full.

With Perfect Wealth I feel joyous celebration.  I am joyous and I celebrate.

I live and move in these vibrations and I speak Perfect Love and Perfect Wisdom.  I speak Perfect Health and Perfect Wealth. These are the language of Spirit and I speak it fluently.  In all that I think and all that I say.  I fill my atmosphere with the language of Spirit.  This is the point of my being!

When I walk in the Spirit and speak the language of Spirit, I face the many circumstances and situations of physical reality.  I call these events.  When I face these events I communicate with them.  I set the flow of vibrations in motion.  I set energy in motion.

Any event I face is in my presence for but one reason: to be raised to its highest vibration.  It comes before me with missing pieces and empty spaces.  To be fulfilled, each event needs a proper balance of Perfect Love and Perfect Wisdom, Perfect Health and Perfect Wealth.  I speak the language of Spirit into the event and its vibration rises.

The senses and the intellect have their place. Their place, though, is not my first line of action. To set the tone for the event is what I have to do.  I use my senses and intellect to spot the events.  To point out stuff to pay attention to. Then, I observe the events and speak the language of Spirit into them to set their tone.  I walk in the Spirit. 



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