Shall We Stop The School Violence

What does violence in the schools say? For the past few years, violence in the schools got my attention. The incidents happened all around the country. Methods put into place to resolve the problem have been less than effective.  There are not enough safety officers to be in every place at every moment.

I will not go into all the things that do not work. Instead, why don't I point out some things that will work.

Let’s face it. The children are trying to get across a message. What is that message? I learned years ago that always the solution is within the problem. The answer is in the question. So, let’s see what's here.

Violence is a message about pain. It is a message about a lack of hope. I see it in forms of chaos. Stirring disorder, it has with it brutality and cruelty. Violence launches an assault against someone and something.

Violence in the schools is a message about pain in the schools. It is a message about a lack of hope in the schools. In these schools, the students are not happy. The teachers are not joyous. The leaders in the community are unhappy. Families have little if any joy. These are just the facts.

Pain and unhappiness stir up energy. Negative energy gets stirred by the lack of joy. Together, these elements produce violence. I can hardly believe what is happening! Do you suppose violence is a release? Well, it is. Violence releases pain and unhappiness.

With this, I can see it clearly. Violence is not the problem. Pain is the problem. Unhappiness is the problem. The problem is a lack of joy.  When whole towns are unhappy and in pain, what can I do? Violence clearly points at everyone. All contribute their energies to the event. School violence is a public event. It is a problem for the whole town. It is a problem about something folks know. All the folks know, but they keep what they know secret. They know about the pain, but they refuse to talk about it.

The children are silent about the pain. Parents keep silent about the pain. Teachers and school officials know about it. City leaders know. I guess they think it will just go away. Yet, it will not. The pain will grow and grow and grow until it bursts out. The bursting out is in the violence.

So, again I ask, what can I do about it? What can I do? Just what approaches can I take that will go unopposed?

One at a time, or many, the solution I offer will work if it is applied.  I can do so much from where I am.  It takes paying attention and concentration.  With so many people in pain, many often prefer to oppose in order to release their pain.  It is their one last bastion of control - but opposition is not a solution. 

However, here it is. The solution I offer is very simple. It is a thing everyone can do to release the pain. Not only will they release the pain, they will also move energy. They will move energy from the lower vibrations to higher and higher vibrations.

I could be really fancy and call this thing balance. I would call it balance because it shifts the focus from one side of the pain to another.

Art is one way to describe it. Really it is an exercise in right brain function. What I am talking about is poetry. I am talking about writing journals. More, I am talking about writing about how the pain feels.

Many students like to sing. They can do it with their music. A problem with some music of today is this. It lacks balance. The music speaks more about the attacks than about the pain from the attacks. Still, this is not enough.

For balance, we have to allow the pain to reveal itself. We can watch the pain and see where it leads. If the youths can watch the pain and see where it leads in their music. Then they will find their release in the song. They can do it with poetry and journals.

Adults can do the same. I can look at my own pain and see where it goes. Then I can write what I see.

I may prefer to draw or paint.  Also, I may include poetry, journals or fairy tales about the images I draw or paint. These methods also follow the pain.

I recommend one step before doing the exercise. I know some people do not want to admit that they talk to themselves. Yet, this is the method I offer. Let me talk to myself before writing or drawing. I can ask the Self within to reveal the meaning of the pain. Then I can listen. I can listen intently and then write. Oh yes, I can write and I can draw and I can follow the pain from the lower to the higher vibrations. Through this, I release the pain easily.

One marvelous thing happens with an exercise like this. It immediately raises the vibrations. Can I imagine my whole town doing this? Am I willing to try?

Now I see the things I can do, and perhaps others can do it also.  There is yet one other thing to assure the safety of the schools.  It is a thing I do regularly for the schools in my area.  Last year I issued a decree for this action. 

Each school has thousands of angels assigned to it to keep the children, the teachers and all the persons safe.  In addition there are other angels whose duty it is to fight off any spirits of harm.  The angels remained at ease until called into action and this is what I did, called them into action for all the schools. 

Sobeit that all the angels are constantly encamped around the schools and are alert and on duty keeping all persons safe.



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