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What's In Your Heavenly Account?

A Workshop


The Introduction

That includes you. Now you can work on your heavenly account.

You were wondering? What is a heavenly account? Well, to make it brief, this is an account maintained in the spiritual realm especially for you. This is an account that is exclusively your. It is your property and it contains every thing you can ever desire.

Why should a heavenly account be of interest to you?

  • It is one of things you hoped for.
  • It is evidence of things you do not see in physical reality.
  • It is the Perfect Wealth that is yours.
  • It is you inheritance.
  • Its vast contract ensures you are always provided for.
  • It is your Perpetual Prosperity.

These are all one and the same. This grand possession that is yours is maintained in the spiritual realm. That it is in the spiritual realm means it is something you have that you do not immediately see in your physical reality.You do not immediately see it, but if you follow spiritual law, you will see it and experience it to your heart's content.

The word heaven is a word symbol which means

  • your spiritual reality
  • the inner reality

When acted upon with the law of attraction, your spiritual reality becomes your physical reality. It contains the Original Ideals of All-That-Is. That includes your desires.

Spirit is power. Your spiritual reality is your power. It is your power and it is your place of power.

You have but to enter spiritual reality where you can access your account at any time you desire. Enter your power and use it.

This is a brief workshop where you can

  • find out about your heavenly account
  • find out how to access it,
  • explore it and then
  • do with it whatever you please

Why would you want to access your heavenly account? To access your heavenly account is your key to all that belongs to you.

The following statements are tasks for you. It will be easier for you if you have copy of the book, "What's in Your Heavenly Account?" However, that you may not have a copy of this book is no reason for you to miss out on what is yours. Use the statements here to guide you in handling the tasks.

If you have questions, contact Indoma.

What's In Your Heavenly Account? Series


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