Your Inexhaustible Money Supply

Let's first shift the energy around the proclaimed American personal debt picture.  It had exceeded trillion dollars and monumental energy surrounded it - to sustain it and keep it alive.  This evidence showed a whole lot of energy focused at the lower vibrations of ABUNDANCE.  Let's shift the energy now.

From the third eye, shine a golden white light which represents love and truth all around any thoughtforms of debt.  See the golden white light as it surrounds the debt thoughtform, rendering it powerless.  Every time you see a commercial on the TV or hear about debt in the news, whether it is personal debt or the national debt, focus the golden white light and observe as this light surrounds the thoughtform.

See a shift in the national debt picture.  See a different image.  Be part of this shift with your innate power of forming higher thoughtforms.

Everywhere you focus the golden white light, speak ABUNDANCE.  This action shifts the focus to the higher vibrations of ABUNDANCE.  It converts debt to ABUNDANCE of available supply.

Be part of the team that shifts the flow to the higher vibrations of ABUNDANCE!

I have seen a number of television programs that show poverty around the globe.  In spite of the fact of what the media-casts indicate, together you and I can change that climate.  It does not matter what their motives are.  The way we will change the situation differs from what I usually see.  It is not about sending money to support the children whose pictures they show.  Instead, I will  send the energy of higher vibrations all around the globe.  Those who want it will take it and move forward with it.

Here is what we can do.  You will join me, won't you?  Let's can flood the areas with golden sparkly mists of the energy of wealth.

When the infomercials show those pictures, all they do is put more  attention on the lower vibrations of ABUNDANCE.  I realize they do it because they think it will change things.  They show they do not understand that they are feeding the problem.  I realize they think they are helping it.  So override the infomercials with the golden sparkly mists of the energy of wealth.

If we understand what works for the benefit of all of us, that's all that matters.  We are proficient enough to shine the light onto their way and watch everyone benefit.  We can watch the children and their families experience full joy and full ABUNDANCE in everything.  They will feel the new energy around them and that's all it requires for them to make the shift.  They will feel the new energy - the energy that feels delicious and they will take it in.  Not because we say they will but because it is the nature of living being to enjoy what feels good.

With our visions and light, we neutralize a consciousness of poverty and replace it with a consciousness of ABUNDANCE.  We cause ABUNDANCE to flow in the lives of all it touches.

It does not matter that economic reporters say about 95- 99% of the wealth is concentrated with 1 to 5% of the people. Think about this.  Bill Gates is known as one whose financial picture hovers somewhere around $50 billion.  He is in the billions stream of wealth.  He tapped into that stream as he developed his expertise and excellence which all the world knows about.  Tap into that energy flow just by thinking about it with joy and delight.

Spiritual law allows Gates to enter that stream.  Yes, and spiritual law allows you to step into the billions stream of wealth if you desire.  It is not an exclusive stream anymore than the air is exclusive.  It is available for you just as it is for him.  You just have to tap into it and then let it flow to you.  

Sure, Gates developed a product and everyone ran to his door to get it.  You know, though, that many people have products that will draw everyone to them.  And so do you.  You have at least one product that is a golden egg.

Now I believe one thing about Gates.  I believe that at some point along the way, he gave himself permission to have vast sums of money. What I know about him suggests he has a consciousness of abundance.  He believes in wealth.  It is okay with him to have plenty of money.

So I ask you, are you among those who is willing to give yourself permission to be intimate with $50 billion or more?  Decide that it is okay with you to have plenty of money.  Decide that it is okay with you to enjoy plenty of money!

Let me put it another way!  Go ahead and willingly commit yourself to an inexhaustible money supply.  Let it happen for you.  Allow it to happen.

Are you willing to make a firm commitment to this cause?

What happens if you make this commitment?  Each who is willing to make this commitment and actually MAKES the commitment will FOCUS energy at increasingly higher vibrations of ABUNDANCE.  Can you do this?  Can you focus energy at increasingly higher vibrations of ABUNDANCE?

Here are some things I have done.  I

  • Made the commitment to have an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Built a belief system around an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Built a consciousness of an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Built a belief that an inexhaustible money supply is available to me now.

  • Expanded my consciousness to take into it an inexhaustible money supply.

  • Grasped it in my mind and made it my belief.

  • Made this the core of my belief system about money.

A belief system of an inexhaustible money supply available to me,  means much for me.  It means freedom.  It means freedom and joy.  It means I can build more businesses and create foundations - for my favorite passions.  It means I can do some restorative work I had been wanting to do and I can use my wealth to help others birth their wealth.  Each of my projects is ready to come to the front of the line.

What does an inexhaustible money supply mean for you?

I allow my inexhaustible money supply to flow to me with images.  It's how I think and feel about money that brings it to me - or keeps it away.  I have already seen the images of it and what I can do with it.  And I know it flows in the energy waves of joyous celebration.  It flows as I delight - not just in an inexhaustible money supply, but as I delight in my life.  As I delight as I change the litter box or wash the dishes.  It flows as I delight in my most dynamic skills or my most menial tasks.  It's the delight that brings it - DELIGHT ENERGY period.  Not just when I am conscious of my intent for an inexhaustible money supply. 

I feel my feelings and my feelings set the tone!  I enjoy my feelings about it.  And I enjoy my feelings about my life.

Regularly I play with this belief system.  "I have an inexhaustible money supply available to me."  

My favorite way to play with it is with a game I call 21/21.  In this game I play with the belief for 21 days.  Each day, I form visions where I see myself with an inexhaustible money supply.  Each time I see the image, I let my feelings about it be absolute joy and delight. 

I spend some time each day of the 21 days playing with this belief system.  I do it for at least 21 seconds each day.  Then I journal my visions, thoughts and feelings.

Each day, I ask myself this question: 

How do I feel 

about having 

an inexhaustible money supply 

available to me? 

When I ask this question, the feeling I usually have is joy.  Early on when I first started with it, I had may be something other than feelings of joy.  Here is how I handled it.  I asked the feeling that came up to me, "Why?" 

I watched the images that came up after my question.  Another feeling came up.  It is the feeling that stirred the first feeling I saw.  Again, I asked "Why?  

Another image came up.  This happened several times when I asked "Why?"

I continue to ask "Why?" until the only images of feelings that came up were feelings of joy and delight and great happiness. 

I made it a practice to ask how I felt about inexhaustible money supply every day.  I did this until my feeling of joy and delight and great happiness was the only feeling I had when I thought about my inexhaustible supply of money.  This one state of being connects me fully with my inexhaustible money supply.  It also set a path making it constantly available to me.

Being consistent in the 21/21 game insures that the day will come when ANY thing other than indeed an inexhaustible money supply available to me is UNTHINKABLE!!!! 

When I reached this state of mind, I entered that date in my journal. Still I play this game daily.

One other thing I do is this: I enter into my journal reports of the money and gifts I receive from my inexhaustible money supply. 

Also I report money saved by discounts and debt cancellations, cost reductions and other things ways my expenses were cut.  But most of all, I keep track of my joyous celebrations.  Joyous Celebration applies to all matters.



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