Obey My Voice Today

Oh cells of mine
Numbered in the trillions
Obey my voice today;
Hear me when I say “Peace, be still.”
Obey my voice today.

Oh cells of mine
Aligned according to the will
Of the highest force within me
Obey my voice today;
Work and play together.
Obey my voice today.

Oh cells of mine
Trillions trickle down through time
Renewing and reviving
Dying to my essence
Obey my voice today;
Live and die together.
Obey my voice today.

Oh cells of mine
Ease from eroding dis-ease ever
Restore to your roving heights
Nestled ‘neath twilight’s storm
Rising through invisible constraints
Obey my voice today.
Yield and thrust together.
Obey my voice today.

Oh cells of mine
Up from the darkness within me
Covered by my silky pelt
Smoothly foaming at the mouth
Of pearly porcelain tight-packed moles
Watching desperate sparkled atoms
Obey my voice today.
Rise and fall together.
Obey my voice today.

© 12/3/2000 Neeta Blair
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