Spirit, Where Spirit Rules

Oh spiritual realm, where Spirit rules
Oh Spirit kingdom, where Spirit rules
Understand I now, Spirit rules
My vision clear picture
Define I not what Spirit is
Yet it, the place, where I am.  

What think I think
When Spirit rules?
Thrill I that Spirit should so honor me
To reveal to me her secrets
Yes, Spirit reveals herself
Constant movement.  
Constant flowing, yea constant movement
In me, in all
Through me, through all
All that is the constant flow, Vibrations! Energy!
Birthing, birthing that which is
Spirit moving constantly, freely
The invisible force of the universe.  

What think I think
When self rules?
Spirit thrills me in her honor
Revealing me to me
I, the manifest force
Emerging constantly
Through the invisible force of the universe.  
I the manifest.
I the form
I the energy
I the vibration
Spiritual being that I am
The universe, now my playground
Where cells obey my every wish
I the manifest force moving
I the vibrational being
I the energy being
Releasing vibrations into form that I the visible be.

 12/2/2000 Neeta Blair
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