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What's Your Synastry

Synastry is the astrology of relationships.

Synastry shows the nature and quality of relationships.

Synastry shows how relationships progress over time.

The synastry shows what each brings out in the other and together because of the bond.

Synastry compares the charts of two:

  • persons 
  • persons and events 
  • persons and their pets, etc. 

If you know the date your car was built, you can even find out about the relationship between the two of you.

In synastry, we look at all the planets and how they impact each other. In other words, we look at how the

sun, moon, mercury,
venus, mars, jupiter,
saturn, uranus, neptune and pluto
the sun, moon, mercury,
venus, mars, jupiter and saturn
of the other.

Uranus, neptune and pluto are generational planets and are generally very closely aligned... enough so to explain mass trends. The first seven planets convey our unique qualities... the factors that make a difference.

The synastry shows what holds a relationship together and what can tear it apart. One couple whose synastry I read in the mid 1980s contained a “very difficult” aspect. In their now more than 15 years marriage, the issue has emerged several times and they have handled it well.

Have you ever wondered why you had an instant like or dislike for another person?

Had you noticed that with some you communicate very easily yet with others you feel so ill at ease?


Often, we have looked at the sun-sun relationship to declare compatibility or the lack of it. Two persons with the same sun sign create a mutual power drive. Depending on how you are focused, you can work successfully toward similar goals and objectives or the relationship can be highly irritating.

When the sun-sun link is a sextile (60 degrees) or trine (90 degrees), the set up for similar goals and aims is in place.

Immediate dislike? With frustrations and conflicts? The square or opposition. You may have heard that a sun sign Cancer is not compatible with a sun sign Libra. These are in a square!

A square is an approximately 90 degree relationship.

What is a square? What does it mean? It simply means you must work at it. In means you must get in there with each other, look at all the details or at least as many as you can identify, determine how you will utilize these factors and then carry out your plan.

I have read synastries in which the sun-sun were in square or opposition and these were the only so-called adverse factors in the charts. This signifies a personality conflict right from the start. The two do not see eye-to-eye. That makes for a sparkling relationship.

Move beyond the face-to-face encounter and see the remaining planetary connections that tell the story of other qualities couples bring out in each other. I would say without reservation that no charts are incompatible.

Even charts filled with squares and oppositions. However, with such a chart, the couple has a lot of work... a lot of work.

From what I have seen with synastries, especially comparing those charts of divorced partners, the evidence is there. Hard work was required. A lot of hard work. The partners had decided to not work any longer.

What I have also found is this: the thing that breaks up the marriage is a misinterpretation of the issues the couple confronts.

How the partners interpret the issues drives their decisions. When they interpret it with a sense of powerlessness renders the partners hopeless. They believe they can do nothing to resolve the so-called problems.

These so-called problems show up in the synastry.


The most difficult issue I have found in charts is this: values conflicts. Values, beliefs people hold these dear. The values conflict is conveyed through the venus-uranus square or opposition. The uranus person is seen as the culprit who “pushes” the venus person in a corner.

This venus-uranus square or opposition is the foremost indicator of separation and divorce in astrology. The natural activity in this configuration is a constant battle of beliefs and efforts to change the other person.

The uranus person is the change agent. Using common methods, it is sheer manipulation. And the war is on.


Should the uranus person rise above the common methods and shift through the vibrational levels as indicated in the transforming powers of uranus, the issues between the two would be resolved. To capture the essence of this, we can compare uranus to the different vibrations of H2O - ice, water and vapor. The lower or slower moving energies are ice; the higher - vapor.


The person with the “heavier” planet influences the other.

For instance, to look at the sun-mars aspect, the mars person sways the sun person to take action. Each member of the couple may both have the sun-mars aspect.

My mars on your sun points you to a specific action and your mars on my sun steers me to a specific action. When there is no sun-mars aspect from either person, then neither can really “motivate” the other. Mars is the motivator.

Mars square the sun, moon or mercury lead to fights and disagreement.

Mars square venus stirs conflict in values. In this instance, the mars person influences the venus person to act against his values.

Mars square venus also lends itself to rough sex. Sometimes this means forced sex.


Venus is the central figure in love and romance. Venus in a “soft” aspect to the sun, moon and mercury indicate love and romance. Sharing many enjoyable experiences.

The arena for adoration and devotion is set in place. What does it?

Conjunction, trine or sextile of sun-venus and moon-venus.

Uranus also sets up romance. It does it in the sun-uranus sextile or trine.

Uranus with the moon sets up romance but signifies interruptions or long periods of separation in the conjunction, sextile or trine.

A marvelous, magnetic but brief love affair: venus-uranus conjunction, sextile or trine.


Neptune in a significant connection to the planets of another indicate Karmic ties. The planets to which neptune is linked point out the roles.

Brothers and sisters are identified by mercury-neptune links

Moon -neptune identify a mother from a previous incarnation.

Venus-neptune point out lovers and spouses.

You were engaged in warfare with a Mars-neptune link.

Jupiter-neptune points out your teacher from the past.

Saturn-neptune points out a person who has ruled over you. The nature of your karmic tie is indicated by the link.

If a sextile (60 degrees) or trine (120 degrees) the tie is a pleasant and harmonious. The two of you can enjoy your time together this time. You may both help each other deal with other issues that come up in your experiences.

If the tie is a square (90 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees), you have come back together to work out stuff. You have unfinished business. You must resolve these issues before you start any new ventures together. The business is in the role signified by the planet linked with neptune.


Notice, if you will that certain people have a great impact on the world and at the very least, the world around themselves. Their community, their neighborhood, their province or state.

Pluto linked to planets in the charts show what the two can do together to make this world a better place.


When you first meet, the “suns” meet. By natural occurrences, the relationship “hits” it off when the sun-sun link is a favorable aspect – 60, 120, 240, 300 degrees.

The start may be difficult when the sun-sun link is in a square or opposition. The first impression -- you do not like the person... something about the person irritates you. For certain, this requires work. It has appeared for that purpose.

Regardless of the first impression, when it more than a one time very short meeting, then you experience the impact of the sun-moon, sun-mercury, sun-venus and other links with the sun.

The sun-moon link may trigger moon-moon qualities.

So what is this mumbo-jumbo?

The sun-sun is strictly personality.

Sun-moon is a link between the personality and the emotions. The sun person does whatever he/she does and the moon person develops certain feelings about what he perceives. When the link is trine or sextile, the feelings are generally positive. With a square or opposition, negative feelings develop.

It is as though the two of you walk along a sidewalk together. The next spot is the sun-mercury link: the personality of one and the intellect of the other. The mercury person does most of the talking. Is the sun person receptive? With a trine or sextile, yes. With a square or opposition, the two must work out their differences to find the common thread that leads to receptivity.

And yes, there is so much more!

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