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In The Land Of Perfect Health

Now we will look at the condition of the being.

What is the “state” of the being? How does it appear? Is it “fit” to perform? Can it perform excellently? What is the quality of the life of the being? What is the quality of your life?

The condition of health describes the extent to which the body and mind work harmoniously together. How well do they “fit” together? How well do they perform the tasks given them?

The spiritual lifestyle sustains perfect health. The body and mind work together in the greatest harmony. Love energy forms the basis of the mind-body relationship. We have a constant flow of love energy between the body and mind. Love energy joins or connects the mind and body and assures that they work together as one.

Let’s look at the mind-body connection in a broader sense than just your mind and physical body. Our scope is much greater than this.

We are looking at the connection of the mental and the physical. This is a link with physical things. The joining of the mind and things.

Let’s be sure we are on the same wavelength. Things are your house, cars, computers, refrigerator, clothing, furniture, telephones and fax machines. Things! Did I mention your money? Whatever things you have in your possession or at your disposal — things! Items! Stuff! Goods! Belongings!

We could add trips and contracts to the host of things! Also food, coupons and lotteries! Bank accounts, stocks and bonds as well as money market accounts are in the category of things! Equipment and supplies! Books and statements... these are among things! Each represents an idea! Each thing is connected to an idea!

Orders! Deliveries! Deployments! Stages! Theaters! Lecture Halls! Churches! Schools! Buildings! Palaces! Huts! Contests and Competitions!

Rain! Snow! Hurricanes and Typhoons! Earthquakes! Floods! Skyscapes! Stars! Movies! Videos! Television and Radio! We could go on and on! Things!

With the power idea of perfect health, we use love energy to bring harmony into the mind-body relationships of all things. The connector is love energy. We do not have to go into a deep discussion about what happens when fear is the connector. Readily we know that disharmony in the relationship results.

Perhaps you have seen or heard the Bible quote that says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” See the difference in loving money and using love as the connection between your thoughts about money and money itself.

To love money or to fear it is to get off focus. Both create disharmony. The thing is not the target of your love; the relationship is. The connection between your thoughts and the thing is the target of your love.

Thoughts express ideas. Each idea has a physical match. We want to use love energy to bring these together, the idea and the thing that matches it.

When love energy brings together an idea and its corresponding thing, the relationship is healthy. The relationship is the expression of Perfect Health.

We can take any of the things mentioned. Readily you know whether the connector is love or fear energy.

Before you create an image-action of health, we will want to make sure we are clear about the idea and the thing. In other words, what idea are we wanting to connect to what thing?

Our traditions have taught us to go after the things. So we have sought things without being clear about which ideas the things represent.

We have to specify the ideas first. Then, we focus love energy flowing the ideas into a variety of things. Our first task is to identify the idea, for through love energy flowing things flow from the idea.

Is this expression at all familiar? Seek first the kingdom and righteousness and all things shall be added to you. Uuummmhhh!

The kingdom is the realm of ideas.

Start with the idea and the way to express that idea to its highest purpose. Then all the things that show proof of that idea shall appear.

One way to find the idea is to put attention on the highest purpose of something you desire to experience and express. What is your highest purpose for today? Be clear about it and then pronounce it. Decree it! Set it in motion!

The highest purpose ... the highest ideal ... the highest idea — thinkable ...

To what will you connect love energy so Perfect Health is the condition of the things you desire?

You may have to look at the situations in your experience to identify what is not in the condition of Perfect Health. When you do, do not dwell on the condition. Do not invest any emotion or energy in the condition. Instead, set up a dialogue with it.

For instance, you may have the experience of “stiff knees.” Because of this condition it is difficult for you to walk up and down steps. Set up a dialogue with your knees! Prepare to listen, for you will find the information interesting and highly informative.

Your body is made up of millions of cells. At the center of your cells are atoms and even more powerful but microscopic sized forms of energy. With these you can communicate if you will allow it.

Image the cells as little people who are at your service. They have their work to do, to maintain your body. They have listened to you, your words and the emotions behind your words from the beginning. To the best of their ability and according to your expectations, they have performed.

It is highly likely that it was not your conscious intent for your cells to hear your words and emotions. It is reasonable to believe that when you said words like “I can’t stand that...” you did not say it to command your legs, ankles and feet to fail you.

Yet, your cells heard you and you have the results of their work. They heard your words, your thoughts and your feelings!

Did you tell your cells you love them? Have you hugged your cells today?

Make it your habit to tell your cells “I love you!” throughout the day. Thank them for all the great work they do for you.

Thank your cells for following a higher consciousness than your own. Then, thank them for following your words and thoughts and feelings.

Let them know you will honor them with words of love and truth and wisdom and wealth forever.

To enjoy the spiritual lifestyle, spend time in the land of Perfect Health. Allow the image-action of the relationship between your mind and body form under the decree of Perfect Health. Let the powerful idea of Perfect Health dictate the relationship between your body and your mind.

Walk through the Land of Perfect Health

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