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Obstacles To The Spiritual Lifestyle

I have to talk about the obstacles. Obstacles keep me from living the spiritual lifestyle. These obstacles stand between me and spiritual consciousness. And whether I like it or even agree with it, I cannot have my spiritual blessings as my natural lifestyle unless I live in spiritual consciousness.

My spiritual blessings are the superb and excellent conditions in my life. I call this prosperity. I call it peace and wealth. I call it health.

Harmony in my relationships as well as wisdom in my decisions are among my spiritual blessings.

Sure, I may have some semblance of these blessings while I am living and moving in sense consciousness. However, that semblance that I have appears because of hard work. It comes from the good graces of others. It comes from theft. It comes from manipulation, bargaining and negotiations. These outcomes are temporary and short-lived.

Some people do not want to enter spiritual consciousness. Why? They believe they will lose what they have. They believe they will lose what they worked hard for.

Let me tell you right now. I live in spiritual consciousness most of the time.  When I am in this space, I obtain the desires of my heart by my thought, my word and my image-action. That’s the work of spiritual consciousness. My food is indeed to do the will of my Father... my Birther, the invisible force of the universe.

For some time I wondered what Jesus the Christ meant when He said that. Then I found out that the will of the Father is His promises. And His promises are the spiritual blessings.

  • To do the will of the Father is to live in Perfect Health.
  • To do the will of the Father is to live in Perfect Love.
  • To do the will of the Father is to live with Divine Wisdom.
  • To do the will of the Father is to live with Divine Wealth.
  • To live the life of lavish abundance is the will of the Father.

Now, just what is it that stands in my way?

It is very simple. I have ten (10) core belief systems that stand between me and the abundance and joy of the spiritual lifestyle. These are:

  • shame 
  • blame 
  • looking for rewards and benefits 
  • waiting to receive the blessings 
  • following traditions blindly 
  • trying to solve spiritual problems with mental and physical action 
  • hiding our spiritual abilities 
  • hiding behind our fears 
  • making my problems greater than spiritual power 
  • believing that spiritual power is exclusive

Details of these core beliefs and how to dissolve them are contained in the book, TRIBES Scouting in the Promised Land.

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