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I Am Willing to do the Will of the Lord!


I Am a Producer and Co-Creator!

I Am a Free Spiritual Being!

I Use My Inner Vision to See My Wealth, Comfort, Affluence

I Use Image Action to Move Energy!

I Build My Visions into My Reality and I Constantly Expand My Joy!

The Power Within Me is Greater than any Power in the World!

Consciousness is like a vast field in which I plant thoughts. Thoughts are like seeds which grow into flowers and fruit.

Consciousness is a land in which I live. Consciousness is a mindset. I live in whatever mindset I choose.

The consciousness full of spiritual ideas is the mindset for the spiritual being. It is the consciousness for the spiritual lifestyle.

What are the spiritual ideas that fill the consciousness for the spiritual lifestyle?

Spiritual ideas are vast and inexhaustible. The core spiritual ideas, however are love, wisdom, life and substance.

Perfect Love to cast out fear; then attract me to all my desires.

Perfect Wisdom provides full and accurate information in all matters.

Divine Life gives vitality and perpetual youth; health and healing; full restoration.

Divine Substance gives form and shape to ideas. I use these to create wealth.

I use my inner vision to see what is within spiritual consciousness. As far as the inner eye can see, it all belongs to me.

What do I see?

Let me look around.

I can ask to see what is here!

I can ask to see Perfect Love!

I can ask to see Divine Wisdom!

I can ask to see Perfect Life and Health!

I can ask to see Divine Substance!

Only I can determine what rules me!

Only I can decide what rules my life.!

Whatever rules me is my lord.

When I let Spirit rule, then spiritual consciousness rules. This is my Lord.

My Lord is manifested as Perfect Love, Perfect Life and Health, Divine Wisdom and Divine Substance.

When I let Spirit rule, I allow Perfect Love to rule my relationships and my emotions.

When I let Spirit rule, I allow Perfect Life and Health to rule my body and mind.

When I let Spirit rule, I allow Divine Wisdom to rule my mind, thoughts, and decisions.

When I allow Spirit to rule, I allow Divine Substance to rule my resources. I allow Divine Substance to determine what I produce.

To do the will of the Lord is to allow Spirit, that is, spiritual consciousness, to animate as spiritual guidance.

I ask with my focus in spiritual consciousness. Yes, I focus in spiritual consciousness and I speak.  I ask.

I ask anything. I ask, listen for the responses and take action based on the responses I receive.

I ask to see specific relationships in Perfect Love!

I journal, that is, I write what I see. I just let it flow.

When I have questions about what I see, I ask that the information is revealed to me. I ask that it is made clear. Then I listen and watch for the responses.

When I have questions of any tasks I have in bringing Perfect Love in my relationships, I ask. Then I listen, watch and journal the responses.

When I have difficulties in perceiving the responses, I ask that any barriers to my visions are removed so I can see clearly. I notice the images or concepts that emerge. I pay attention so I will recognize them for what they are if they ever appear again.

What is the nature of my relationships with the people in my life?

... with family members?

... with co-workers?

... with friends?

... with adversaries?

... with children?

... with the elderly?

... shop keepers?

... agencies?

... government personnel?

... politicians?

The list could go on.

What is the nature of my relationships with animals in my life, my pets?

What about other animals? Snakes? Fleas? Ants? and so on........

What is my relationship with the things in my life?

Your house? Your cars? The trees on my property? My furniture? My money?

The weather? Just what is my relationship with the weather???

Watch and see where I am going with this? Do I desire to see Perfect Love prevail in my relationships? If so, I can just ask and it is mine. It is just a part of my natural mindset for the spiritual lifestyle.

I can ask to see my body in Perfect Health. I can ask to see my body and mind manifested as Perfect Life. Vibrant and perpetual youth.

I can see the images. I can see the images of my body in full and perfect action.

I see the images of my mind in full and perfect action.

What other evidence do I want to see of my body and mind in Perfect Health? I can ask to see it.

It is the nature of spiritual consciousness to show me what I ask. I can ask in a variety of different ways.

I can say:

  • Let me see... 
  • I wonder what it is... 
  • Let healing be...

Often Light surrounds my body as healing takes place. I can see this.

I can see the healing as it takes place. I can ask to see it.

  • I can even specify how I will see it. In other words, if I want to see it in symbols, it will be that way.
  • If I want to see the little cells working together in love, this is what I will see.

I can look at the things in my life... and look at the health of the people in my life. I can look at the health of the things in my life. I can use my privilege to ask that Perfect Health of everyone and every thing in my life is revealed.

I can ask Divine Wisdom to rule my thoughts and decisions.

Divine Wisdom rules by revealing to me what I desire to know.

I obey by acting on what is revealed to me.

Just what do I want to know?

I am prepared to receive and use the information I ask for.

Many years ago, I asked for a specific piece of information. It was within a matter of minutes that I received a clear image. I knew it was the answer. I also knew that it was revolutionary. Spirit revealed that to me. What I did not know was how to make it into a product. I was not prepared. It was WAY out of my league. My career was in social work. The question I asked was about electricity. Do you see what I mean?

About 10 years or so after I asked the question and got that response, I saw in a television documentary a brief account of a similar product. It has still not been mass produced. Perhaps it will!

So, again, I urge you: be prepared to receive and USE the information you request. If it is out of your area of expertise, find someone whose expertise it is. That person may be prepared for the information.

I can ask Divine Substance to rule over my productivity. I am a producer. I see myself as a producer. I know, for centuries, I have thought of myself as a receiver. I have expected the Universe to give me something. I have expected the Universe to give me the desires of my heart.

I am a co-creator. I already have every thing I can ever need to create what I desire. Thinking in the natural mindset for the spiritual lifestyle is to think in terms of producing and creating, not in receiving.

Receivers are at the mercy of their benefactors! OOOOooooooo!

Right! That’s how I have been held back. I had been led to believe someone would give me something. I had been led to believe Someone would give me something. So I had to “behave” and stay in the good graces of whomever I believed would give me the something I want.

What a trip!

Any thing I desire I can produce.

In this area of producing is where mankind has its biggest bugaboo. I had been so caught up in receiving that I forgot I am the producer. I have produced a lot of stuff by default. The law always works.

I did not know I produced all that stuff. The bad stuff, for sure, some one else did that to us. 

  • Got fired! They had it in for me! 
  • Poverty! The rich get richer! 
  • Abuse! I am weak and defenseless! 
  • Passed over for a promotion! I kissed up and they still did not come through for me. 

Just who can I depend on?

You get the picture.

I see how I produced this.

So much of this stuff... I am are not even consciously aware of. And for sure, where I have been in the past, no one ever told me.

Does this sound familiar? “Sure, I get the blame for so much, but it is not my fault!”

It is not about blame and fault. It is about consciousness; it's about vibrations. It is about stuff... beliefs... that do not work for me any more. It is about beliefs that steal my power to produce.

And it is about letting go these beliefs so they will not stand between me and my power.

It is about knowing I am a producer and creator... co-creator. I create with Divine Substance.  I create with the energy of the invisible force of the universe. That makes it “co-”.

Perhaps the first thing I want to produce is my self-image as a producer.  I want to see myself as a producer. I am the one who produces what I desire.   I produce what I have.  So, it is for me to see myself as a producer and co-creator.

I have to clear out anything that keeps me from seeing myself as a grand producer and co-creator.

I can use the 21-day plan to let my producer-self emerge.

When I see myself as a producer, I can PRODUCE. I can start with something simple and that I believe I can produce. I can use Divine Love, Divine Life and Healing and Divine Wisdom along with Divine Substance to create and produce what I desire.

The only reason I would start with something simple is this. I can use this to build my confidence. I want to see something happen. I want to see a change. I want to produce something I can hold in my hands and put in my pocket. I am the one who decides what I produce.

Some things I can produce:

  • calm weather 
  • rain to raise the water tables to a specific level 
  • objects 
  • improved or perfected conditions in my city 
  • the presence of angels to guard the schools in my area 
  • increased sales volumes 
  • increased profits 
  • anti-aging beauty solutions

I can add other things on my list.

How do I produce these things? How do I produce the things on my list?

I can use my capacity of image action with the 21-day plan.

Will I use my natural mindset for the spiritual lifestyle?

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