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I write as I become clearer about this spiritual journey. Then I share at Indoma's Place and other sites across the net. This a list of articles I wrote during year 2000. Among these are articles I published on ThemeStream - an online venue for writers that is no longer operating. These articles are here on Indoma's Place. Notice - for a few the links are missing. As soon as I find them, (giggle!!!) I will add the links to make it more convenient for you.

Table Of Contents

July 2000:

August 2000 (ThemeStream Articles)

These articles appeared on ThemeStream until it discontinued its operations.

September 2000 

  • Do You Really Want to Drop Some Weight?
  • What’s This Stuff about Vibrations and Energies?
  • The Fallacy of Positive and Negative Thinking
  • Freedom Driving!
  • What’s Driving You?
  • The Spiritual Lifestyle in Everyday Stuff

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