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Your charge is to free yourself with powerful ideas within you to bring about happiness and prosperity.

Prosperity means excellence in all areas of being.

You have many powerful ideas within you. You may use these powerful ideas to free yourself to be the marvelous being that you are. Certainly you have used these ideas at times in the past.

I now invite you to permit these ideas to govern and direct you. I invite you to look to the ideas that follow in every thing you do.

As I put my attention on these ideas, I ask that they reveal and express themselves in all my experiences. I ask the ideas to guide my thinking and feeling. In addition, I ask the ideas to color what I see and how I see it. I ask these powerful ideas to form the basis of my image action.

Just what ideas am I focusing on and asking you to give so much power in your life? You and I have many ideas within us.  I hope I am making it clear, though, that I am talking about special ideas.  I am talking about the most powerful ideas in the universe.  These most powerful ideas are among the infinite and unlimited ideas within.  They are:

Divine Love

Perfect Health

Divine Wisdom and

Perfect Substance.

Enter with me into the land of Divine Love. My relationships are maintained in the land of Divine Love. All my relationships. This includes my relationships with all the people in my life. This is where I desire to keep my relationships... in the land of Divine love.

So here I am, looking at my relationships.  First let me look at the ruler of relationships.  The true ruler of relationships is Divine Love.  Divine Love is the ruler of my relationships and it is where I will always find my relationships, in the land of Divine Love.

It is easy for me to allow an image of my most important relationships to form in the land of Divine Love.  Here every relationship is “wrapped” in Divine Love. It does not matter what the relationship looks like in my day to day experiences. In the moment that I let the image to take shape, I immediately raise my relationship to its highest purpose. I set the environment for Divine Love to express in its fullness.

This most important relationship may be with my partner. It may be with my children or my parents. The relationship may be with my friends or someone at work.

My most important relationship is the relationship in which I have invested the most energy and time. I think about the person most of the time. I have very strong and intense feelings about the person. At the start of this activity of forming the image, my feelings may be either positive or negative.

So I will play with the images of the relationship until I feel free. I image the action of love energy flowing.  As I do so, any other images I had formed dissolve.  These were images that kept any sense of challenge in the relationship alive and going. Now is my time to re-create the relationship with images of love energy flowing.

Each time I think about myself in this relationship, I see my joy and fulfillment. I see the joy I share with the person.

More, I see how clear my boundaries are.

I refer to the image I created when I talk about the relationship.

I see myself enjoying many of events through the relationship. I see my routine events as well as new events I am considering.

I am fully clear with my images. I see them simply unfolding from one stage to the next. I see them as alive as I can see an image of an apple or a banana right now.

I see the flow of our interactions in perfect harmony.

I see yourself in action, as the one flowing love energy.

Where I have fear in my relationships, I flood those spaces with love energy. Fear often disguises itself in relationships. It disguises itself often as:

  • Someone else is to blame! 
  • It’s not my fault! 
  • It’s not my responsibility! 
  • You have made me angry, I quit! I can’t do it anyway, so why try? 
  • It’s impossible to do this! 
  • Others are stopping my progress!

I can hear myself as I make statements that reveal my fears. It is at this time that I would focus unconditional love energy to myself and the areas in which these fears appeared.  The fear dissolves when it is exposed by the light of consciousness.

Fear dissolves when I enter the land of Divine Love.

I must dissolve my fears in each relationship. When I do, I can feel the total freedom that goes with this. I use the image of love energy flowing in the relationship to spread this image action to other relationships.

I gain total freedom in each relationship by my image action of love energy flowing.

In the land of Divine Love, I see each relationship and enjoy my relationships. My lifestyle is sustained by love energy flowing.

Let me enter and walk in and about the land of Perfect Health.

In the land of Perfect Health all dis-ease dissolves.

Health is the condition of the relationship between two beings. It is the condition of the relationship between the being and things. This includes the relationship between the mind and the body; between the idea and the thing that represents the idea.

In our tradition, we have learned to put our attention on the thing... the thing that “is not working right” and we have tried to “fix” it. I had not thought about the fact that the “state of health” is a message. When the “state of health” is what I call dis-ease, it shows that the connection between the idea and the thing do not match.

So much of my attention is on the thing that I rarely know about the idea. What idea, you may ask?  The idea that rules the situation.  I rarely know what idea rules the situation. Why?  It is because I use human reasoning and sense consciousness to link ideas to things. But I start with the things instead of with the ideas. And I select things that please me. I select things that I think will keep away pain.

For example, I often select foods because they taste good and smell good. I form and maintain habits of tastes. Then I satisfy my tastes. Sometimes I select foods because of the information I have about nutrition. Also, I may select foods to keep away the pains of hunger.

In the land of Perfect Health, I let Spirit guide me as I select my foods. I am aware of the presence of Spirit when I shop for food. I can ask the image action of Spirit to be with me at the market and I can watch as Spirit leads me to the things that are right for me.

Spirit is fun on a shopping trip!

In the land of Perfect Health, the ideas are there for me to see clearly. I easily see which ideas match the things in my life. I easily see which ideas match the parts of my bodies.

Aware of the matching idea, I can start again with that idea and allow it to express its highest purpose. Then all the things that show proof of that idea shall appear.

So let me enjoy my travels in the land of Perfect Health today. Here I can seek out the idea that guides my highest purpose and highest mission.

What is my highest purpose for today? To be clear about it, I will simply state:

Let the idea that guides my highest purpose reveal itself to me.

If I listen and watch, I will see it. Then, I can pronounce it. That is, I can decree it! I can set it in motion!

the highest purpose ...

the highest mission ...

the highest ideal ...

the highest idea...

— thinkable, yes, thinkable...

To what will I connect Perfect Health so that the things I desire shall follow?

To enjoy my spiritual lifestyle, I will spend a lot of my time in the land of Perfect Health. I will let the image-action of Love Energy link my highest ideas and the things I desire. More, I will let the condition of my relationships take the form of Perfect Health. I will decree it often and I will let the powerful idea of Perfect Health rule.

My next excursion is in the land of Divine Wisdom. This is the place of pure ideas and pure ideals.

In the land of Divine Wisdom, I can submit all my thoughts to Spirit. Here, when I submit all my thoughts to Spirit within, all my thoughts will be raised to the highest ideas, ideals and purposes. They will be lifted to my highest ideas, ideals and purposes.

Before I became aware of the spiritual lifestyle, I shaped my thoughts in sense and material consciousness.  I did this usually to satisfy my own desires or to satisfy someone else.  It was in sense consciousness that I created limitations for my thoughts.  My belief in the power of material consciousness stimulated more limitations.

In the land of Divine Wisdom, I free my thoughts.  I let them expand. In this land I let my thoughts take on the essence of Spirit.

O yes, I continue to dwell in the land of Divine Wisdom. Soon I will notice that  I will exhaust my supply of “personal” thought. When you do, restoration is at hand.

Freedom from “personal” thought leads to freedom from the desire to analyze and reason. Your interest changes to the desire to draw pure ideas to yourself. This is a freedom from personal opinion.

I understand that freedom from personal opinion does not mean I do not have personal opinion, it means I do not have to rely on it. It means I know exactly what it is, an interpretation based on what I measure with my senses.

I may freely express personal opinion. So may others. In the land of Divine Wisdom, personal opinion is a play thing. It is a toy. It is a tool. I may use it to see how easily I can try out ideas.

I can change my personal opinion whenever I desire. To change my personal opinion does not change Truth. It changes my voice about how I perceive Truth. My personal opinion is neither right nor wrong: it shows how I perceive in the moment I express it.

A practice to help me deal comfortably with personal opinion is this:

I reserve the right to change my mind.

I constantly dwell in the land of Divine Wisdom.  I explore in this land for it is my land and in it are many gifts. They are mine to take and do with for my highest purpose.

Now shall I enter the land of Divine Substance. This is the land of Divine Wealth. It is the land of Abundance. It is the land of Affluence.

It is in the land of Divine Substance that I convert ideas into tangible reality. I am a transfer agent. I transfer energy from one level to the next. I am a transformer. I transform energy from one level to another. The land of Divine Substance is my workshop.

I am an ambassador who, as such, aware of myself as a spiritual being.  I represent the heavenly realm in human form. The land of Divine Substance is my office.

It is in the land of Divine Substance that I co-create with Spirit. I give form to that which is “in heaven.” I give form to that which is formless and invisible. I bring it forth from the invisible to the visible.  I and all those around me can measure what I bring forth or co-create with our senses.

How do I bring forth? How do I co-create? I do it with words.

I focus the energy of my thought on ideas. With words, I give identity to those ideas. It is at my pleasure and with my pleasure that I speak these ideas. With joy, I call them into existence. That is, I call them into visibility.

Indeed, I explore the land of Divine Substance. I skip around and enjoy the land. Yes, I float around, in and through all parts of Divine Substance and enjoy the land.

It is great to see the energy of my thoughts as they show me what I co-create!

If it is plenty of money that I desire to see in visible form, I proclaim, "Let plenty of money flow into my experience."

I then see money at the invisible level... that is, invisible to the physical senses. This is what I do in the land of Divine Substance. Wherever I am, standing or seated, reclining or rising, I see money flowing all around. I see the image-action of its floating about all around me, filling my space until I say STOP.

It can be dollar bills in denominations of $10s, $20s, $50s, $100s, $1,000s — even larger denominations if I choose. I feel them as they float gently all around me. Some may touch my face, my hands, my arms, my legs. I can swim in this river of money if I like. If I prefer, I toss it around and just enjoy it.

I allow the money to be completely pliable. I can move it about easily as I walk around the room into which it has fallen. I can see myself delighting and laughing. I smell the crispness of the money, grasp one of the bills and look at it. Then I gently toss it into the pile.

When I decide, I can leave the room, knowing that money is always flooding that room. If I choose, I can take some of the money with me. I can do with it what I will as long as it matches my highest purpose.

What other things shall I co-create? I can decide what it will be and proclaim it. Then observe its image-action. I can spend as much time in the land of Divine Substance as I like. I can enjoy the time there as I play with the many items and ideas that exist there. No matter how much I explore, there is always more to enjoy and play with.

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