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Being Spiritually Assertive

Once I realize the powers I have as a spiritual being, I no longer have problems being assertive. Joy is my natural state. I automatically speak praises. My gratitude is astonishing.

Let me just ponder it for a moment.

In the very instance I speak a thing I had imaged, seeing it occur in my physical reality, I am are immediately humbled.

Being spiritually assertive is being confident and self-assured as a spiritual being. I am working in harmony and conjunction with Spirit. I am working directly with my Higher Self.

I am determined and decisive, but not ever with offense. The image I chose to bring forth... I determined that the situation shall be in such a way. The act is as simple as making a clear point of what I am having for lunch. But I am not talking about lunch. I may be talking about the weather. I may be talking about my finances or my health. 

I know already that Perfect Love is one of my attributes. I cleared away any barriers that would oppose my knowing it. So, when I see a situation in my environment that does not reflect Perfect Love, I take action. First, I decide that I Perfect Love shall reflect in the situation.

Without speaking a word aloud, I let an image form. I let an image of Perfect Love form in the situation. I see myself and the others in perfect harmony. I agree with the image and feel the joy the agreement brings. It is done.

I do not have to wait for something I do not want to appear before I take action. Let me consider my workplace. I may work for a firm where I have several co-workers. So I take a few moments each morning before leaving home for work to image my workplace.

  • I fill it with the energy of Perfect Love to rule over the interactions. 
  • I fill it with the energy of Divine Wisdom to rule over the decisions.
  • I fill it with Perfect Life and Health to rule over the physical and mental energies.
  • I fill it with Divine Substance to rule over the productivity and profit-making.

I am attentive all throughout the work day. I watch for evidence of my image-action and for evidence of what I determined.

This is being spiritually assertive.

Oh, yes... before leaving for work, I fill my path to work with Divine Love to ensure my safety. This covers the roads, highways, cars, freeways, sidewalks, trains, subways, busses.... whatever conveyances I use, whatever paths I choose.

The only way this differs from what I ordinarily do “in our heads” as I prepare for the work day is CONTENT. The CONTENT of my thought - my thoughtforms. Thoughtforms and image-actions are the same. In being spiritually assertive, I am dealing with spiritual law and spiritual ideals instead of whatever pops up. This is not new stuff. Merely, it is purposeful.

I create images of what I desire and then I speak with authority about them. In other words, when I talk about my images, I talk as though I know what I am talking about. When I have seen one of my images, I can speak about what I saw. I can speak with authority.

Let’s say I experienced pain in my body. Yet I know that Perfect Life and Health belong to me. Knowing this, I decide to take action. One way to do it is to go toe-to-toe with the pain. I can confront the pain and ask, “Why?”

Now, the fun thing to do is have Perfect Life and Health already with me when I face the pain. I have them where the pain can see them. Then I ask Why?  and expect the pain to leave.

In the moment the pain sees that I have Perfect Life and Health with me and I confront him with “Why?” he gets out in a hurry. He knows he has no business in my body. He will not even try to stand up to me when I have Perfect Life and Health with me.

When I desire, I can see myself walking into spiritual consciousness. I can see myself with my inner eye walking into the land where Spirit rules. It is my consciousness. I have not only the right to be there, I am the ruler with Spirit.

I control what happens in spiritual consciousness. I am in charge of what happens because I live and dwell in spiritual consciousness.

Spirit has set before me every thing I can ever need. To rule, to assert my spirituality, I have to ask. The asking is more like allowing or letting. It is not ever begging. Begging is not assertive and it does not reflect power.

Speaking to Spirit, I may say something like this:

  • Let there be... 
  • Reveal to me... 
  • Show me... 
  • I wonder what ... is like 
  • What is the meaning of ...

I can go on in this manner. Immediately I will see an image or a concept will appear to me. The information is there immediately in a format that I allow. If I do not see it or if I do not get it, something blocks it.

I simply ask that the block is removed.

I remember who I am.

Okay, I see the image. I perceive the concept. Then I follow up. The image or concept will correspond with something in my physical reality. It is ready to be my manifested experience. So I look closely and I will see it.

Walking around in spiritual consciousness, I ask for directions to the major areas.  I ask that Spirit will show me Perfect Love. I ask and watch it appear. It is already there. I just have to call it forth.

  • I walk around in Perfect Love.
  • I bask in it.
  • I lounge in it.
  • I wrap myself up in it.

I watch to see what happens as I spend time with others while in Perfect Love.

I ask Spirit to show me Divine Wisdom and watch for Divine Wisdom to appear. I get specific and ask to see Divine Wisdom for a decision I want to make.

I ask to see Divine Wisdom for a product I want to design. I ask to see the details and the plans. Further, I ask to go on a guided tour to see where this product takes form in the spiritual so I can see to do the same in the physical.

I ask Spirit to take me into Perfect Life and Health so I can see the healing images. I watch as they appear before me. I am specific and I ask that healing images for particular health problems. I ask Spirit to instruct me what to do with the healing images.

In some instances, my part is very simple. All I have to do is watch as the images take action. Years ago, while in Theta, I watched as a woman’s arm was healed.  Spirit instructed me to approach her and ask if she had pain in her upper right arm after He had shown me an image of what appeared to be frayed wire. She rubbed her arm and told me it had been painful for months.

Then, after going back into Theta following the first break, I watched as the wire and its covering were restored. Spirit instructed me to ask her about her arm. Her mouth dropped, she stroked her arm and commented, “I do not even know when it went away, but the pain is gone.”

I saw the lady about 6 or 8 months later. Still no pain.

On other occasions, Spirit has instructed me through conversations. The following is with a lady with a nagging headache: ME: “If your pain was an animal, what would it be?”

Lady: “A bird.”

ME: “Do birds belong in your head?”

Lady: “Of course, not.”

ME: “Then let the bird out!”

The lady imaged a door and watched the bird fly away. And away went the pain.

The first time I did this exercise I failed to tell the person to close the door. In a few hours, the headache returned. When I asked if she had perhaps remembered to close the door after the bird flew out, she said she had not.

So we went through the exercise again, shooed the bird out and closed the door. The headache went away and did not return.

If you use this exercise, be sure to have the person close the door. However, before you do, fill the space with healing and love energy.

I ask Spirit to take me into Divine Substance. Divine Substance is where I get deep into forming images.

Go through "Your Inexhaustible Money Supply" for more in this area.

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