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To Dissolve Additions

Among us are those who struggle with addictions every day. Vast varieties of remedies are tried, but these are not working. Those who struggle with addiction continue in their struggle.

The struggle with addiction brings out two major feelings. Shame and blame. Neither of these feel good. Yet, shame and blame are used to deter the person who struggles with the addiction.

I decided to look in a different direction. By doing so, I believe I can find something to resolve the problem.

From my astrology days, I found that addiction is a mars-neptune issue when the relationship between mars and neptune is square (90 degrees) or opposition (180 degrees). The mars-neptune relationship is an action-spiritual relationship.

The common practice is to take action (mars) one believes will lead to the spiritual (neptune). Note: the need to do things.

The square denotes a need to plan and execute the plan. Deciding what one will do and then doing what one decided to satisfy the square.

The opposition denotes a need to find the center, usually through negotiating and bargaining. To go from one extreme to the other seeking the center to satisfy the opposition.

The common practice is to take action to reach the spiritual. The challenge of the square and opposition tells me to do what is uncommon. The uncommon way is to start with the spiritual. Yes, start with the spiritual and allow the spiritual to lead to the action.

Each person who struggles with addiction seeks a spiritual idea unique to themselves. For some it is love and peace. For others it is wisdom and creativity. For others it may be life and healing. Peace is wholeness and fulfillment. Let me be real clear here: everything that you need is present.  It is always present and with you. Nothing is missing.

To dissolve the addiction, seek the spiritual idea that resonates with you instead of trying one or another action to bring it about. If you desire peace and fulfillment, seek peace. Peace is the spiritual idea. This is where to start.

No matter how much action I take, I will not find peace in my action. No matter how many plans I make and how many variations I use to carry out those plans, I still will not find peace in my action.

No matter how I try to bargain or negotiate my way, I cannot find peace in the bargaining. I cannot negotiate my way to peace.

Action will get action. That is all. When I focus on action, I get action.

The fear of the addiction keeps me in bondage to it. Just as it is with any thing, the fear of it keeps it intact.

You may ask, “How does the fear of addiction get stirred?”

Whether I am consciously aware of being on a spiritual path or not, I seek spiritual ideas. I look for ways to bring spiritual ideas to life. I look for ways to manifest spiritual ideas. The primary spiritual ideas: Love, Wisdom, Health and Wealth.

So I make my plans and faithfully follow my plans. Nothing happens! I do not get what I seek. This stirs my fear. My fear appears as frustration and anger.   But what is my fear? I am afraid something is missing.

I do not give up. I stop making plans. Instead, I attempt to bargain my way to the spiritual ideas I seek. This stirs more fear.

I run from place to place, looking for the “thing” that is missing. Looking for the right action to take. I go round and round. All I get is action. That’s all I can show for it. I have a history of my actions.

This is the addiction. I am compelled. Driven. Fixated and consumed with the need to take more action. I crave for the right action to get me to that desired spiritual idea. I yearn for it. I long for it and lust for it. Even greed sets in.

Failed in bargains and negotiating, I turn to manipulating. I set up schemes with devious plots to achieve my aim. Desperation sets in. These are still actions that get nothing but action.

All these are among the aspects of addiction that identify my fear. My fear drives me until I am out of control and finally enslaved to the action. Still I do not experience the spiritual idea I seek.

Sure, I may get pieces of it, but I know I do not have the real thing. I know that no matter what, all I have is action. Habit.

Since action is not the answer, what is?

Let’s consider peace. What can I do to experience peace?

The doing is far different! The action I take is on the same level as the thing I desire. The action I take is in the realm of ideas. Here is what I do:

I focus on peace and I get peace. I court the spirit of peace. I fall in love with the spirit of peace. I listen to the spirit of peace and I ask the spirit of peace to reveal itself to me.  It will. The spirit of peace will yield itself to me.

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