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It's About Taking Spiritual Action

The time has come for me to take action about what I call “Christian Hypocrisy”. This topic has come up many times in many arenas. I am concerned about it. I have listened to what others have to say about it and now it is my time. So I declare war on hypocrisy. I am ready to help it meet its demise.

My choice is clear. I can continue to focus on all the “terrible” things so many people do while they claim to be Christian. Or, I can shift my focus.

If I make the choice to shift my focus, I will look straight at this situation and set the tone for a different outcome. Then I can take action to let the new outcome be my experience.

I speak of true Christianity. Here, I am talking about the application and impact of spiritual law. Spiritual law is different from carnal law. It is a higher law and it is more powerful.

I use the term “carnal”, to reflect the approaches from the physical, worldly, mundane points of view. In other words, the way I think about the world, with my senses in the lead.  This is "carnal."

I use the term “spiritual” to reflect the “inner” or “invisible” viewpoint based on the attributes of Christ. Such attributes are lead off with LOVE, followed by peace, prosperity, right action, healing, joy and so forth.

A passage in the Scriptures indicates that our “warfare” is not carnal. Love is my major weapon. Love Energy is the most powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.

The only enemy is fear.

I have an instrument, a tool, which allows me to readily engage in spiritual warfare against fear. This instrument is contained in my mind, in my consciousness. I can use mind action to focus love... to focus the energy of love.

The primary mind action I can take is image action. My ability to form images. This is one of my most profound powers.

I use image action all the time. What I can do now is use it with purpose and intent.

It is easy to paint very clear images of the way things are. And it is very important to have a clear picture of the way things are so I can be real clear about what I do not want.

Now let me do something about the way things are. Let me shift to the creative mode... to the co-creative mode.

Each time I focus on an image, I give it more power. This happens no matter what the image is.

I focus on the image and give it power and life.

The great thing about mind action, I can focus on only one image at a time. However, with the speed available to mind action, I can shift back and forth between images — and this happens a lot.

Shifting between opposing images cancels out one and empowers the other.

I have been so inundated with fear images that these have become my default images. The fear images are so entrenched that my first thoughts go to the “worst case scenario” before I realize what has happened.

To do work involved in spiritual warfare, what I will do is develop habits of focus on love images until they become my most familiar vibrations... the most familiar vibrations within me. Then I will not fall prey to the fear images any more. When any fear images appear, I will recognize these immediately and use them to prompt me to focus love energy.

Each time I shift my focus to images which connect to Love and Love Energy as the prevailing energy, I dissipate fear. I “cast” out fear.

Now, it is easy to say “focus” Love and Love Energy. Throughout the Scriptures it is often written, “Trust!”, “Believe!”

It was not too long ago that I caught the picture. Only recently did I realize that I have been so connected to fear and the impact of fear. It just got through to me that it is fear that I commonly believed in. I believed in fear and I questioned love and peace. Routinely I questioned the ways of love. I had it backwards.

This did not just begin. Not with my generation. It has been here over the eons. Certainly from before recorded history. But now that I know what is going on and the power I have, I can bring this thing to a grand halt.

What am I bringing to a grand halt?

The thing that stirs situations like “Christian Hypocrisy” and its impact is fear. Fear is the enemy. The spirit of fear is the enemy.  I am bringing fear to a grand halt!

What I have to do is this. I have to get to the point where I really trust and believe in Love and Love Energy. I have to get to the point where I believe that indeed “Perfect love casts out fear...”

When I reach the point where I believe that “Perfect love casts out fear ...”, then I will see images of myself as part of this grand scenario and I feel great joy. Whatever I believe generates visions of how displays of those beliefs impact me. My feelings validate my visions.

So, what does this have to do with persons who claim to be Christians? What does it have to do with those who show by their every day actions that they have no idea what being a Christian is?

With the persons themselves, absolutely nothing. Just as I have choice in determining what I believe, so do they. With the atmosphere that breeds fear, everything! The atmosphere that breeds fear is the spirit of fear.

What is it that I can do?

With mind action, I can form images of the spirit of love, that is love energy overtaking the spirit of fear.

What do images of the spirit of love look like?

That is something I can decide.  If you choose to participate, you can give it the images you prefer.

How does it work?

Here is the way I do it. I allow the image of the spirit of love to take the shape of a vapor. I see it pulsating and comforting. It is soft. It is gentle. Then I allow the image of love energy to surround and enfold the image of a specific situation — a situation of the way things are. I allow the image of the situation to change to display love energy. I focus on the new image. I enjoy the new image.

Does this interfere with the persons involved?

No. This is mind action going on within my consciousness. It changes the way I see it. Now, the way I see it is in harmony with love energy. I focus on the new image and give it power. I am no longer contributing to the way things are, I am co-creating the highest and best image I can for the situation. Seeing love energy flowing is seeing others connected to the Source. When they become receptive to being connected, a path is ready for them.

How do I get started?

I select a single situation. Then I ask myself if I truly believe that perfect love casts out fear . I ask myself if I believe that a clear image of love energy dissolves fear. For sure, I must be clear about what I believe before taking even image action. Why?

What I believe is the same as the outcome. If I believe, it shall be done unto me. According to my faith, that is, clear image, is it done.

If I do not yet believe in the idea of perfect love and its power to dissolve fear, I will have to work with it until I do. It takes about 21 days to develop a habit. So I may have to work with the idea for 21 days.

I can check it out to see if my belief in the power of perfect love is clear.  I will know if I easily see an image of love energy. I will be able to see myself surrounded and enfolded by love energy. I can use my image action to allow whatever image of love energy that feels good to me to take form. I can let it take form and focus on the image. If I catch myself seeing visions of the way things are in the physical experience, quickly I can shift over to the image of love energy flowing in and through the situation.

Each time I focus the image of love energy, I am establishing an atmosphere of love energy. With each focus I give it, the stronger the image of love energy grows. It becomes so strong that any energy that does match love energy will dissolve and become ineffective.

So I allow myself 21 consecutive days of concentrated focus to get the job done. Each day, I focus on love energy for at least 21 uninterrupted seconds. By uninterrupted, I mean: love energy is the only energy I see and feel. It is the only energy I perceive during those 21 seconds.

I will see evidence of my work. When I see this evidence, then I will feel even more determined to do this work.

And yes, I will see upsurges of the way things are. When I see an increase in the way things are, this is the first major piece of evidence that my work is taking effect. The fears that created the way things are had dug in deep. The fears had crystallized. Love energy focused breaks up crystallized fear. The upsurges are the death screams of fear.

When the upsurge happens, I can relax. It looks like things are getting worse. But I can relax, for I know this is part of the process. What I can do here is focus love energy flowing in and through the image. See love energy carry off the fear. I will not let the fear cries distract me. I will not let those cries move me off task. My only task is to focus love energy flowing and watch for the improvement in the situation.

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