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This is a very interesting meditation. It was developed using a wonderful Tunnel Java I found while surfing the Internet. Java can be used for many things and are made by programmers, who as you can see have lots of talent, that is shrared freely. However, if one is innovative enough you can find all kind of ways to use Java. Personally,  I use them in my meditations. They work wonderfully well in visualization, for those of us who need a little help.

This particular Java is idea for those who desire to use self-hypnosis as a way of training yourself to focus. Self-hypnosis is also known as au·to·hyp·no·sis which is a noun, meaning the act or process of hypnotizing oneself. A self-induced hypnotic state. Now believe me when I tell you that I do not know anything about this subject of hypnosis, however, this particular meditation is teaching me how to focus.

This meditation consists of five steps and your active imagination. Be very patient with your computer, for these pages contains Java and may be a bit slow to load. However, it is my humbly opinion that your patience will be well worth it.

I want you to know that the reason I posted this meditation online is because there are many people, just like me, desiring to learn how to meditate. They think it's hard work, but meditation is simply stopping what you are doing and focusing on what's around you. Admiring the creations of the Creator. It's the highest form of prayer and can be done anywhere; anytime.

Before you join me please do the following:

  • Make sure you are sitting in an upright and comfortable position. If possible put something under your desk and elevate your feet a little.

  • If at all possible do this meditation on your break, if you are at work. Close the door and shut off all noise around you. Ask not to be disturb  during your meditation.

  • Turn off all lights in the room and turn the ringer down on your extra phone, including your cellular phone and beeper.

  • Now prepare yourself and try to remove any fear or negative thoughts you may have.

  • The key ingredient to this meditation is that you use your own active imagination on what you desire to release, envelope, redefine, cleanse, or praise.

  • Each meditations should last as long at the music play and that should be anywhere from one to six minutes each. If you can't hear the music just click on it.

  • After you have done the above you may proceed by Clicking Here.



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