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Lecture #464 THE WORLD'S A STAGE

Neville - 1971


Tonight’s title is “All the World’s a Stage.” As you know, that is from Shakespeare.

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts.”

[“As You Like It,” Act II, Scene vii]

And of course, that’s the way the world is. There is really only one Player. “God alone acts and is, in existent beings or men.” [Wm. Blake, from “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”]

Let us turn now to Scripture. “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world.” (Ephesians 1:4, RSV1) You and I were chosen; so our salvation is prior to the physical creation or the historical process. The world was brought into being as a theater in which God could manifest His power and His love for His sons.

We are speaking now above the organization of sex; when we speak of “sons,” it is in the Biblical sense. Although you may be wearing the female garments, you are known in Scripture as “sons of God”; and your fitness for what He is doing is the consequence, not the condition, of His choice. When He chose us, He chose us for a purpose, which is to give Himself to us.

He did not bring all of His sons down, which was shown me so clearly in vision. And, yet, we cannot brag, for we did nothing to earn that wonderful Grace of His! Not one thing, – so we can not brag about it.

In a vision once I saw an infinite field of Sunflowers, but the flowers were human faces. All were anchored in the earth. If one swayed, all swayed. If one smiled, all smiled. They moved as though some invisible hand directed them; they seemed to have no choice. They were innocent; but they were human, and yet completely rooted in the earth. As I looked at them, these beautiful faces – you couldn’t improve upon them – I felt that I was freer than all of them put together, and yet I certainly was not as lovely as one of them! And here, they all moved in orchestration like some wonderful symphony led by some invisible hand.

Now, they are the ones who were not selected. They are the innocent ones – completely innocent, unaware of the Father. You and I were innocent once, as innocent as that field of Sunflowers; but the journey is from Innocence, through Experience, to a fully awakened Imagination – to a fully awakened Being as God the Father. It’s not an easy journey; but failure is impossible, because The One Being Who made the choice is playing all the parts, and in the end the play comes to its climax when He reveals the purpose of the play. And the purpose is to fulfill His intention, as we are told: “His Will will not turn back until He has executed and accomplished the intents of His Mind. In the latter days you will understand it perfectly.” (Jeremiah 23:20, RSV)

The “latter days” is the climax of the play. So, He is playing all the parts – in you, in me, in every child born of woman. So, we are told to “set our hope fully upon that Grace that is coming to us at the unveiling of Jesus Christ.” (I Peter 1:13) Well, Jesus Christ dwells in us as us. That is the story.

Now, why isn’t it easy? Well, I doubt that you could extract gold from ore without a furnace. So, we are told in Isaiah: “I have tried you in the furnaces of experience…” He calls it “affliction”; well, that is experience. “For my own sake, for my own sake I do it, for how should my name be profaned? My glory I will not give to another.” (Isaiah 48:10, 11, RSV)

Well, what is the glory that He is going to give? The “glory of God is God Himself, as revealed to us in the book of Exodus, the 33rd chapter: “And I will make my glory pass before you . . . and I will cover you, ... and as I pass by …”. (Exodus 33: 19, 22) So, He equates “glory” with the “I” – with Himself. So, to give me His glory is to give me Himself! So, at the very end, at the climax of the play, when Christ is unveiled in us, we will say now: “Return unto me the glory that you promised me in the beginning, before that the world was”; (John 17:5) for this is what He is going to give us. He actually gives us Himself! So, the play was completely done in the beginning.

Now, can you imagine a playwright – now, I am speaking of God the Father – selecting His billions of sons, for there are unnumbered billions – he warned us in the beginning that they would be more numerous than the sands in the sea, more numerous than the stars in the heavens.” (See Genesis 22:17)

I read here recently where they had discovered another galaxy. This was only recently done – something bigger than our galaxy, and they estimate the number of stars in our galaxy in excess of three hundred billion, of which our sun is only a medium-sized light in that fabulous galaxy! Not speaking of the planets – speaking only of the centers of these clouds, which would be suns – over three hundred billion in the galaxy! So, when we speak of three billion on earth, and tomorrow maybe six billion, – and we are afraid to have the six billion – do not be afraid. “He has set bounds to the peoples, according to the number of the sons of God,” as told us in the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy, (Deuteronomy 32:8) “He has put bounds to the people, according to the number of the sons of God”; so He has chosen within Him the number – there is a definite number, and you have been chosen because you are here today!

Every child born of woman is chosen; their name is written in the Book of Life.

So, here I do know what I am talking about; and that so-called symbolism of the Book of Life is an actual fact. When I was taken into His presence, before I stood in the presence of the Lord – the Risen Lord, I was first taken to a being, an angelic creature. She seemed to me – I say “she” because it seemed to be that it was female. It was an angelic figure seated at a desk with an enormous – what appeared to be a ledger about that deep [indicating]. This is symbolism, I grant you; but it was a ledger, and it was open. She simply looked at me, turned to her side and just looked at me. She didn’t speak – and then turned back to the book and checked off. Then I was taken in spirit before the Risen Lord, and He asked me a very simple question: “What is the greatest thing in the world?” I answered automatically, though I was divinely prompted; I said, “Faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love.” At that moment He embraced me, and we fused and we became one body of Infinite Love. You could not describe it in words to satisfy any one concerning that emotion, for the emotion on earth that we speak of as love can’t come near that which I felt when He embraced me and I became one with the body of the Risen Lord! So, I know from experience that God is love.

At that moment I was incorporated into the body of Love. I’ve never felt divorced from it from that moment on. I cannot be divorced from it. Not a thing in the world can separate me from the Love of God! So, I do know that the end of the 8th chapter of Romans is true. He could only have written it if he had experienced it. He could never have written the 13th [chapter] of Corinthians if he had not experienced love, for he ends it on the notes “Faith, hope, and love, these three abide; but the greatest of these is love”. (I Corinthians 13:13)

So, I share with you what I know as the play unfolds within us. The Gospel has to be repeated in us. The whole thing has to unfold within us for us to really know and understand this wonderful mystery called Scripture. But may I tell you, it will, in every child born of woman. But that hour, no one knows but the Father. We are called in our own good time, because He selects one after the other, because He simply has predetermined the entire thing. This is not an afterthought of God. “Before the world was.” He has determined our salvation to move us from Innocence where we had everything but we knew nothing, for we are the one spoken of in Scripture as the Prodigal Son – the one who went out and seemingly wasted everything, and the one who did not go out complained; and the father said to him, “Son, all that is mine is yours”, (Luke 15: 31) but he didn’t know that.

If you owned the world and you didn’t know it, you could die of starvation for the want of a dollar, because maybe you have an ethical code that would not allow you to take what you felt was not yours. And if you saw all the bread in the world and you were hungry and starving, if your code would not allow you to pick it up because you know it isn’t yours, you could own the world and still die of starvation. Well, that was the second son. He took nothing, not even a little kid; and when the one who went far away returned, the fatted calf, the ring and robe – everything to show the authority of the father – was placed upon him; and the one who did not come out complained. But that is the innocence, that one day they will be selected; but at the present moment we are the chosen ones. We are in the Book of Life. But we go through hell. I know from my own experience, for in His wonderful, merciful wisdom He hides from our memory our past, that you may not carry it with you.

Paul appealed three times for the removal of the thorn in his side, and three times the Lord said to him: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (II Corinthians 12:19) So, we seem to be helpless when suddenly the earth falls in or drops out, as it were; and Paul then made the statements “I consider the sufferings of the present time not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed in us.” (Romans 8:18, KJV2) The preposition is “in,” not “to.” as translated by the Revised Standard Version. It is, “in us,” for God is revealing Himself in us as Himself.

He has set up in the beginning what He is, and it is in our personal beings here that God unveils Himself – unveils His nature. The revelation of God is that He is a father – a loving father. He first reveals Himself as Almighty God – sheer destructive power. So, He said, “I revealed my name as El Shaddai, which is Almighty God, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. By my name the Lord – “which means, “I AM.” “I did not make myself known to them.” (Exodus 6:3) He revealed that first to the one called Moses.

Now, these characters are not individuals as you and I are. When you read the word “Moses” or “Abraham,” “Isaac,” “Jacob” – all these characters are only states of consciousness; and you must think of being in a state of consciousness expressing that state. The person called “Moses,” or the individual spoken of as Moses is expressing the state through which God unveils Himself as “I AM.” His final revelation is as “Father,” which comes when Christ begins to awaken in man and unfolds Himself or unveils Him-self in man, and the man in whom He unveils Himself is the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s where this “son” comes in, for if the Father is the Lord, and the father must have a son – at least, he must have a child, and that child is the son; so when that son calls you “Father,” you know Who-You-Are. You look right into the face of the Son of God, and you know without any doubt or uncertainty that you are looking at your own son, and you know exactly who he is and you know his name. And how can you, walking this day in the year 1971, look into the face of one who is recorded in Scripture as having lived One Thousand B.C., and look into that face and then tell me that he is related to you as your son, and you are, say, 50 years of age? Here is one who goes back now three thousand years, and he’s your son? And; you know it, and there is no uncertainty as to this vision. He is yours now. And as to the relationship, he is your son, who is God’s Son; and that’s the only way you will ever know that you are God! Because God disappeared by entering the sepulcher, the sepulcher being the human skull.

The drama of life begins in the Holy Sepulcher, and it comes to its climax and fulfillment in the Holy Sepulcher. So, the darkest hour of life is the hour when God became invisible. It is told in the story: “And darkness covered the earth from the sixth hour to the ninth hour”. (Matthew 27:45; Mark 15:33; Luke 23:44) The “ninth hour” is the hour of birth. Darkness covered the earth; and the most sad time in the time of man is when the visible God becomes invisible. He is made to say, “Unless I go away, the Holy Spirit will not come. But if I go, I will send the Holy Spirit, and He will bring to your remembrance what I have told you”. (John 15:26)

Just make a mental picture of this Infinite Being called God the Father, choosing us in Him for a definite purpose, and then telling us in advance what would happen to us! He tells us of the sepulcher, that we would be enslaved as told us in the book of Genesis. We will go into a land that is not our land – a foreign land, and there we will remain for four hundred years as slaves. (See Genesis 15:13)

Now 400 is simply a symbolic figure. It’s the numerical value of the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, whose symbol is that of a cross. The letter is “tav,” the 22nd letter of the alphabet, the final letter. Its symbol is the cross. Its numerical value is four hundred. The cross is this [indicating the physical body]. This is the cross on which God is crucified.

So, He tells us in advance He must depart; but in departing, He enters us. Then He’s never so near as even to be far off, because nearness would imply separation. At that moment that He became invisible, He became one with man – one with those that He chose. So, in that moment, God died – literally died, and became invisible, buried in the skull of those that He chose.

And the purpose of it all is to awaken in those that He chose as the one in whom He awakes. So, when He awakes in you, you are God! And you will know you are God because His son, He tells you in His written word, is David; and David will stand before you and call you, “Father.”

So, in the Bible we are told the story quite clearly, and David spoke and said:

“I will tell of the decree of the Lord:

He said unto me, ‘Thou art my son,

Today I have begotten thee.’”

(Psalm 2:7)

Then in the 89th Psalm we read that the Father found David:

“And David cried unto him, ‘Thou art my Father,

My God, and the Rock of my salvation.’”

(Psalm 89:26)

Now, this wonderful symbolism is altogether literally true. Here’s the story of a rock. How would you ever think of God referring to Himself as the Rock? He calls Himself, in the book of Deuteronomy:

“ – The Rock that begot you 

But you are unmindful of the Rock that begot you.”

(Deuteronomy 32:18)

What on earth would it mean unless you had the vision? Here I sat alone, not thinking of anything in particular – just contemplating, my eyes shut as in sleep, but I certainly was not asleep; and then, as happens all the time when I meditate, this golden, liquid light envelops the head, and you see nothing but pulsing, liquid, golden light. My eyes are shut, but I am fully awake and I know exactly what I am seeing – the normal, usual, pulsing, golden, liquid light. Then suddenly appears before my vision a rock, about that size (indicating) of quartz; and then, as I look at it, I wonder, What on earth does this mean? It became fragmented. The whole thing broke into numberless little pieces; and then, as though some invisible hand molded it again, but while bringing it back into its form, it did not come back into its original form. It came back into the form of a human figure seated in the lotus posture in deep, deep meditation. And as I looked at it, I am looking at myself! Here I am, the observer, looking at myself, the object that I am observing, and it’s myself! But it is a living, breathing being; only its face was the Nth of perfection. I could not, in Eternity, conceive of such a beautiful face, and yet it’s my face. I could not conceive that this face could ever be transformed into that face. Yet here I cannot deny I am looking at myself, and it’s pulsing and it’s breathing.

As I looked at it, it began to glow; and it glowed and glowed and glowed to about the intensity of the sun. When it reached that intensity, it exploded. So, here is the Rock that begot me!

In deep meditation, God is within me. He took my form. He took my face. But because He is perfect, He is molding me in the likeness of that Perfect Being that He assumed; and He showed me that it was a rock, seemingly, in the beginning – like a daydream. And then the daydream became a living soul. But that Living Soul that is contemplating me is the Father; and when He has finished the work that He started within me, that will awaken, and I am He! And that is God!

So, that is the God-in-you contemplating and molding you into His own Being, into His face. He will awaken in you; so there will be no loss of identity. I will know you in Eternity, and will see that perfect face that you are destined to be. I will know you by your identity, and yet I will know you as God! Whatever you are now as my friend, I will know you as my friend and brother; and I will also know you as God, for He is transforming man into God, which is Himself.

So, the theme – the central theme of the play is that of metamorphosis: the transformation of His son into Himself, Who is God the Father. So, He chose us. Let me repeat myself; we cannot brag about it. He chose us – we have no knowledge why He chose us. And when we are made fitted for the Kingdom – and again, it is only the consequence; it is not the condition of His choice. So, again, we dare not brag.

Every one that you see in the world – behind that is the Rock meditating that one – animating it in the world, and putting it through all the “furnaces of affliction,” because it takes the furnaces of affliction to receive the Glory that is God. In the end, He comes out, having gone through all the experiences and facets of the four hundred years. Don’t think of years in terms of 365 days; it is only a symbol. “Four hundred” is the cross; and the 400 years hasn’t a thing to do with four hundred years. You have been coming down for centuries. You didn’t start here recently in your mother’s womb. That is only the little garment that you are wearing. But you’ve been coming and coming and coming! Scripture implies it is six thousand years to complete the work, as the letter of Peter implies, when Peter said, “One day in the eyes of God is a thousand years in the eyes of man.” (II Peter 3:8)

On the sixth day He completed man; so it would be six thousand years. So, between His choice and the fulfillment of His purpose will be six thousand years. Let no one tell you how near you are to that end, because they do not know. The end comes suddenly. It comes unexpectedly. So, let no one look at you and fool you, because they cannot tell you. When He was asked, He said, “No one knows, not even the Son; only the Father.” It is not for you to know the times and the seasons which the Father has appointed. Only the Father knows it. When the Father has finished His work, because: “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ,” (Philippians 1:6) which is the unveiling of Christ-in-you.

So, when He unveils it, it begins with the Resurrection. The whole end comes with the Resurrection; then the birth the same night follows the Resurrection; then comes the discovery of the Fatherhood of God, for the Father could only know it through the Son. There is no other way of knowing it unless the Son reveals it, for: “No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and no one knows who the Father is except the Son”; (Luke 10:22) so it takes the Son to reveal the Father.

So, the Father cannot stand on the outside and tell you that you are the Father. The Father became invisible, and will remain invisible because He became you. He’s not going to detach Himself from you and stand on the outside and show you Who He is. He will tell you who you are, because His Son will call you, “Father.” He sees you as the Being he knows as Father. So, he will see you actually as his Father when he looks at you, because that’s how God gave Himself to us. “He [literally] becomes as we are, that we may be as He is.” [Wm. Blake, “There Is No Natural Religion”] And it takes the entire play of the “furnaces” to produce it.

But, disaster beyond remedy is impossible, because God is playing all the parts. So, when we read in the 43rd chapter of Isaiah: “Call my sons from afar and my daughters from the end of the earth, all those who bear my name.” (Isaiah 43:6, 7) Well, do you not bear His name? Before you could see anything in this world, before you knew your name – whether you are called Peter or Jacob or [called by any name] you first were aware, and you knew that you are. A little infant knows that it is; it doesn’t know that this is its hand when it comes over and disappears. It does not know where it came from, but eventually it knows it’s a hand that is attached to a body, and it identifies itself with the body; but before it can even think of a body, it is aware of being. To be aware of being is saying, “I am.”

So, “call my sons from afar, and my daughters from the end of the earth, those who bear my name”; (Isaiah 43:6) every one in the world – even the idiot is aware that he is. And that awareness of being is saying, “I am.” That is God. You cannot detach yourself from that name, and His name is His nature, and His nature is Himself. And because by His law, all things bring forth after their kind, God in becoming man – when He brings forth His image, it has to be God – not just God-like; it has to be actually God. So, God can only produce God. In becoming man, identifying Himself with man, His product is God. He is not just going to push Himself out and look at Himself – no; He looks at His Son, and the Son is David.

Now, David is a symbol. It is a living, living symbol, but you think it is a man. It looks like a man. It is a man. It is the Eternal Youth, beautiful beyond the wildest dream that you could ever conceive. But it is a youth, and it’s David. He is the sum total of all the experiences of Humanity; therefore, when Shakespeare said: “. . . one man in his time plays many parts” [from “As You Like It,” Act II, Scene VII], you have played all the parts. There are only so many parts to play! There are twelve characters. You can multiply the twelve and bring them into a hundred and forty-four thousand; but stick with the twelve – all sons of Jacob. They are called the Twelve Gates of Jerusalem. They are called the Twelve Disciples, the Twelve Apostles, the twelve openings of the human body. So, these are the twelve main characters, and you play them.

Today you see some one, and he is playing the part of some culprit in the world. Don’t feel that you are something different. That same Being that is playing the part of the culprit is the Being playing your part when you are now sitting in judgment. So, the one who is being condemned and the one who is judging are played by the same Being. “God only acts and is in existing beings or men.” [Wm. Blake] He has played every part. The sheriff tonight and the prisoner are both played by God! There is only God. In the end, there is nothing but God. There is no room for another.

So, if you believe even, say, in a devil, then that would have to be played by God! But there is no devil. There is only God; but seen on a certain level of being, it would seem as though there are numberless devils in the world.

But, here, I acquaint you with this Law as He revealed it to me, and then I leave you to your choice and its risk. Sometimes you get burned in misapplying the principle, which is called His Law. But in the end, all will be forgiven. In the end, all things are justified. In the end, you are righteous, for “righteousness” in the Bible simply means that that individual who actually fulfilled that which was – well, committed to him to do. If I fulfill my commitment, which is a certain relationship – Father-Son relationship, that individual is named in the Bible the “righteous one.” He kept the faith. That does not mean that I am a Christian and keep the Christian faith, or I am a Jew and keep the Jewish faith. That is not the faith of Scripture. So, if you believe even, say, in a devil, then that would have to be played by God! But there is no devil. There is only God; but seen on a certain level of being, it would seem as though there are numberless devils in the world.

But, here, I acquaint you with this Law as He revealed it to me, and then I leave you to your choice and its risk. Sometimes you get burned in misapplying the principle, which is called His Law. But in the end, all will be forgiven. In the end, all things are justified. In the end, you are righteous, for “righteousness” in the Bible simply means that that individual who actually fulfilled that which was – well, committed to him to do. If I fulfill my commitment, which is a certain relationship – Father-Son relationship, that individual is named in the Bible the “righteous one.” He kept the faith. That does not mean that I am a Christian and keep the Christian faith, or I am a Jew and keep the Jewish faith. That is not the faith of Scripture.

When Paul speaks of the faith, he is not speaking of that. He reveals what happened to him. And those who heard him believed him, and then he noticed that they were not keeping the faith. They were going after stray gods. They were playing the part of adulterers. They were actually going after false gods. Then he turned to the Galatians, and he said, “O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified? Let me ask you only this: Did you receive the Spirit by works of the law, or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish? Having begun with the Spirit, are you now ending with the law?” (Galatians 3:1-3) Are you going to end with the flesh – because they turned to a physical Christ Jesus?

Well, he began to tell them there isn’t any physical Christ Jesus. He said, “Once I believe in a physical Christ Jesus”; he said, “Hereafter I see no Christ after the flesh. Even though I once beheld Him after the flesh, I see Him thus no longer.” (II Corinthians 5:16)

He, too, believed that some being was coming on the outside to save; so he was against that. Then came the revelation within him that God is Spirit, and any projection of Him would have to be Spirit. So, he told the Galatians what Jesus Christ really was, and he thought they believed him. Then he turned to Galatia to find that they were following false gods – strange concepts of God. So, he said, “You are not keeping the faith.” And Paul came to the end, and these words were his own words. You, too, will say, after the drama unfolds within you: “The time of my departure has come, I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness”; (II Timothy 4: 5-8) in other words, I kept the faith. Therefore, it is declared now as righteousness to me to receive that crown of glory, which is God Himself.

After this thing unfolds within you, you will know that this is the last time that you will walk the earth. You will take off the garment of flesh, as you must, and they will cremate it if you allow it to be cremated, or put it in the earth – that’s slow cremation. No matter what they do with it, it will disintegrate and return to dust. But you will, for the last time, clothe yourself in a limited garment of flesh and blood.

Departing before that time comes, you will find yourself still clothed in a garment of flesh and blood. You will be young, approximately 20 years of age. If you drop here when you are 90, you will find yourself instantly restored in a garment that is the same garment, only it is new. No parts are missing. If you had an arm missing, it isn’t missing. If your eyes were missing, or any member of the body was faulty, it isn’t faulty; it is a normal thing, but new. And the world is terrestrial, just like this; and you grow old there, too, and you die there too, just as you die here. And there, as you are told in Scripture, you marry there, too. For it is that age – it is this age – “they marry and they are given in marriage, but those who are accounted worthy to attain to that age –” which is the Age of Resurrection – “they neither marry nor are they given in marriage . . . for they are now called the sons of God, being sons of the Resurrection.” (Luke 20: 35, 36) They are redeemed by resurrection. And now they are one if they are called “sons of God,” but that Son can say, “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:30)

So, “When you see me,” he said, “you see the Father.” (John 14: 9) I am not inferior to myself, the Father; but in the capacity of one who is sent to tell the story, I am limited; so the Sender and the Sent are one, but in the capacity of the Sent He is limited, for He is wearing a garment of flesh and blood. He is not inferior to His essential Being that He sent; He sent Himself.

So, when I was embraced, I was fused with the body of the Risen Lord, and sent; so I am not inferior save in my capacity, because I was incorporated into that body, and forever I am that body. And all will be incorporated into that body, the Body of Love; and that body will house all that He chose. When the last one is in, then the curtain comes down on this world.

How many civilizations will rise and fall before that climax, I do not know. I doubt if any one can tell. It comes at the end, but it comes to the individual long before the final curtain; so we depart the play when Christ is unveiled within us as ourselves. And we wait in that garment, waiting on high watching those below go through the furnaces. Then eventually, they too will be brought into that one body and incorporated in it, and that’s the Body of Love.

So, you need not fail. There is no reason for any one in this world to scare you. Your Father knows far better than you know in your conscious reasoning mind what you need. The things that you think, Why should this happen to me? …I get that every day of my life. Ladies and gentlemen who are in the world – they call themselves “in the Truth”; and they will say, “Well, I’ve been in the Truth for 40 years.” But you talk with them a little bit more – just five or ten minutes, and you will wonder, What do you mean by “truth”? They feel that because they are in service in a certain group every Sunday morning, and maybe contribute to a certain group from what they earn, that they are entitled to some special favor. There’s no special favor.

So, what is Truth? He said, “I am the truth”, (John 14:6) Have you found Him? Well, then, you haven’t found the Truth. Has he unveiled Himself within you completely? Well, then, what you know of Him can only be hearsay. You cannot, then, witness to the Truth, because your testimony would not be accepted. They cannot receive testimony from one who can only speak from hearsay; and, yet, what you heard may be true. But you will know the Truth when He unveils Himself within you as you. Then you are a witness to the Truth of God. But you cannot witness to the truth if your testimony is simply going to be what some one else said. But if the testimony of two agree, then it’s conclusive.

You always have one testimony; that is the written testimony. That is the Bible. Have you experienced Scripture? Then you have two witnesses; your inner witness of the Spirit, and the outer testimony of the written word. When you will actually parallel these stories of Scripture and experience it in a first-person singular, present-tense experience, then you know Scripture, and then you are a witness to the Truth.

He said, “For this I was born. I came into the world to bear witness to the truth.” (John 18:37) Then He said, “I am the truth.” (John 14:6) So, I am the way to what? To the Father. “No one cometh unto the Father, except by me”. (John 14:6) That is the only way to the Father.

Read the story of Jesus, and you will see the way you are going to travel. You will go straight to the Father by following the identical footsteps. It begins with the Resurrection. One night when you least expect it, you are going to awake in the Holy Sepulcher, and that is your own wonderful human skull. And while there sealed, but completely sealed in, you will know exactly what to do because you have an innate wisdom built in you. And you’ll know exactly where to push in that Holy Sepulcher, and you will push the right spot at the base of your skull. And then something is going to roll away. Then you are going to come out as a child comes out of the womb of a woman, only you are going to come out of your skull.

When you come out, there are witnesses to testify to your birth, but they cannot see you, for now you are Spirit; but they will see the symbol of your birth. They will see the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes. They will see that all right. And one of them will announce the fact that it is your child. Others will question his sanity, because you may be male. Therefore, can a man bear a son, Scripture asks in the book of Jeremiah? (Jeremiah 30:6) “Can a man bear a child?” His answer is, No. And, yet, the answer is this: “Why then do I see every man with his hands pulling himself out of himself, just like a woman in labor?” (Jeremiah 30:6) That’s exactly what you do. When you are almost out, you pull the remaining portion of you out of the skull.

Then comes the unfolding drama as recorded in Matthew and Luke The same unearthly wind, the same unearthly earthquake, all in your head, is recorded. And, then, the next three major steps are the unveiling of God; and the final one is the descent of the Holy Spirit in the symbol of a dove. It’s a dove as far as you are concerned. It’s a real, living dove! But it only symbolizes the descent of the Spirit, giving complete satisfaction – a complete seal of approval that the work is done, the work is finished.

Now tell it. Tell it as a witness to the truth. It is not hearsay any more. You have experienced the entire drama of the Gospel. So, until the Gospel repeats itself in you, Jesus Christ is still in the grave. The world thinks that He has risen. Oh, yes, He is risen all right! But He is rising. As Paul said, “Those who teach that the resurrection is over are misleading the faithful and turning them from the faith.” (See II Timothy 2:16-18) The resurrection is not over; it is taking place. It took place and continues to take place. So, when it takes place in the individual, Jesus Christ is still in his grave! So, He has to rise in every one, for I am speaking of the Universal Christ, which is God buried in every man. That’s Jesus Christ.

So, if he comes from without, he is a false Christ. Any one who teaches of a Christ, other than that Universal Christ who is buried in every man – he’s got the false Christ.

So, as I gave you the test – I think it was the first night – I’ll give it to you tonight because many of you were not here that night. If I now give you the test – I’ll give it to you now: “Examine yourselves, to see whether you are holding to the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you? …unless of course you fail to meet the test!” (II Corinthians 13:5)

I have just given you the test. Now I will show you what the test is – I just gave it to you. If the word “Jesus Christ” conveys the sense of an existent something outside of you – outside of man, you’ve failed the test. For Jesus Christ is in you. So, if perchance when I use the word “Jesus Christ,” you have the sense of an existent something outside of you, you have failed the test, for He is buried in you. He became invisible. At that very moment when He became invisible was the darkest hour of your life. Yet it was that moment that you should rejoice in because He died in that moment for you.

“Unless I die, thou canst not live; but if I die, I shall arise again, and thou with me.” [Wm. Blake, from “Jerusalem”] So in that very moment He became invisible and departed, and buried Himself in you. When you hear His name being called, think of the Christ-within-you. One day He is going to stir; and when He stirs, it is you stirring, and you will awaken and then comes His son who calls you, “Father.”

“For did not David in the spirit call him, “my lord?” (Matthew 22:43) He called Him, “My Lord.” Well, the word “my lord” was used by every son of his father; he referred to his father as “my lord.” “So, David in the spirit called him, “my Lord”; and he will, in the Spirit, call you, “my father.” And, then, you will know.

And when he does call you, “Father,” you can testify to the Truth of that statement in Scripture. And eventually all the statements of Scripture, you are going to experience. And then you come back into the heavenly crowd as one who has returned fully as God the Father!

God the Father will be made up of those He has chosen, fully awake as Himself. It’s like one grand infinite brain, and we are brain cells in the mind of the dreamer. The Dreamer is awake; and in each cell He wakens Himself until the whole of that portion of the infinite brain will awake.

But at this moment in time, “there is a limit to the bounds of the people”. (Deuteronomy 32:8) You don’t have to be concerned about any population explosion. That is an economic problem; it isn’t your problem. I know nothing of economics, but I did hear a very able gentleman – he was the Negro, George Washington Carver. I heard him just about the year he died. He spoke in New York City at the Waldorf-Astoria before a group of very able men and women. In those days there was no TV, but it could be heard on radio. It was broadcast.

He said: “Gentlemen and ladies present,” and they were all leaders in the different fields of the world: scientists, economists – you name it – politicians; they were all present at this lecture. And he said, “Everything that I am wearing as I stand before you came out of the peanut or the Southern Pine. I asked God why He made a peanut, and He said to me, ‘George, I gave you a brain. Go within, and I will show you why I made the peanut.’”

So, George Washington Carver extracted from a simple little peanut three hundred by-products, and he called it the Third Kingdom – the synthetic kingdom. Then he said to these men and women present: “We can in this country clothe, feed and shelter the entire world from the products we can produce in the southern states of our country.” He didn’t mean South America, for he drew the line if any one had any misconception of what he meant. He said, the Mason-Dixon Line.

“Draw the line, and in the southern states of our country we can produce enough to clothe, to feed, and to shelter the whole world.” So the problem is not production. The problem is distribution: how to give it away under our system. The economists can’t find a way to do it; the socialists can’t find a way to do it, and we capitalists can’t find a way to do it. It’s not a problem of production, and today we are emphasizing that as why we should not keep on producing so many people in the world, because they are not going to be fed or housed or clothed. Yet, from a man who extracted from a simple little peanut over three hundred by-products and from the southern pine – what can you do with a pine? You could only burn them for firewood. And, here, from the pine he got three hundred by-products.

What child today, in our land, has not eaten of the peanut and used the peanut oil and unnumbered things out of the peanut? The pigments in his tie came out of the peanut. The cloth he wore – everything that was on him came out of the peanut or the southern pine. It didn’t look like the peanut; it didn’t look like – well, a tree; but it was cloth, and it felt like cloth and looked like cloth, and it was cloth. Yet he took it out of these products.

So, our problem is something that you and I, possibly, could not touch because I am not an economist. I can spend money, but I cannot do a thing about it. I couldn’t tell you how it’s made. I couldn’t tell you what he must do in order to get it. I only know I need money to meet my expenses: to pay rent, which is an essential thing; to pay for groceries – to do all the things that we must do in this world. But I know nothing of economics. So, that is the problem for the economists of the world, but certainly not the earth’s capacity to produce and man’s intelligence to turn it into the needs of man.

Go back to Deuteronomy, the 32nd chapter, the 8th verse: “He has set bounds to the peoples according to the number of the sons of God.” One translation has it, “the sons of Israel.” Very fine – “Israel” is a name for “sons of God,” for he said, “Call my son out of Egypt; call Israel out of Egypt.” (Hosea 11:1) The modern translation translates “Israel” as “sons of God”; so every child born of woman has the Son of God buried in him. And the intelligence is there. Every one in the world will, one day, prove what I have just told you.

I am sharing with you what I know. I am not speculating! I am not theorizing. I am telling you exactly what I know from experience.

So, again, let me come back to the beginning. It really is a Play.

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players,

[We] have [our] exits and [our] entrances;

And one man” – which is God Himself –

“plays all the parts.”

[Shakespeare, “As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII]

He plays many in His time. So, regarding you, there is the same God in this one speaking; and in the end there’s only God. “... one body …one Spirit …one Lord …one God and Father of all ...” (Ephesians 4:4-6)

So, you take it to heart and dwell upon it, and you’ll find such comfort that you will never be alone. Physically you may be alone, but you are never alone when you dwell upon the Word of God. You can’t be alone. If no one came to see you ever again, you still aren’t alone, because your brain is crowded with those who have preceded you. You’ve experienced it, and you can commune with them. You can commune with those who are miles and miles apart. You don’t need to go there physically; you can commune with them. It’s all within you.

“All that you behold, though it appears without, it is within, in your [own wonderful human] imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow.” [Wm. Blake, from “Jerusalem”]

You will find in the end that you are “all imagination, and that God is man, and exists in us, and we in Him. The eternal body of man is the imagination, and that is [the Lord Jesus] Himself.” [Wm. Blake]

Your own wonderful human imagination dreamed the Dream of Life, but you will experience it as something external to yourself. But it is all taking place in the Sepulcher. Man dreams, and one day he is going to awake; and when the Dreamer in you awakes, you are the Lord Jesus, the father of David. You will see him, and he will reveal you as God the Father.

Now let us go into the Silence. 

Now, tomorrow night and Monday night will be what some would call the practical side of this principle. But there are moments when you cannot avoid bringing in the Promise, but they will be confined, most of the evening, to the practical side of this principle.

Now, are there any questions, please?

A LADY: [Question inaudible on recording, about meditation.]

NEVILLE: No, if I close my eyes, without any effort to meditate, it comes. Close your eyes and just turn your attention into your head; and you will find that this golden liquid light – it comes all over your head and forms itself into a cloud – like some one smoking a cigar. It’s a huge, circular, living light; and one will go after the other; it gets faster and faster, and finally it forms a cloud from your head as far as you can go. I contemplate within my head. I don’t contemplate on the outside; I turn my attention within my head, and then all of a sudden the whole thing becomes luminous. All the convolutions of the brain grow luminous. You try it, my dear. It’s there! It is there, but you just haven’t seen it.

You might see what I call the blue flame. The blue flame is not like a gas flame but it is constant. It is more like burning alcohol, where it moves – it’s alive. If you put a piece of wood in the fireplace, you see the flame moving. Or, it is like at Christmas time when you pour rum or brandy all over a pudding and you burn a flame; you see that flame go all over the pudding. Well, that is the sort of a flame that comes here. It is a bluish flame, but two shades of blue, and it is living. The thing is so alive; it is moving, just like burning alcohol. It always comes on my forehead, in shades of blue; but it is so alive.

But the golden light just comes in glorious spots and forms itself and goes off from your body.

But forget that. In your practical approach to things, just simply assume the end. When you first do it, it is denied by your senses, but that doesn’t matter. An assumption, if persisted in, will harden into fact. That is the story from the very beginning. Again Shakespeare said in “Anthony and Cleopatra”: “It has been taught us from the final state that he which is was wished until he were.” That is the final state. “Let us make man in our image.” (Genesis 1:26) So, then, if he becomes the image of God, then that final state was because God was faithful to His wish, to His order. And our departure does not in any way change God’s Word. If we went after false gods, He still loves us. He loves us no matter what we do. Again Shakespeare says in his sonnet:

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.”

[Shakespeare, Sonnet 116]

You and I can change when we find an alteration; so the love grows cold in the world, and then the divorce courts are filled. Yet the first day they got married they say, “Oh, isn’t this marvelous forever and forever!” You take off the wedding ring and you find the two words: “forever and forever.” Then comes the divorce court, maybe a day later, a year later, some after 40 years. I have them in my audience who say, “You know we’ve been married 44 years, and we have a son now 42”; and he wants a divorce. Then she says, “How many years have we left? Why divorce now, with the estate that we have?” I say, “Well, I can’t answer that. I only teach a principle.” But, you see, that is not God’s Love.

God’s Love is stated so firmly in Scripture. In the 136th Psalm there are 26 verses, and each verse ends with the words: “Thy faithful love endures forever.” So, as Shakespeare says:

“Love is not love

Which alters when it alteration finds.”

                                          [Sonnet CXVl]

You grow old in this world, but you loved her dearly when she was young and beautiful. She was everything you wanted; then she has a child. You loved the child. The child is grown up in the world; but now she, like yourself, is grey and she loses the perfect eyesight, the perfect hearing. Maybe much of her hair is gone. Maybe many of her teeth are gone. So what? Are you going to change now because she is not the girl you married 30 or 40 years ago?

A LADY: [Question inaudible on recording.]

NEVILLE: You cannot turn a schoolroom into a home. This is a school of educative darkness. If we didn’t need this school, why come here? It’s a school! I can’t see any reason for wanting to be always 20. I couldn’t go back to 20 if you gave me the world – I mean, even to look 20. I certainly wouldn’t want it. I’d be in competition with my children who are beyond 20. I have a son who is 46, and my daughter was born in ’42| she is 29. Certainly I don’t want to compete with my children, and I am very happy to be what I am – the age that I am.

I don’t see why one should not be healthy all his life, but don’t condemn the one who is not.


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