Tools of the Trade

I do not have to tell you that as I think and talk about an idea I unleash its energies. With my thoughts, I command its energies to go out to bring me matching ideas in the forms of ideas, persons, events and things. I have said this many times. I do the same when I talk and write.

As I think and talk - communicate with others, the ideas I think and talk about explode to match those ideas with a twist.

That's what happened as I wrote The Energy Game. A twist! I was on the alert for ideas that match and then moved up a notch.

What was that notch? Another way to look at words and thoughts!


Words and thoughts are my tools. I use words and tools to craft my experiences. Knowing this, it is very important that I select my words and thoughts with my desires in mind.

  • What do I choose to experience?
  • How do I choose to identify myself?

You saw in an earlier page of this section the piece about attributes:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Wisdom
  • Victory
  • Peace
  • Life

So, I ask, what experience do I choose to have with these attributes? I ask, how do I choose to identify myself in relation to these attributes? That a clue for me on how I shall use my tools - my words and thoughts - to use my tools so they will bring back ideas, persons, events and things that match these attributes.

Email Indoma to let me know how this and other portions of these excerpts work for you.


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