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The following time games were derived from the chapter, Interval of Time, in the book, Your Faith Is Your Fortune by Neville. Each item on the list below is the core for a time game. 

To play a time game, start with the core and play with it. Let images that represent the core come to the front of your mind. Step into the images - one at a time, and play out the story you had chosen for it in your mind. 

Play the games daily for up to 21-days to get full benefit of the games. Certainly play the games for 3 days to notice changes manifest in your world. You might notice certain changes immediately. However, play the games consistently and persistently to bring about wonderful rewards.

You are the one who makes the rules for the games. These are your games!

Play the "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" game:

  • Let not your heart be troubled
  • Guard your heart so it was not troubled
  • Notice how you guarded your heart

Play the "Consciousness" game:

  • Recognize the ME inside as your consciousness
  • Believe in your consciousness
  • Let your I AM speak to your conditioned self

Play the "Prepared Mansion" game:

  • Employ a specified interval of time for your journey to a prepared mansion
  • See a prepared mansion
  • Step into the end of the interval of time
  • Experience the mansion you prepared

Play the "Dwell in a Day or Season" game:

  • Select a day or season into which you'd dwell
  • Consciously dwell in any day or season you'd selected

Play the "Maintain the Conviction" game:

  • Maintain the conviction that your desire was fulfilled - that it was already done while in that day or season

Play the "Chosen Point in Time" game:

  • Go to a chosen point in time to prepare a place
  • Return to the point in time you'd left; pick up yourself, and then take yourself into the place YOU had prepared

Play the "All Things Are Possible To God" game:

  • All things are possible to God
  • Know God as your consciousness of being - the ME within you
  • All things are possible to your consciousness of being
  • Go to a chosen point in time to prepare a place to experience your desire
  • Live from the point of view that your desire was already realized - since your I AM had already experienced it

Play the "Relative, Rational and Natural" game:

  • Make sure the interval of time you chose seemed relative and rational
  • Let the interval of time be natural for experiencing your desire
  • Check out numerous intervals of time to see which seemed most relative, rational and natural
  • Make sure the interval of time you chose is comfortable for realizing the desire
  • Check out numerous intervals of time to see which seemed most comfortable for realizing your desire

Play the "Condition Time with Your Conception of Self" game:

  • Use your conception of self to condition time
  • Step into numerous conceptions of self to test your power with time
  • Experience your desire at different points in time
  • Notice how you viewed yourself at the different points in time

Play the "Condition Your Consciousness into Confidence" game:

  • Condition your consciousness into a state of confidence
  • Notice the points in time where you felt most confident
  • Enhance your sense of confidence in certain time intervals
  • Shorten the interval of time with your confidence
  • Notice your reaction to being able to shorten intervals of time

Play the "Shorten the Interval of Time" game:

  • Start at the point in time that felt most natural for having the desire
  • Shorten the interval of time in segments
  • Work with it until it felt natural and comfortable

Play the "Condition Your Mind for Great Achievements" game:

  • Condition your mind for great achievements to shorten the time interval
  • Condition your mind for great achievements
  • Set it up so the so-called great achievement became easy achievements
  • Practice, starting at the time that felt most comfortable for making achievements you'd called great
  • Move through intervals of time in segments until you had shortened the time intervals significantly

Play the "Embody a New Realization of Self" game:

  • Choose a day to embody a new realization of yourself
  • Shut out the day you were in, step into the chosen day, feel the experiences of the chosen day and be the person you had chosen to be

Play the "Create A Vacuum in Consciousness" game:

  • Create a vacuum in consciousness by moving from the day you were in to the day you chose
  • Experience the thrill of having your desire while in the day you chose
  • Return to the point in time you left behind
  • Return to the point in time you left behind filled with joyful expectancy
  • Establish the consciousness of the experience that must take place on the day you chose
  • Be joyful after you had established that consciousness

Yes! We would be glad to coach you in playing these games. Just let us know!


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