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Think An Idea

When you think an idea, you stir up its energy.

  • You give it your attention and one thing happens.

  • You release and free up its energy.

  • It happens every time you think ideas.

When you talk ideas, you stir and release the energy contained in them. Why do you release this energy? So it can serve its purpose for you. Its purpose, its mission is to go out to bring back to you more ideas just like itself.

The more you think and talk it, gives it more power to perform its mission. It goes out to bring back people and events who match that idea.

What will happen if you think and talk the idea with love and joy? Marvelous things! You free that idea to bring back more ideas just like itself for your pleasure. Ideas, people and events you enjoy. Those you appreciate. It happens because you set it up that way!

Now, what if you think and talk the idea with fears and doubts? No matter what the idea, the fears and doubt thoughts you connect with it limits it. It sets up the conditions to bring the idea back in ways that cause you to feel more fear and to have more doubts.

The choice is always yours. You can look at an idea and think it with love and joy or with fears and doubt.

Think money and stir the energy of ideas of money into action. You move its energy.

  • Think money as a part of Wealth and link it with joy and love and you will see the ideas, people and events that involve money flow to you in ways you enjoy.

  • Think money with fears and doubts and see ideas, people and events that involve money flow to you in ways that match your fears and doubts.

What are your thoughts of money?

  • Write a brief description.

  • Remember to choose how you think money.


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