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You Possess It All

In an earlier article, we talked about your identity as the righteousness of God in Christ. In this article, we take it to the next level. Be reminded now that being in Christ is being the Image that acts, Awakened Imagination. Awakened. In this identity, you are the righteousness of God. This gift of righteousness came when you accepted Awakened Imagination - Christ - as the ruler of your life.

Righteousness is the consciousness of already being what you want to be and already having the thing you desire. You possess the kingdom. The kingdom is the entire creation of God. You possess the entire creation of the whole of Consciousness.

Take your focus off "things" and put it on the consciousness. Put your focus on the consciousness of the lavish, steady, dependable income and in this consciousness, let the awareness rise up in you - the awareness that you already possessed a lavish, steady, dependable income. Let the feeling overtake you - where you felt you were already the person whose income was lavish, steady and dependable. 

Absorb yourself in the feeling that your income was constantly flowing to you in lavish, abundant ways. You looked over your life - over the past months and you saw instances where your income was already lavish and steady. It had happened so often that you knew it was a pattern. 

When you say, "I am the righteousness of God in Christ", keep in mind what you are saying. You are saying you are the Image that acts - you are saying you are Awakened Imagination. As the Image that acts, you know you are the person who you wanted to be. As Awakened Imagination, you know you have the things you desire. You feel it keenly. You feel your possessions around you and you feel your identity.

You know you are already the person whose income is lavish, steady and dependable because as the Image that acts, you stepped into the identity and walked around in this identity. More, you know you already possess a lavish, steady, dependable income. Again, know this because as you walked in this identity, you used your inner senses to examine your possessions. You touched and handled the income. You looked at your  records and saw the pattern of income flowing to you. You took various actions as the Image that acts doing things only the one who possessed the income could do with it. After all, this is in consciousness and the only one with the privilege of being in your consciousness is you. Any things - indeed, all things in your consciousness belong to you. 

Being in the image of being and possessing your fulfilled desire is being in the Image of Righteousness - Righteousness Image. Only you can look into the whole of Consciousness within your being. Only you can look into Consciousness in the mind's eye to see evidence of your lavish, steady, dependable income.

In your daily work on self, form the habit of feeling you were the person whose income was lavish, steady and dependable - and this had been the way it was for such a long time. Step into Righteousness Image - do it consciously each day for 21 days. Remain in Righteousness Image for 21 to 68 seconds, feeling the energy of righteousness. 

Feel the energy of righteousness flowing as you realized who you already are and what you already have. Feel the energy of being the person you wanted to be and acknowledge it. Feel the energy of having the things you wanted and acknowledge it. Feel the energy for 21 to 68 seconds each day for 21 days and notice how strong the feeling became, starting from day one.

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