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You Have the Right Stuff

Awareness of who you are is the first step to being right and having the right stuff. It's called righteousness and it is yours. Being in Christ is being the Image that acts, Awakened Imagination. Awakened, you are the righteousness of God. The gift of righteousness came when you accepted Awakened Imagination - Christ - as the ruler of your life.

You are the righteousness of God in Christ. "In Christ" is the operative word and it means you accepted Christ as the head - your head. You are "in Christ". Christ is the person - personification of certain concepts discussed in the Bible... qualities attributed to Christ in the Scriptures are personified in the name Christ. So when you see the name Christ or hear it, these qualities come to mind. One such quality that comes with the package is the righteousness of God.

When you accepted Jesus Christ, called the Son of God, you accepted the expression of God. A son is an offspring or expression. In teachings ascribed to Jesus, he said, "I do only what I see my Father doing" and each thing he did was giving expression to what he had seen the Father doing.

The gift of righteousness is the righteousness of God. That which is "of God" is of All-That-Is - of the whole of Consciousness. Righteousness is of the whole of Consciousness. All the perfection and all the wholeness, all the completeness and all the fullness - this is righteousness. The gift of righteousness is perfection, wholeness, completeness, fullness and allness.

In Christ, righteousness is most often expressed as salvation. Salvation is solution. So this is simply the solutions for all the problems of the world in you. Righteousness is expressed as creativity and innovation - giving right ways of being and doing - excellence and proficiency, expanding and increasing experiences in all areas of life.

Righteousness is a state of consciousness. The consciousness of righteousness is like a nation. In it are numerous states - and the states within the nation called Righteousness signify forms of righteousness. 

The core of Righteousness is Truth. Truth is the highest form of reality: completeness, fullness, wholeness, allness, perfection. Consider your life in the form of fullness and completeness. Consider your home and family in the form of wholeness and perfection. What about your health? What about your finances? Consider your employment - your business - what is the righteousness, how is righteousness being expressed?

To enjoy the gift of righteousness, occupy the consciousness. Keep in mind that all righteousness is in the consciousness of righteousness. Established in the consciousness of righteousness, you are aware of self as being the righteousness of God. Easily you identify yourself as being the righteousness of God in Christ. It's your conception of self. It is the self you formed because you were established in the consciousness of righteousness.

So, we invite you to occupy the consciousness of Righteousness. Enter it today and occupy it from this day forward. You know how easy it is to enter a state of consciousness. The first thing of course is to recognize it is a state of consciousness. 

The word righteousness is a concept. Each concept represents the consciousness from which it came. The concept is the core or central theme of the consciousness. You might call the core concept the capitol of the nation. The capitol is the ruling place. Consciousness is the one place you can enter as a stranger, move to the capitol and become the ruler. As ruler of a consciousness, you direct the movement of the citizens - the images in the consciousness. At any time, in the consciousness, you are free to call images to the front of your mind, command them and see them respond to your commands. Your commands represent your ruling - how you arranged images in consciousness. Arrangements you made in consciousness are reflected through experiences in the world around you.

From the capitol of the nation of Righteousness, you rule. This is your aim when you entered and occupied the consciousness of righteousness. But before you rule and reign, you must be firmly established in the nation. You must become a citizen.

To become a citizen in the nation of Righteousness is easy. All your acts are imaginal. Your actions are with images. Becoming a citizen in the nation of Righteousness starts when you recognize the word righteousness as a concept and personify it. Personifying the concept causes it to take form as an image in your mind. You see the image with the mind's eye.

See the image of the personified concept, Righteousness Image and embody it. At the moment you embodied Righteousness Image, you became a citizen. You became Righteousness, a citizen in the nation of Righteousness. Looking at self in the mirror, you saw qualities of righteousness on your face, in your eyes and in your being. 

Feeling the energy of righteousness, you knew it was the righteousness of God flowing in and through your being. A new conception of self formed and you identified yourself. You said, "I am the righteousness of God in Christ".

In your daily work on self, form the habit of recognizing yourself as the righteousness of God in Christ. Consciously step into Righteousness Image each day for 21 days. Remain in Righteousness Image for 21 to 68 seconds, feeling the energy of righteousness. 

Command the energy of righteousness to flow in and through all the cells of your body, knowing the cells of your body are radiant cells - cells formed of light. Especially command the energy of righteousness in and through your brain cells. See the radiant brain cells respond to being filled with the energy of righteousness.

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