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You Are the One God Loves

From the moment you identified yourself as Awakened Imagination, the Image that acts, you became favored of the LORD. You became the one God loves. So why don't you brag on it by saying, "I am the one God loves".

When did you identify yourself as Awakened Imagination? You did it when you accepted Jesus Christ, called the Son of God, as being within you and knew Jesus was Awakened Imagination. When you recognized Imagination was the one spoken of in the Scriptural passage, "...all things were made through him and without him was not anything made that was made" and you were consciously aware of Imagination in you made all the things in your world, you knew. 

The Scriptural passage called Him the Word. Likely you know a word is an expression of a concept. We use words to express consciousness. The Word - Jesus Christ - did what he saw the Father doing - and the Father is the whole of Consciousness - all the consciousness there is. As he did what he saw the Father doing, he expressed Consciousness. So when you connected the dots and realized Jesus Christ was the Word and the Word is Imagination - the being through which all things were made, you knew. You knew you were Awakened Imagination. Knowing yourself as being  Awakened Imagination, you expressed the consciousness. Being aware of Consciousness as God, the Father, you expressed what you saw in the mind's eye. In this moment, you became aware of yourself as the apple of God's eye - the one God loves.

You took on the identity of the Image that acts and played out your desires fulfilled. As Awakened Imagination, you went to the Father, day in and day out. You went to the Father, the Birther, the whole of Consciousness. You looked into the whole of Consciousness and saw the Father's face. You adored the Father because you knew He loved you so much. You could not help but cherish the Father. Seeing the countless ways He'd shown how much He loves you and all the favor he bestowed on you, you knew you'd do whatever pleased Him.

Readily you noticed what happened each time you went to the whole of Consciousness and asked to see something. The thing you asked to see appeared before you as soon as you called its name. Immediately, you said, "Thank you, Father". The thing appeared when you called its name because the Father loves you so. You had but to call the name of something and it appeared before you. Right away you saw it in the mind's eye. That's the love of the Father. You knew it and you bragged, "I'm the one the Father loves".

Being the one the Father loves, perhaps you wondered what you had to do to please Him. It is simple. You have just two things to do: believe He exists and believe He rewards you when you seek Him. 

So what must you do to believe Consciousness exists? Just what must you do to believe God exists? The moment you are aware of the whole of Consciousness, you know God exists. 

What does it take to believe the Father rewards you? Notice you must meet a  condition in this: seek the Father. How does this work when it comes to believing Consciousness rewards you? Again, meet the condition: seek the whole of Consciousness. Search Consciousness. Seek Consciousness in every thing. Seek the Father - seek the Birther in every thing.

In every thing that concerns, seek the Father. Seek the Birther. In your business, seek the consciousness through which it unfolds and expresses. What is the consciousness of your business? Seek the completeness of the consciousness of your business. Ask the Father to show you all the parts of your business.

How do you seek the Father? You seek the Father as the Son. You, the Son, are the expression of Consciousness, the Image that acts - Awakened Imagination. And as the Image that acts, you seek the Father. Conscious of self as the Image that acts, you are the one who goes to the Father seeking His face. You can go to the Father because you are the Son and you know all the time, "I am the one the Father loves".

Why seek the Father as the Image that acts? Let's say you wanted to know how to make your business successful. Go to the Father - to the consciousness of the business and ask the Father to show you what He wanted you to do - to make the business successful. As the Image that acts, you observed the Father and then took the same actions you saw the Father doing.

You do not go to the Father in your humanness. In your humanness, you could not see what the Father showed. Further, it is not possible to do the things the Father showed. In your humanness, you rely on your physical senses and your intellect. Sure, you might get ideas of things to do to make the business successful. Trial and error stuff. From the human point of view, you are likely inclined to take action with ideas. Trying this and that is quite a bit of work.

So, you go to the Father in your Sonship. Go as Awakened Imagination - in the mind's eye - asking to see what He wants to show you. You see it and you realized - every thing the Father shows you belongs to you. The Father gives it to you as soon as you asked to see it. Seeing it, it's your choice as to whether to play the actions out in your mind. In 21-seconds you'd play out actions in your mind and get results that required 2,000 hours of physical and intellectual work to reach the same results. 

Every thing the Father showed you about the business makes it successful - but you saw it in the mind's eye and used your inner senses in the full experience of the successful business. You used your inner senses to do what the Father showed you - and you did it in seconds. This shows how much the Father loves you. 

As the Image that acts, you played out the performers in the business. When you played all the parts to your satisfaction, you sat back and relaxed. You finished your part and sat back so the performers on the world scene could play their part.

You saw what the Father showed you and relaxed. You realized, "I am the one the Father loves". As soon as you completed your part after seeing what the Father showed you and relaxed, you realized, "I am the one the Father loves".

In your daily work on self, form the habit of looking around bragging on who you are, saying, "I am the one God loves". Notice how you felt as you bragged. Recognize yourself as the one God loves day in and day out each day for 21 days. Remain in the consciousness where you were aware of being the one God loves for 21 to 68 seconds, feeling the energy of God's love for you. 

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