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"There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus". No matter what you might think of yourself or what others say about you, if you live and move and have your being in Christ Jesus, you cannot be impacted by condemnation, criticism, negative programming or any other thing or action to deny you your inheritance. Being in Christ Jesus is code for saying in Imagination.

You are an Infinite Being and you are not subject to the negative programming of your society. But you must recognize this is who you are. Feed this to the mind day and night or at the very least until you are clear on your identity as an Infinite Being. Conscious of being an Infinite Being, you are able to play any part. This means you could accept the condemnation and fall into a state of guilt and accept the punishment that comes with it: sickness and disease, failure, financial woes, and other things or you could shift into the role of a person of power - showing the accuser where he stands with you: no where. You are the power over your world and none other than you governs your life.

Give yourself any amount of money that feels comfortable. That God planted himself in you and God is all that exists in the past, present and future, and God is Love, all that exists is now within you and all that exists loves you. So your house really loves you! Money loves you! Your body loves you! Your car loves you! Your computer loves you! Just think and contemplate the love of all God is radiating energy and light within your being. I tell you, the day I laid on my bed and realized my house was loving me I was so transformed. I was so thrilled with my house - and everything I gave attention to see it loving me.

This awareness came on my 79th day of Joy, in my 4th 100 days of Joy. It was just a few days beyond my first year of being so consistent in giving attention to the energy and light of Joy filling my world. I call this awareness one of the benefits of conditioning my consciousness in so many wonderful concepts drawn from higher consciousness where I found I was trusting in the Father - trusting consciousness to deliver according to the contents I had arranged.

The purpose of condemnation is to manipulate and exploit humans so they would tow the line. The purpose of Imagination is to rearrange the contents of your consciousness so your experiences reflect your mastery and dominion over your world.

Letting the love of God reign supreme in your world, feeling the love being expressed by everyone and everything changes your perspective of self and the world. I found as I fed the mind my awareness of being so loved, I became a love magnet. I found I could look at a person who had spoken "condemnation" according to his innocence - not knowing what he was doing. I played his part in my psychological drama and changed his words so they did not rise up in me - and because I had done it for him, condemnation was no longer controlling his world.

Remembering to live in the identity of an Infinite Being, you freely exercise the wisdom and power of God. Out of your infinity, you are able to remind the body if sickness and disease appeared before you, whether in yourself or in another to let that which is within whatever it needs to restore and maintain excellent functioning. At this point, the means to excellent functioning is activated. Ask to see the image of the work being done in you. If it was a mobility problem, whatever is necessary to restore excellent mobility with the greatest of ease and precision appears in the mind's eye so you could see it. The image you see is unique to you as the image I see is unique to me - something we could easily relate to. As soon as you see the image, recognize it as your personal gift. I had such wonderful experiences when I expressed gratitude for the images I saw.

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