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The joy of the LORD is your strength. Joy is a power and it is your power. On the energy ladder, joy radiates light at 540 watts and in one focused thought of joy you override at least one million thoughts focused in false beliefs.  

Joy is a tool. A power. Energy. In the energy of joy, you are able to sit back and relax, knowing every thing in in proper order. In the energy of joy, you readily sit back and relax, knowing all matters are in place and are operating as you had intended. You are more than satisfied.

Joy is an energy you'd wrap around your loved ones and yourself. You'd wrap the energy of joy around your business and your finances. You'd wrap it around your home and your neighborhood. Indeed, you'd wrap the energy of joy around the schools and businesses in your city - just for the sake of establishing harmony and well-being. You'd wrap the energy of joy around the various institutions in your city - whether governmental, private or public enterprises.

We are talking about the joy of the LORD. The joy of the LORD, your strength and power, does wonderful things wherever you prescribed it. You might ask, "What is the joy of the LORD?

Let's consider - what is the LORD?

The LORD is God. Jesus Christ is LORD. This is the ruling power of God. The LORD is the ruling power of God. The LORD is God expressing as ruling power. The LORD is the whole of Consciousness expressing as power - Omnipotence. The joy of the LORD is the joy that come up in you when you are consciously aware of your ruling power. You know you are the rule over the affairs of your life and that knowing fills you with joy. In this awareness, you embodied joy and you felt the power of joy in every thing. Feeling the power of joy in your being, you relaxed. You sat back and relaxed.

Recognize the concept power of joy and personify it. Refer to it as Power of Joy Image. Call Power of Joy Image to the front of your mind. When you called it, it came to you - out from the whole of Consciousness. The Power of Joy Image came to you from the LORD. That you called it, the power of joy consciousness is activated. It is ready to take action on your behalf. Speak to Power of Joy Image, instructing it to tell its mission for you. Listen closely to hear what Power of Joy Image is available to do for you. Call its attention to matters you were considering or working on and have it speak directly to how it will serve you. 

Have Power of Joy Image brief you on how it will serve on behalf of your family life, your finances, your health, your employment as well as your travel, business dealings and any other matters in your daily living. Listen and hear until you'd heard enough to be fully satisfied to the point where you are relaxed. Hear Power of Joy Image tell you enough that you are ready to sit back and be in a state of rest about each matter.

Call Power of Joy Image to you. Embrace Power of Joy Image, drawing it closely to you until you had merged. Notice how you feel as you are more and more aware of being one. You are one with the power of joy.

Make it your daily practice to consciously merge with the power of joy. Do this each day until you realized you were constantly one with the power of joy - that you automatically expressed the power of joy in the matters of your life. Do this work on self daily. 

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