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Identification Required

Regard no one from the human point of view, including yourself. Regard everyone by their true identity - you are a spiritual being. Experiences you call human are extensions of your experiences in consciousness. These are extensions of dramas you played out in your mind with images of all things you gave your attention.

Being consciously aware of yourself as the Image that acts, as Awakened Imagination, you are aware of your true identity. The Image that acts is being in Christ - your true identity. Awakened Imagination is being in Christ - your true identity. 

Living from the conception of self as Awakened Imagination, as the Image that acts is living in Christ, living in your required identification. Notice as the Image that acts, you are able to move about freely - to any points of the Universe in the moment you chose. When you wanted to be inside a cell of your body or on a planet in another system, you had but to call the cell or the planet to the front of your mind and entered. Only spiritual beings could do such things as these. 

Look at others in your world and recognize them as spiritual beings. Bring images of these persons to the front of your mind and observe their radiant bodies. Their radiant bodies are bodies formed of light. Recognize each as the Image that acts and notice their actions. 

Where the actions of the others played out the impact of universal beliefs - of limitation or insufficiency - reinterpret the situations and rearrange the play of the images. Make sure you played these images out in situations illustrating Truth - perfection, fullness, completeness, wholeness, allness. Yes, those whose images you allowed to play out in your mind benefited. But more, this was work on self - work the only place you could do it - in your consciousness. 

Refusing to let images of limitations or insufficiency even expressed by others continually play out in your mind assured you did not fall into those states. You extinguished false beliefs from your own mind - yes on behalf of others, but indeed within self. Beliefs held in your own mind are the ones that manifest in your world - whether about others or yourself - because at the spiritual level, we are all one.

Do this work on self daily. Every day, call images of  others to the front of your mind. Rearrange the images to express the greatest degrees of perfection, fullness, completeness, wholeness and allness you know. Speak with these images, acknowledging the changes you observed when you made the rearrangements. Hear them speak to you, telling how happy they are with the new circumstances. Notice how these images play out in your mind and in your world.

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