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No Longer the Right to Exist

From a single action you'd take today, problems, concerns, and the impact of universal beliefs lose the right to exist in your world and you can shout a joyous "Thank you, Father". To take this action, you must have formed a conception of yourself as Awakened Imagination, the Image that acts. 

The action requires you to look upon Jesus, seeing him on the cross and seeing your troubles, sicknesses and concerns on him. He is carrying the troubles for you. This is the goodness of God on you - evidence of His love for you.

The bronze serpent raised high on a pole symbolized Jesus on the cross bearing your sins. In the account from the Old Testament, Moses told the children of Israel whom the fiery serpents bit to look upon the bronze serpent and live. Bronze means judged. To look upon the bronze serpent - to see the image of the bronze serpent in the mind's eye - establishes a divine transaction where your sins are judged on the cross. The sins were judged - condemned, but not on you. The debt for your sins were paid on the cross.

Knowing the bronze serpent represents Jesus on the cross judged for your sins, look at the image of the bronze serpent in the mind's eye. Each false belief you hold signifies your sins. Universal beliefs you accepted and live by show where you missed the mark. Your sin is where you missed the mark. Where you did not reach your goals. You became unemployed or your business failed. Your bills were more than you could pay or your debts were long outstanding. You became ill or you did not complete a project at work and suffered criticism. Your marriage was filled with constant conflict or your children failed courses in school. The list could go on, but you surely have the picture. These situations represent where you missed the mark and got results you had not intended.

Looking at the situations inclines you to feel shame or guilt. Look at Jesus on the cross - look at the bronze serpent instead of looking at the situation or at yourself. Look at Jesus and see him with those sins. Seeing the sins upon Jesus - upon the bronze serpent - strips from those sins the right to exist in your life.

As long as you looked at yourself when the conditions were before you or you looked at the conditions, you gave them the right to exist in you and in your world. Your conversations showed it. That's where you talked about the conditions and how those conditions affected you. That's how you gave them the right to exist in you and in your world.

You called it a financial blow when you noticed sales in your business were down. This comment gave business inactivity the right to exist. 

These things happened and they stirred up doubt in your mind - doubt that you were the one the Father loves. You might have blamed yourself or condemned yourself for things you thought might have caused the conditions to appear in your body or world. The only thing you did was look at the condition instead of looking at Jesus. 

Before sales went down, you looked at conditions you heard about in the media about the economy. Perhaps you complained about prices or called certain folks in the business world corrupt or crooked. A form of shame or condemnation: in words like, "Oh how awful".

Before symptoms took form in your body, you looked at the same conditions on the body of another. It might have been years ago when you saw those conditions - likely you sympathized with persons you saw in those conditions. 

What's done is done. You had looked at yourself and at the condition. Now you are here looking at Jesus on the cross. You are looking at the bronze serpent. No longer looking at the condition on yourself, but looking at Jesus seeing the condition on him took away the right of the condition to exist in you.

You might have asked, "How can I look at Jesus on the cross and see my conditions on him? That was my question when I first learned I had to do this. It is simple, but I found I had to condition myself - I had to condition my mind to make the shift.

The first response to the question: the only way you can - in the mind's eye. Look at Jesus on the cross in the mind's eye. See the bronze serpent in the mind's eye. This means you stepped into the Image that acts to behold the Image of Jesus on the cross.

Already, you know how you felt when you looked at yourself and the condition. You know how you felt about yourself. These cares are among those Jesus instructed you to cast upon him. In the period He taught, He told us to cast our cares on him and take his burdens and yokes. And he said, "My burden is light". Light radiates.

Look at Jesus on the cross and see expressions of your pain and sorrow in his face. Hear him cry out as you had cried out. See him flinch with pain. Look at him taking on your shame and guilt until you are convinced that he has it all. Look at him until you are convinced that he paid the price for you. See it all in the mind's eye.

The Scriptural account tells that Jesus was nailed on the cross. It tells he was whipped - struck 39 times. With each strike that landed on his body, he took on a disease. See him on the cross, find the area on his body and see the wounds representing your sickness. See this in the mind's eye. 

If your knees were in pain, look at his knees and hear his groans for you. Then speak, saying, "I see my pain on you, Jesus. I thank you". If your muscles lost their tone, look at his arms and legs and see the flabby skin on him. Speak saying, "Jesus, I thank you for taking those flabby muscles on your body for me. I see them on you now". If you lost your vision, look at his eyes and see the problems he had trying to see. Looking at him seeing how much trouble he had seeing, say, "I see you took the problems with my eyes into your eyes. I thank you". For each condition, see it on him, acknowledge that you saw it and express your appreciation.

Today, this divine transaction took place as you saw your condition on his body. The condition moved from your body to his when you saw it on him. You had only to look and acknowledge what you saw. The transfer happened with a look!

The other part of the divine transaction took place within your being. It took place because you were consciously aware of Christ in you. You knew Christ is Awakened Imagination in you. You knew Christ is the Image that acts. The instant you saw this in the mind's eye, aware of what you saw, you allowed the divine transaction. 

Christ is in you and Jesus is on the cross at the same time. Jesus on the cross is separated from you as he was separated from the Father. In the moment you saw the condition on Jesus, it separated from you and the light of Christ in you radiated in and throughout your being.

In your daily work on self, form the habit of looking at Jesus on the cross. Instead of looking at yourself when you felt pain or looking at a situation that troubled you, look at Jesus on the cross and see the pain you felt expressed in him. See the stress you felt on his face. 

Notice the freedom you felt as you saw the problem on Jesus. Notice the joy you felt as the light of Christ radiated in and through your being.

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