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The Answer is "Yes"

Did you get the notice? When circumstances said, "No!" and people said, "No!" the Father said, "Yes!!!" The Father said, "Yes" - this is the favor of God. This is the grace of God. You did not do a thing to deserve it. Favor is a gift. Grace is a gift. You never have to do any thing to deserve a gift. A gift is always freely given - when you had accepted Christ as the head of your life you received the gift of grace. Grace - the favor of God is a gift that came when you accepted Christ.

The notice was given long ago and it applies to you. The notice applies to all the people of the world. You might recall the news - "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." This includes everyone - but on condition. And the one condition is to believe "in him".

Grace is part of eternal life. Recall the news, Jesus was quoted in the account, saying, "I came that you might have life and have it abundantly". Well, the only kind of life Jesus offered is eternal life. The qualities of Jesus Christ are the qualities of Awakened Imagination - the qualities of the Image that acts. So, Awakened Imagination offers you the abundant life - eternal life. Consciously aware of self as the Image that acts, look around and see the fullness of life. How much life did you see?

To experience the fullness and completeness of life, especially when operating in the world - where the world focuses on various forms of limitation and separateness, you need special advantages. You need special arrangements.

With grace, you experience the fullness and completeness of life when the circumstances showed limitation, lack, and other things concerning you. In the favor of God, you experience perfection and wholeness although the situations reflected insufficiency, sickness and disease as well as unfair laws or confinement. 

The grace of God overrides the impact of universal beliefs. Situations in the world demand certain responses from you. In the favor of God, these situations are rearranged on your behalf. The cells in the body of a loved one reflected illness. With the grace of God upon the loved one, the cells of his body took on the nature of wholeness and wellness. The contents of the cells were rearranged. The chemistry of the cells was modified to express perfection.

The favor of God is a gift that came when you accepted Christ as the head of your life. This gift of grace was upon you from the moment you recognized Awakened Imagination as the rule over your life. In the Image that acts, you rearrange situations, cells and chemistry. In your actions with images, you constantly make new interpretations and arrangements to match those interpretations.

Notice of grace and favor is served to remind you that where you missed the mark - did not hit your target or reach your goal, grace is available at a super abundant level. In other words, amounts of grace and favor available to you far outweigh the errors. Far more grace - far more special arrangements are available for you than are the stuff that formed the errors. 

Notified of grace and favor upon you, recognize it and make use of it day in and day out. Recognize and acknowledge, "The favor of God is upon me". Your work is simple. Grace is a concept and favor is a concept. For each, personify them and observe them as images. Call Grace Image to the front of your mind. Call Favor Image to the front of your mind. Instruct these images to tell you their missions for you. Listen and hear what they said. Do this to be familiar with grace and favor in your life.

Now embrace Grace Image and Favor Image. Embracing Grace Image and Favor Image, draw them in close to you - so close that you are one with them - you are merged as a single being. You are grace and favor. Express joy that these energies are with you and are now available to rearrange circumstances on your behalf.

Consciously be aware of the energy of grace and favor in your being. Do this daily for 21 days - to form a habit of being the grace and favor of God. In other words, you activated the consciousness of grace and favor within you. These states were always within you and are now activated for your use as you deal with situations in the world around you.

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